1- Hello, thanks for answering to our questions. What are you guys currently up to?
We startet writing songs for the next album. During rehearsals we first play our liveset a few times and after that start jamming and writing songs. In the next weeks there are also some liveshows which we will play and for that we have to work on our performance. There’s always something to do.


2- First off, could you make some history of the band?
Ichor started blasting in 2008 and shortly after in 2009 the debut fulllength «the siege» was released via Bastardized Recordings. We started touring immediately, playing a lot of live shows all over Europe supporting bands like Aborted, The Black Dahlia Murder or Benighted. When we weren’t on the road we wrote songs for the next album Benthic Horizon which was released in 2010, again via Bastardized Recordings and re-released in the UK via Siege of Amida. Again we startet touring relentlessly and worked on our latest record Depths which was released last year.
3- How could you describe your sound?
Ichor is brutal blackened deathmetal from the dephts of the sea, without compromise straight to your face!


4- What are the band’s main musical influences?
I would say that our main influences are polish death metal bands like behemoth, hate or decapitated and some old school american death metal like cannibal corpse, suffocation and morbid angel. everyone in ichor has kind of a unique taste in music, not only metal but throughout all kinds of genres and everyone brings new ideas to rehearsals. but we don’t see music as our only source of inspiration. the deep sea for example has a huge impact on our work, the secrets that lure deep down in the unknown,it’s cataclysmic force which destroys everything in it’s way once it is unleashed.


5- How is the feedback for your new album being?
The feedback for the new album was great. We got really good reviews from the big magazines in europe as well as overseas and our fans were stoked too, which is more important for us because we write music for them. But to see that the magazines, ezines and blogs as well as the fans like our new album is a great feeling for all of us and it shows that we’re on the right way and that all the energy, time, sweat and blood we put into this record were not in vain.


6- And are your personally satisfied with the final outcome?
Yeah, we’re satisfied with the outcome. We would never release anything which is unsatisfieing for us. Of course in retrospect there are always things which we could have done better, but it’s no use to be pissed off about things like that. Sometimes when you hear the songs you think: ah damn, I could have done that differently, or play this harmonic or whatever. But that’s part of the process as an artist. It makes you wanna try harder on the next record, get to a new level and when you have reached that new level, technically or in terms of composing and songwriting, you produce and release a new record, be pissed off about that and so on and so on. That’s progress 😀


7- How could you describe this opus in just 3 words?
Listen to it!
8- How has the production process for your new release been?
I guess it was kind of a standard way of producing an new record 🙂 first, of course, we wrote wrote songs, we didn’t plan on how much songs there should be on the album, we just startet writing song after song when somebody had a good idea. When we thought that we had enough material we startet to think about which song would make it on the album, how many songs we need to tell the story of DEPTHS. After that we startet to record every song at home for a pre-production, to see how the songs work together and when we had the final form we entered the mighy HERTZ-studio in poland for a few weeks. We wanted it to sound as brutal as possible so we chose the HERTZ studio again. We already worked with them on the record prior to DEPTHS, BENTHIC HORIZON so we knew that the endproduct would be great, and working with those guys is always fun. Ichor_Promopic


9- And how do you use to work on the songwriting?
Usually we just start jamming for a while. When we find any harmony, riff, rhythm or something else that we think could work in a new song we look into that and try to build it up, play variations of it. Most of the time we feel right on the spot whether it will work or not. But sometimes one of the members writes a song at home, records it and sends it to the others so that they can work with it at home and when we meet in rehearsal we can directly start playing. Both kinds of processes work for us.


10 – Finally, what are you near-future plans?
We started writing songs for the next album. We will take our time to make it sound as good as possible, we’re definitely trying to reach a new stage, beyond DEPTHS and everything we have done before. But until that, we are planning to play a lot of live shows and touring europe. As much fun as writing and recording is, the best part of being a musician is playing live, seeing different cities and meeting all those crazy-ass metal people out there.


11- That’s all from our side, thanks again for taking your time to answer our questions. If you now want to add some final words; feel free to do it.
Thanks for the support , keep supporting metal, that´s what it is all bout.
The deep sea still needs more blastbeats , haha

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