– Hello, thanks for answering our questions. I see there’s currently a lot going on into the band’s camp so, could you please tell us what’s NOCTURNAL DEPRESSION currently up to?

Hailz, actually we are preparing the Brazilian Tour and rehearsing the new album. Also, we work on the re-recording of our second demo “Near to the Stars”.

– In fact you have always been a quite active band, releasing always plenty new stuff. Where do you get inspiration and/or motivation from?

Our daily sufferings and memories are our best inspirations. Nocturnal Depression music is full of true feelings that can’t be denied.


– You now have a new member, guitar player V. How did everything start and how is everything doing with him so far?

We met V. In germany in 2009 with his other band and we understood us directly in the same way of music and minds. Then after months we worked on tours together when we were in search for a guitarist he proposed directly himself. We are really pleased of his performance and his invest with Nocturnal Depression. He already brings a new song for the new album. I think since the departure of Avskrius for professional reasons, we got the best Nocturnal Depression line-up.


– If I’m not mistaken Herr Suizid has left the band; what are the reasons that prompted his departure after so many years?

H.Suizid has left the band due to the evolution of DSBM and people open-mind mentality. In his opinion, the actual shoegaze touch in metal isn’t welcome and people supporting this are just pathetic. Also since several months he preferred to let me carry Nocturnal Depression on the way it should stay. So now i’m the leader.


– With your latest full-length album, “Suicidal Thoughts MMXI”, we could see (as with your previous efforts) you are playing shorter songs each time. With digital downloads an all music people has to listen to, has it become a handicap for most of them to pay attention to lengthier compositions?

No, in fact it’s because people can’t be concentrated more than 7 minutes or a total playing time of 45 minutes. If you talk in a commercial way, they prefer to download/buy a cd with 30 minutes than one with 80 minutes. Also we decided to work on more direct songs because of the stage, even if we arranged short versions for performing live. I mean it’s easier to work a full song directly than 2 different versions. Concerning downloading, I can understand when you search a really big famous band but not for underground…


– With this album, as you have always done, we found a different overall atmosphere, something I think gives each album its very own identity. What did you want to express with it?

That’s something I always want to do with Nocturnal Depression. Both, band and audience, would be tired if each cd would be the same. I got a different concept of lyrics and music for every cd. I find no interest to make every time a same album with only similar songs. We are listeners before musicians and we got this feeling with most bands we listened (and not only undergrounds). By the way, if you make an evolution, your fans will scream to scandals and if you stay the same, they will be bored one day.


– As you did with the “Nostalgia…” album, last years you re-released “Near to the Stars” demo. Why did you decide to do it?

The first demos were produced by ourselves with 50 copies that we gave directly to close friends. It’s always funny to see that some people are selling the first demo saying “original” cause we are still in contact with the 50 copies we gave and they are still in the hands of people. Lot of people was looking for this stuff, so we decided to exhume them and make them really much better than the demo version. I enjoyed a lot discovering the old tracks and working again on them. So I think that’s a great point we make a kind of re-edition for knowing our roots.


– You also unleashed a 5-way split with different bands; how did everything arise for that release?

You’re talking about “Shadows of Tragedy” I think. Black Hate proposed us this cd a long time ago (i think in late 2008) and we answered yes why not. Except Black Hate and Blodarv I didn’t know the other bands and as it was about being released soon in Mexico, we were counting it as Mexican promotion. But, after emergency of sending tracks, it turned into shit and finally it was out late 2011. So no more interest for this kind of release, we decided to boycott it and the best point: we never received our copies. If we get them one day we can use it like glass-bottoms during rehearsal…


– I read you will soon release a new EP, “L’Isolement”; what will we find on it?

This Ep is a preview about the upcoming album “Spleen Black Metal”. You will find the title-track who is a song from the new album and an exclusive track for this release sang by V. in Danish. Both songs are really the illustration of the new album. Back to DSBM with a more Black Metal touch. The front cover will be a painting by Modii, it still not finished but already looking very amazing.


– And your new album, “Spleen Black Metal”, will come out soon as well. Could you already tell us something about it? Wat direction have you taken for this one?

Like I said before, we are going back to Black Metal dominance in music: More tremolo riffs, disturbing grim melodies and still the Nocturnal Depression mix between clean and distortion. The demo version of the tracks we recorded is really great. I think we will go to a professional studio for recording it but actually nothing is decided yet, not even which label will release it


– And with the line-up changes, how has the songwriting for this new opus been?

The songs were written before the line-up changes. By the way, they were composed by H.Suizid and me, as usual. Then we arrange it during rehearsal with the other members.


– Your music seems to be built upon your feelings and thoughts toward life, so I guess your life may provide a lot to the band but, what does NOCTURNAL DEPRESSION provide to your life?

Nocturnal Depression gives me a total pleasure and is totally a part of me. I wake up each day with it on mind with also my depressive self-hatred thoughts. If I was not working with ND, I would not accept myself and survive for disgusting every people hating me.


– You are considered a Depressive Black Metal band, a terms which seems to be becoming more popular lately and quite strong as well, with several bands playing this style. This “popularity” (always in underground terms) has had a positive effect on this music and on NOCTURNAL DEPRESSION or maybe the opposite?

Black Metal is negativity and opposition to great thoughts/feelings. It has always been and will stay this way. We’re not fucking nature lovers or bearer of old traditions that was not ours. The problem with a new sub-genre of metal is that you make come easily people. In a general way, take DSBM bands, then put away one man’s band using drum machine, computer and distortion on the voice. You will see the real face of DSBM remaining. Concerning Nocturnal Depression, we are still surprised by the interest of people about our music cause we never search this. This is not influencing us on the path of Nocturnal Depression.


– And finally, what’s next for NOCTURNAL DEPRESSION? How do you approach and expect for this new era?

We go forward with our scars and sufferings. No matters the shit big mouths throw to us, we’re just there and continue to poison people minds. I think still gigs, tours and work on the new album. That’s the way it goes…


– That has been everything from my side, thanks once more for taking your time. If you want to add some final thoughts; feel free to do it.

The Cult of Negation has arisen and we’re all his born-dead children. Spread the negation everywhere.

Tania Giménez



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