3- How could you describe your sound?

Epic progressive funeral doom with female and death vocals would probably describe it fairly well.

4- What are the band’s main musical influences?

I think we’ve got our own style of songwriting down (I’ve been doing the same sort of stuff for over 20 years) but the bands that i’d say have influenced us most would be Cruciform, old My Dying Bride, Funeral, old Ananthema, Cathedral, Skepticism, that kind of thing and a bit of Pink Floyd maybe in the newer material.


5- How is the feedback for your new album being?

Only a few people have heard the new album so far but it has been overwhelmingly positive so far. It will be interesting to see the reaction as i think it’s our strongest work.


6- And are your personally satisfied with the final outcome?

I am really pleased with the way the album has turned out, everyone involved has done an excellent job, from the band members to the guest spots which we’ve had a few on this (Justin Hartwig from Mournful Congregation, Simon Gruer from Cruciform/Avrigus, Beau Dyer from Innsmouth/Stone Wings and Samantha Michelle Smith from Broken Anatomy), mastering, to the art and layout, everything has satisfied me.


7- How could you describe this opus in just 3 words?

Progressive Funeral Doom.


8- How has the production process for your new release been?

It has been a long drawn out recording but no longer than the last one i guess. I’m glad it took it’s time as we kept adding little bits and pieces that made the album what it is now which is quite musically complex. It helps that we all record our own stuff in our own studios with the exception of the drums so there was no rush.


9- And how do you use to work on the songwriting?

Basically i write all the music stuff with a drum machine and record a lot of the guitars and some keys, then we record the drums to that and then Mandy adds the lyrics and her vocals and keys and we add everything else around that (Gregg’s vocals, lead guitars etc). i usually write the whole album and have the songs musically in the order i want before passing it on to Mandy to do her stuff. Then once the vocals are in place i let Brett know where i’d like him to do some leads as well as doing my own.


10 – Finally, what are you near-future plans?

We haven’t really put together any future plans, the band is a recording project only so the furthest i’ve got with plans past the new release is writing more songs. the next album is about 75% written musically but there’s no rush to get it done at the moment, we all have other things going on in our lives that take time but i’d like to think we’ll have it ready for next year.


11- That’s all from our side, thanks again for taking your time to answer our questions. If you now want to add some final words; feel free to do it.

Thanks for the interview! Anyone wanting more info on the band can catch up with our news at https://www.facebook.com/theslowdeath



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