– Hello Nicklas, lots of thanks for answering our interview and, first of all, congratulations on your new album, I honestly haven’t been that impressed with an album for years. How is everything going into the NECROCURSE’s camp right now?

Thank you! Right now we are actually in arranging and rehearsing a bunch of new songs. We will try to record some demos now in March and april. Then we mustl also rehearse the live set for the release gig on April 5. So it’s actually what we’re doing right now, except to answer interviews then.

– First off, why «Death Metal Rebels»? Morbid Maniacs Motor Club, from your hometown, Uddevalla, also uses that «banner», in fact lightning bolts on the logo remind me to the covers of both «Speed to the Grave» and «Shape of Death». Is it maybe a way to say you are «Death Metal Motor Maniacs»?

Yes some of us are members of the «Morbid Maniacs Motor Club.» We like mostly older American cars with V8 engines and HD bikes, AND death metal. So we are all Death Metal Rebels!


– Your previous EPs have gotten amazing reviews all over. Considering the feedback your previous releases got, what are your expectations on your debut album, «Grip of the Dead»?

We like the music that we create so it’s obviously really good if there are more people who like what we do. It is simply damn good if people like our music, it gives us more energy to do new things.


– The first thing that caught my attention off your music is the fact you are not sounding as any other band, but it seems like the bands you are or have been involved with have influenced you in some way, maybe unconsciously, and you have mixed a bit of them all. Is it really something unconscious?

There is nothing planned, but of course it affect the end result how we write music and play as a musician. We are not 100% original but I really hope that we have something a little unique that sounds NECROCURSE. Several of us write riffs and pleas songs but all work together on the final arrangements and adjustments. It’s probably what makes it NECROCURSE.


– Most people use to stare themselves blind when some band from Sweden is playing Death Metal, or even extreme Metal. Do you think this has happened with you as well? As, despite hailing from Sweden, you are doing your own thing and style.

Yes, as I said we are trying to get it into something of our own, so we do not just sound like hundreds of other bands. As many can hear, we use the classic distortion pedal «Boss HM-2» but that may sound like many others. But we split the guitar signal into two parts, one goes to the HM-2 and the other a more traditional heavy metal distortion. Then we mix the two sounds together. This, I hope, make that we do not have exactly the same sound that old «Sunlight Studio» bands. Then we use the obvious analogue drums without triggers and shit like that.


– You are so unique that you blend subtle Crust or Doom elements with a lot of Death (both European and American) , Thrash, Black or even Heavy and Rock so, what could you say have been some of the most influential bands when it came to build the sound of NECROCURSE?

Hard to say what influences us but probably we are influenced by what we grew up with. We are aged between 37-45 years, so we are naturally colored by the bands we listened to (and still listening) from the 80’s and 90’s. Everything from heavy metal and speed metal to thrash, black and death metal. To mention a few bands like Sarcófago, Coroner, Iron Maiden, Mercyful Fate, (old) Death, Bathory, Judas Priest, Venom, Candlemass, Morbid Angel and so on….


– That makes me wonder how was the songwriting for this album and if its a team effort where everyone brings its own touch.

Most often, write any of us (so far I, Hellbutcher or Basstard) basis for a song. Then work the whole band with the song in the rehearsal room until everything feels good. So the whole band is very involved.


– And are all the songs new? As for instance «Speed to the Grave» was featured on the self-titled EP.

All songs are new and written between 2010-2012. Then there’s a few riffs here and there that come from older scrapped songs.


– «Necrocurse», the album’s opening track, it feels to me like a loyal mirror of the band itself; it contains all your elements, anyway I guess the song’s name speaks for itself. Was your intention to start off with some kind of statement, like saying «this is NECROCURSE»?

It was not planned that it would be on the album from the beginning actually. It is one of the songs that contain old riffs from earlier scrapped songs. But it was so primitive and good that it fit like a punch in the face opened the album.


– A lot of people complains about speed on music, and to counteract several bands bring to their music a lot of melody. You also have the necessary doses of melody, but are one of the fastest band’s I’ve heard into extreme Metal, and you show that’s not something to be ashamed of. Is speed important for the band?

We all like fast metal. But we also like to mix it with heaviness and melody when it suits. We do not play the fastest in the world and it is not a goal. The important thing is that it sounds raw and hard!


– The atmosphere is also unbelievable, and one of the most important stamps of the album I’d dare say. Do you really put a lot of effort on them or do they just come out naturally?

Hard to say. It is probably a result of collaboration between us as individuals and musicians, and of course Andy’s work in the studio.


– In fact they have a strong emotion, as the whole music in general, pure aggressiveness and hatred. Do you channel your thoughts and feeling through your music?

Subconsciously perhaps it is so.


– The cover artwork was crafted by David Herrerias, wom has also worked with bands as your contrymates in ANTICHRIST. How did you work on the cover? And what did you want to express with it?

We needed an art that suited the concept of «Grip Of The Dead». And David’s work was damn convenient and good!


– For production duties you have worked with the great Andy LaRocque. How was the experience like? I was trully impressed by the crunchy, thick and organic sound he managed to get, as most of the sound works I’ve heard from him so far have been more clean and modern, I guess that sound was exactly what you were looking for, as it fits your music perfectly.

I’ve been working on and off with Andy since the mid 90’s so it was an obvious choice to hire him (Sonic Train Studios). We only recorded the drums there. Then we recorded the rest in other smaller studios. We went back to Andy and Sonic Train Studios to make the mix and mastering. And as I said, Andy did a great job with the mix. The drum sound I was looking for a sound influenced by Iron Maiden «Killers,» Death «Scream Bloody Gore» and little other references. So as I also said earlier, did not let the triggered and dance band “plastic” soiund be involved.


– The album will be released by Pulverised Records, a label which lately seems to be a good home for bands into your style and vibe. How’s everything going with them so far?

So far we are very happy with Pulverised. We only got contract for one album so we’ll see what happens in the future. But we just released an album now so no hurry with that at the moment.


– All this about «Grip of the Dead» being said; how could you describe it in just 3 words?

Death Metal Rebels!


– If I’m not mistaken Pulverised are not handling vinyl releases so, do you know which label will release the vinyl version and/or the release date? I’ve felt an urge to get it since I heard the album for the very first time.

Pulverised licensed to vinyl release to Blood Harvest and To The Death records who will release the it soon, hopefuly in april. Note that there is a cassette version too which also released shortly via Death Invocation Records.


– You have already done several gigs but, do you think will there be any chance of seeing you guys in Spain? Have you gotten any interesting European offer?

No offers from Spain yet. But we are of course open for it!


– Moving to another topic, I’ve read Century Media will be soon re-releasing some SACRAMENTUM stuff so, could elaborate a bit on this?

Was not involved in that so much. It is mainly Brolycke Anderson (guitar Sacramentum) who handled that part. But it’s great that it comes out on vinyl, although I myself do not listen to the old shit haha.


– And finally, what are your near-future plans?

Work on new material, rehearse, play live, record new demos and so on…


– That’s all, thank you once more for answering our questions. If you want to add some final words; feel free to do it.

Thank you very much! Hope to see you in spain! Prepare for the crushing grip of the dead!!


Tania Giménez

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