– Hello, thanks for taking the time. How is everything doing right now into the 3 INCHES OF BLOOD’s camp, near to unleash your new album?

Things are great with the band, we are just starting the Metal Alliance Tour in north america, we’re having a blast playing the new songs live, our new bass player Byron fits in perfectly, we are very excited for the new album to come out.


– This new album will hit the streets in just a few weeks. What are your feelings on the final output?

We feel this is a perfect snapshot of where the band is in 2012, i think this is the most focused we’ve been writing an album, and we achieved the production we were striving for.


– This upcoming effort is entitled «Long Live Heavy Metal», which seems a strong statement, isn’t it? And is it inspired by RAINBOW?

Its both! The title is definitely a tribute to Rainbow, but it is also our statement. We are Heavy Metal band and this is something we are celebrating everyday,


– If I’m not mistaken his has been the first time you have recorded two alums with the same lin-up; could you say this has affected the album in any way? I guess it may be easier to work with a solid line-up.

Having the same lineup has made thing a lot easier for sure. We didn’t have to deal with any » getting to know » anybody musically or personally this time around. The writing of the record was smooth and focused and happened very quickly


– Has the songwriting changed this time around? As it seems to be more well-cared.

I can’t say that the song writing process was any different this time around, i can only say with every recording we try and write the best we can for the band and try and write better as artists. We are never truly satisfied.


– In fact is a really dynamic album, tracks as «Look out» show this perfectly. Was this something you aimed for? Could you say this is your most elaborated and versatile record thus far?

I think this record is a perfect mix of our favourite elements of the band. We also purposely wanted to add new flavours to certain songs. We did this for ourselves and the type of songs we want to hear.


– It also sounds less thick than «Here Awaits thy Doom» in production terms, still being really heavy. How were the recording sessions for «Long Live Heavy Metal»?

The sessions were co-produced by us and Sho Murray. Our goal was for the record to be sonically more to our liking, and thats more of a thick modern sound. We had more of a 70’s vibe on the last recording but i think it was our fault that it was mixed and masted so fast. This time we took care and took more of the production into our own hands.


– You have now recruited well known bass player Byron Stroud; what made you look for a full-time bass player?

We always wanted to have a full time guy but never had the right person for the full time job. Right now we’ just focus on Album cycles and Byron is definitely our guy for this one.


– And who did the bass parts on the album?

Myself and Justin split the bass parts down the middle, basically whoever wrote the song played bass on it.


– About the cover artwork, is quite simple but straight-forward, showing your icons, it reminds me a little bit to VENOM’s «At War with Satan». How did you come up (and who crafted) such a strong cover?

We wanted to have a strong cover that said more that what we’ve done in the past. We wanted to give the fans a strong representation of the » Brand » that they’re come to identify with.


– You will really soon embark on an American tour; what are your expectations?

The States has alway been good to us, and we expect lots of headbangers to come out and party with us.


– Then you will tour Europe with a really interesting line-up. You will share stage with ANGELUS APATRIDA, HAVOK and GOATWHORE. What do you expect of such an eclectic bill?

Its always good to have diversity on a bill. To me it gets boring if all the bands sound the same.


– ANGELUS APATRIDA are a Spanish band; do you know any other Metal bands from Spain? And have you already checked ANGELUS APATRIDA?

They are a great band and i look forward to seeing then play every night!


– That has been everything from my side, thank you once more. Now the famous last words are all yours.

Long Live Heavy Metal!!

Shane Clark

3 Inches of Blood

Tania Giménez



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