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– Hello, thanks for answering to our questions. First of all (if you don’t mind), I would like you to make some history of WEH (a bit about your past and present).

Ok, Weh came about very early in 2002. Back in those days I only used a 12-string guitar on the songs, plus a little tambourine. It is easy to hear that “The Death EP” from 2002 differs a bit from the later recordings. Then there were more recordings done, all of them demo’s, up until 2006 with “North”. In the meantime I had the opportunity to participate on the Windir tribute album with the cover song “Likbør”. Some years ago I got in contact with Jorn from Soulseller Records who was interested in releasing all the demo recordings as a retrospective album. Some time later the double album “Origins” was released, including all demo’s, the “Likbør” song and six new tracks. And here we are now with the new album “En Natt Kom Doed”, which was recorded late 2011, and to be released March 16. 2012.

– You formed this project back in 2002. What were your main goals back then?

The main goal with Weh ten years ago was to make some acoustic music with a darker atmosphere than what this kind of music normally represents. It was an experiment really, to see how that would work out. On the first demo, “The Death EP”, there was an extensive use of “growls” and no bass or keyboards, only the 12-string guitar. Later on more instruments were added, and the songwriting has over the years evolved to what is heard on this new album. So the goal is the same, although the music has changed somewhat, from the very simple to the more varied stuff. The lyrical themes have always been about death, religion, nature, sadness and the incompetence of mankind.


– And what do you nowadays want to express with each album?

I want to express the same things now that I expressed on earlier recordings. But over the years the messages have become more indirect. Musically, there is more variation now than in the start. Simply put, I have always wanted to make music and lyrics that are pleasant and beautiful in some way, but at the same time brutal, misanthropic and dark.


– You will soon release “En Natt Kom Doed”, your first official album after some short-length releases and the double album “Origin”. How are your feelings about it? Are you satisfied with the final output?

I’m very satisfied with the recording of “En Natt Kom Doed”, but there will always be some minor things that maybe should have been done differently. But these are minor issues only. I got a lot of great feedback from the “Origins” release, and I think that those who enjoyed that album will also like the new one.


– This record will be released via Soulseller Records; how’s everything going with them? As they seem to be more focused on extreme Metal bands.

I am very pleased with Soulseller Records. “Origins” was also released on that label, and they did a great job. The man behind Soulseller is really passionate about what he does, and that means something to an artist. And, yes, the focus of Soulseller is mainly on metal bands, but I know that the music of Weh as well is greatly appreciated over there.


– On this album you have used certain instruments never used before by WEH. Could you please shed some light on this?

The instruments used this time are basically the same as always – guitars, bass, keyboards and some tambourine. But I have also used something called a Strumstick, which is a three-stringed instrument similar to the dulcimer but played as a guitar. And a mouthharp is also introduced somewhere in the recording this time, and that is something I may use more in future recordings.


– I personally conceive your music as something really instrospective. Are actually both your music and lyrics that personal?

You’re right about Weh being introspective, I guess. The music will of course always be personal. And the lyrics are, if not always deeply personal, a way to more or less directly express some kind of thoughts and reflections. Some lyrics mean more to me than others, but that’s only natural. Lyrics are getting harder and harder to write, by the way.


– Lyrics are in your mother language so could you tell us what do they deal with?

Well, the lyrics are this time both in English and Norwegian. And the Norwegian lyrics deal with the same things as the English ones. I can at least tell you that the opening track, Oedegaarden, is about the Black Plague.


– Sound-wise dark and sad atmospheres seem to play a big role on this effort, but keeping a really honest final result. Is this something important for WEH?

Yes, both the dark atmosphere and honesty is important. I wouldn’t make anything that I personally don’t like, so the honesty issue is not really something I have to concentrate on.


– It also sounds quite passionate, I guess this may be one of the positive things of this being a one-man project…

As long as I do everything myself, I never have to consider what anyone else feels about what I do. I can do whatever I want, and can use my time on creating instead of arguing or discussing the smallest issues all the time. I guess that one can be every bit as passionate when playing in a band, but being alone works very good for me.


– This being said, your music seems to be guided by feelings and emotions overall so, what do you think are the emotions we can find on this album or this album will evoke to the listeners?

I would guess the listener will pick up on the melancholy and the outside-looking-in view on mankind in general. I would never want to perceived as depressive, because that’s not who I am. But I love the dark emotions that I try to drape this music in. And I guess you have to find out for yourselves what kind emotions are evoked.


– Finally, what does the near-future hold for WEH?

I have no idea what the future holds really, and I have no ambitions worth mentioning either. I just want to continue making my kind of music at my own pace. And to be able to release the music on albums is all I really want for Weh, at least when things are as smooth as with Soulseller Records. There have been some requests for live shows here in Norway, but that is not very interesting to me, at least for the time being.


– That has been everything from my side, thank you once more. Now feel free to add some final words.

Thanks a lot for the great support! And if any of you would like to check out some Norwegian Dark Folk, you ought to get hold of “En Natt Kom Doed” as soon as it is released. Over and out.

Tania Giménez



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