– Hi there. Thanks for answering to our interview. How are you guys doing having just released your new EP?

You are very welcome and we are doing great thank you! The new EP has been received very well and that’s all we can ask for. 

-Since this is our first interview with you: how and why was ETERNAL born?

Eternal was formed by guitarists Sofie Nabboud & Ruben Romero (no longer with Eternal) went looking for members in the metal scene to start a band in the vein of Death. 

-And how is that process from getting together to play and experiment until you find your own sound? How do you bring an idea to life?

Sofie went through a few different musicians until she found the current lineup of ETERNAL who is Sofie on guitar, Xander Bridge on drums, Max Mahar on bass, and Emilio Ortega on guitar/vox. It was a process of feeling out different musicians and also finding people serious enough to grow. We always had a vision that we wanted the band to embody the sound of  90’s Florida Death Metal while also adding some flair from other genres. 

-You play a very traditional Thrash/Death, harking back to the 80s’/early 90s’. Where does the tradition end and where does the mimic begin?

The tradition comes from our love of the early music of the genre. From the production, to the song structure, and the style of playing. We definitely like to pay homage to the early bands especially in some songs. However, we have sections and entire songs that stray from our traditional sound and borrow from other genres like Melodic Black Metal. 

-Speaking of this, what are your musical and non-musical influences?

Some of our biggest influences are Death, Obituary, Gorguts, Autopsy & Dissection to name a few. 

-As I mentioned, you recently released your new EP, ‘Faceless Evil’. What’s the significance of the title? What’s this evil without a face to refer to? Is it a symbol for something?

Faceless Evil Is a metaphor for the evil that is around us in this world that we are unable to see or face physically. The title track is about an individual who is coming to terms with his possession from a demon who is tormenting him, but cannot physically be seen. Hence the chorus “ In the face of faceless evil, empty eyes pierce through my soul” 

-And next month you’re going to put out a compilation. What could you comment on this?

We are very excited for the compilation! It will be through Rawskull Recordz who is making us physical CD’s & Into It Records who are doing a tape release. It will allow us to reach our European fans much easier without paying the shipping costs from the U.S. It will also allow our Demo “Forsaken Memories” to have some more exposure.  

-I saw it contains a cover of Obituary’s ‘Slowly we Rot’. What other songs would you like to cover someday?

We have covered Death’s ‘Infernal Death’  live, and have just recorded a live studio version to be released on YouTube soon. For potential covers we like to do metal anthems that most fans will know well and be excited to hear/sing along with. 

-It’s going to be released via Raw Skull Recordz. How did this cooperation arise? If I’m not mistaken this is going to be your first release with a label.

We had a small distro deal for our demo with Narcoleptica Productions but they are not at the same level as Raw Skull Recordz.  Into It Records contacted our drummer Xander Bridge who knew him from his other band Bloodloss and let him know that they and Raw Skull Recordz were interested with working with us for an European Rerelease and a Full Length.

-Anyway, you ooze a DIY kind of vibe I’d dare say. How much do you value a DIY ethos in underground? 

We love and value DIY. its a right of passage in the underground and also helps build your community. From setting up local shows to copying your own cassette tapes for cheap. We love underground music and love to support DIY since much of our genre is supported by the underground. 

-Lyrics are dark and lethal in a way. The good old Thrash/Death vibe. Do you think sticking to certain stereotypes is almost necessary to build this kind of traditional aesthetic and to provide something entertaining and fun?

I do think it is necessary. We are trying to paint a picture in the listener’s head that we have envisioned on our own. It is only proper to have our lyrical content also be on that canvas  

-What are some of the events or ideas that inspired some of them?

Much of our lyrical content is about the supernatural, mortality, & mental illness. Our vocalist & guitarist Emilio Ortega is very interested in horror and gothic literature. 

-Nowadays there are a lot of bands providing a traditional sound in different subgenres but what would you say makes ETERNAL stand on their own? 

I think what makes Eternal stand on its own is the ability to play traditional floridian death metal but also not feel confined to the genre. We also like to write hooks and choruses  and have catchy sections rather than focusing on brutality. 

– You’re hailing from Arizona. How’s the scene over there? What’s going on? Any interesting bands, fanzines…?

Arizona right now is a booming metal scene not only in the U.S but the world. After Covid started to clear up all the great local bands from pre-pandemic hit it hard once again, and a big wave of newer bands came upon the scene as well. There’s great local shows happening every week that are hard to keep up with.  

-And finally, what’s next for ETERNAL?

Currently we are working on writing our first full length that we are very excited for you all to hear! 

– That’s all from our side, thanks again. If you’d like to add some final words, feel free to do it.

Thank you for the interview! “Life is temporary, death is Eternal’

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