– Hello, lots of thanks for answering our interview. How is everything going into the OCTOBER TIDE’s camp right now?

Hi there! Everything is just fine in our little family. The cold swedish winter has not released it’s firm grip yet so we are doing our best to keep warm.

– You will soon release your new album, «Tunnel of No Light»; what are your expectations on it? This is your second opus after you reunited, so maybe this time you have things a bit clearer compared than on «A Thin Shell»? As that record was your first release after an over a decade-long hiatus.

A Thin Shell was recorded under quite different circumstances compared to Tunnel of no light. We did not have a full band lineup before ATS and there was no solid plan regarding where we should take October tide. We took one show at the time, step by step, juggling session musicians to fit the slots as new babies come to life within the band. Four new babies was born within two years. Pierre and Tobias decided to leave October tide in favor for their families and other projects. When we recorded Tunnel of no Light the preconditions where completely different. We have a solid lineup and we play very well together. We all had a little finger in the soup when the album was written and the result came out exactly as we predicted, if not even better! I don’t really think that we have any expectations for the release. We are all so satisfied with the result and that is what is most important for us.


– Once more you recorded the album at the Black Lounge Studios with Jonas Kjellgren. What does make Jonas and the Black Lounge Studios so good for any OCTOBER TIDE release?

We prefer to work fast in the studio and so does Jonas. He is also a good guy and speaks our language so to say. He is really spot on when he create the sound picture that we are aiming for.


– It seems like you are cursed with vocalists, as you haven’t released two albums with the same singer, which uses to be a risky change, as vocalists are the members where people use to drag their attention on. This time your new vocalist is Alexander Högbom, and I personally think it fits quite good as he has a similar deep register to Tobias. How has he fitted in?

Imagine that you have to cook a meal but you haven’t been to the grocery store for ages. You don’t have the most fresh vegetables or the best meet in town. Yet you manages to cook a really decent meal that tastes delicious! I think October tide is that kind of meal. If something is missing we’ll solve the problem. None of us are any super musicians when it comes to technical skills or any other Hi-tech 2013 trendy stuff. We don’t see ourself as cursed when it comes to band members. I would say we are lucky to have had so many different «types» of growlers during the years. One good thing with Tobias was his way to replicate both Jonas and Mårten live and on top of that he had his own style for the ATS songs. When it comes to Alex we have added yet another dimension. If you watch us live today you will hear the similarities of Jonas, Mårten and Tobias plus Alex’es stone crushing voice. This new generation growlers kicks ass!


– You also have a new bass player, Fredrik’s brother Mattias. Considring he also left KATATONIA in 2009/2010, didn’t you consider having him on «A Thin Shell» as well?

We did for sure but it took quite an effort to convince him.


– Musically I could say this new opus is heavier and more straight-forward than your previous release. Was this something you were looking for?

I think that October tide has settled as band now. We have a solid line up that works out really well live, and we have found our self in our genre. Therefore we are more confident in our music today. I think it is that confidence that you hear.


– Anyway you keep certain Progressive parts, which I think makes you guys more recognizable. Could you say this is, somehow, a trademark in your sound?

Hmm… Maybe. It feels natural to me and nothing that I really take notice of, so maybe it is a typical trademark then.


– I also noticed the guitar harmonies have a different approach, in fact they do remind me to the earlier OCTOBER TIDE, or even KATATONIA. Did you approach differently your guitar work?

We aimed quite hard to get the old school sound/feeling from the 90’s but with a fresh taste so I’m glad to hear that you noticed that!


– In fact on your previous «A Thin Shell» it seemed like you gave a bigger role to vocals, and this time around guitars have a stronger pressence. Is this what you actually wanted to do or is it just my perception?

I have not thought about that, but maybe you are right. It is always hard to find a balance and what you mention might be the fact that we did rehears this album a few times before we recorded it. ATS was recorded before we had even met Tobias so I would say that «Tunnel of no Light» has been worked through a bit more thoroughly.


– All this about «Tunnel of No Light» being said; how could you describe it in just 3 words?

Dark Warm and Confident


– With your previous album you didn’t end up satisfied with the work done by your record label back then, Candlelight Records. What happened with them? And how is everything going so far with Pulverised?

I had no problem with Candle. They where just not interested in releasing another album with us. I think everything is working out fine with Pulverised so far and we are really looking forward to this release!


– I’ve read on the press release you have schedule several shows around Europe, could you already shed some light on this?

Yes! First of all we will have a release party with live performance at the local pub. Same small city as we have our rehearsal studio in. After that we will go to Moscow, Roma, and somewhere in Germany. That is what we have booked so far. Keep an eye our for more dates on our Facebook page or at www.octobertide.net


– That’s all, thank you once more for answering our questions. If you want to add some final words; feel free to do it.

I hope that you will enjoy our new album and it would be so nice to come and play in Spain again!

/Robin Bergh -Drums-


Tania Giménez


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