– Hello, thanks for taking your time. What’s currently going on into the band’s camp after releasing your new opus?

Hello Tania. Apart from our normal life we are doing tons of interviews…

– Considering your usual activity, 5 years between your two latest albums is quite a lot; what were you up to during that time with no news from the band?

Well, in our case 5 years between 2 albums may be a long time, other bands manage to release something all 3-5 years regularly, so… We just needed a break, I mean we have been quite active for 12-13 years at that time and there have been other things to care of in our private lives. So the band had to slip into the background for quite a while.


– We can see some line-up changes in the band, as Sindar left the band and you have come back. First off, what made Sindar left?

Sindar started a family which obviously satisfies him. He is concentrating on this matter and it takes a lot of his time and energy. So he preferred to quit Lunar Aurora.


– And what prompted your comeback?

Basically I have not been away from the band, I have just not been an active musician due to the lack of time. And since I don’t have to care for the executive business of Cold Dimensions anymore, I returned. By the way, it has never been a dream of mine to run a record label, creating music is by far more exciting and fulfilling.


– So you are now working as a duo; do you have more freedom than working with more people? What are the pros and cons of being a two-piece?

We feel quite comfortable as a two piece. We are too fed up with recruiting new people and teach them the songs. It is quite easy to work that way. On the other hand creative input from other talented people is a nice thing we have to resign now, and playing live is not possible.


– Talking about your new opus, “Hoagascht” is another masterpiece in your discography with a really mature sound. Are you satisfied with the final output?

Yes, we are pretty satisfied with “Hoagascht”. Of course in retrospect there is always one or another thing which we think we should have done in a different way, but all in all we like the album pretty much.


– “Hoagascht” is an album full of mid tempos, I’d dare say more melodic and less aggressive. Was this a conscious direction you wanted to took for this new opus?

During the process of “Hoagascht”’s creation we realized this is going in some rooted and native direction, which appeals to us and is something that “just wanted out of us”. So we focused on that. I concede a point to you when you say it was less aggressive, but aggression has never been THE driving force in Lunar Aurora, this has always been atmosphere. And “Hoagascht” has quite a lot of that.


– Anyway it is still really dark. What does inspire you to create such ambients?

Our inner selves, our surroundings seen through spiritual eyes, nature…


– Your lyrics are in your natal language so, could you please tell us what do some of the lyrics on the record deal with?

We tried to express very directly and impulsive what we feel when it comes to places we know since a long time. We reminisce and evoke home-grown worlds. Like for example the smell of stones in the Alps, the “voices” coming from certain places in the forests, the sound of a well-known brook, etc… and at the same time it is not just a view on the outer world. It is mostly a reflection and ode to the spiritual aspect, that is accompanied by an area you are coming from. I guess everyone who had the opportunity to grow up in very own manners and in regions where his/her roots are, knows what I am talking about.


– Once more, you have released this CD via Cold Dimensions, your own label. Does this make things easier for you (in terms or pressure, etc.)

Well, basically we never felt any pressure when it comes to music/art, everything we do when it comes to Lunar Aurora is our free will and decision. Of course it is great that we have the freedom to decide and do what comes to our minds (as long as we can pay it, of course) though. But one should never forget that there has been 18 years of hard work to get us where we are now.


– And finally, what’s next for LUNAR AURORA after releasing this “Hoagascht”?

We are preparing for a further album at the moment, but it is too early to give any details. It may last 1-2 years until there will be something to listen to.


– That has been everything from my side, thanks for your time. Now feel free to add some final words.

Hail and worship the trees!!!

Tania Giménez



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