– Hello and first of all, thanks for taking the time. How is everything going right now with TAIWAZ? What are you currently up to?

Now when we got home from the tour we gona start to write new songs and get along with some half finished stuff that we have in our stash.And hopefuly it turn out to a new Ep our Album

– You have just finished a European tour with doomsters BELOW. How did the tour go?

The tour with Below was an awesome roller coaster. Great guys, And all good people and fans along the trip.


– First off, what’s the origin behind the band’s name? There’s a rune with a similar name. Did this have something to do with choosing your name at all?

The name Taiwaz come from the old norse god Tyr also known as Tiwaz He who sacrificed his arm to the Fenris wolf.we changed the spelling and Taiwaz was born.


– You were formed in the 80’s but didn’t manage to last too long or release much stuff so, what kind of activity did you have back in the day before spliting up?

We did a lot of smaller gigs in the eightes but we dont think the world was ready for our dark and slow heavy music then.They wanted poodle hair nice cars and half naked women laing on the enginehood,and we like Evil churches graves and darkness.


– Now we are living in the digital era, where everybody has easy access to all kind of artists, therefore even younger people get to know undergound bands from the 80’s. Have you already noticed in these terms the effect of tools as the Internet?

Yes ofcoures we had a lot of help from Internet its so much easy to get out in the world with our music.


– Also WATAIN did a cover for «Play with the Devil» not too long ago. WATAIN are a band with a strong worlwide recognition. Did that serve as some kind of promotion for TAIWAZ?

We had a lot to thank our friends in Watain for. Great guys thx.


– You reunited in 2013. What prompted that comeback?

The reunion was thanks to Robert our gitarr player and Gottfrid (in solitude)They sat one night and took a beer and listend to some old Taiwaz cassettes.Gottfrid likes it and thougt Robert should call the guys and put the band together ,And here we are.


– You are hailing from Sweden, from Uppsala specifically. It has always impressed me how many Metal and Rock bands are hailing from such a small city, but it seems most bands from Uppsala aren’t older than 15 years mor or less. How was the «scene» in your city back in the 80’s? Where there many bands too? I can only recall DAMIEN, a couple more that as yourself didn’t manage to release a full-length.

Back in the 80s i think the music scenes sucks, Every band mind there own buisness and dont care about someone else.


– In 1989 you released a four track demo. What repercussion did it get?

Like i said before the world was not ready for Taiwaz then.


– In fact you have now released your first full-length album, «I am All», and the four tracks off your demo are included here. Honestly, in the context of when these songs were written, they were no doubt ahead of its time. What music were you influenced by in the early days?

We all was in to diffrent music like.Alice Cooper,Kiss,Motley crue,Motorhead and ofcourse Black Sabbath


– The B side are all the demo songs, and if I’m not mistaken on their original versions. Most bands these days tend to rerecord or remix their old songs so, why did you decide to keep them on their original versions?

We wanted to get out the demos exactly as they sounded when we recorded them .Why should we changed them it was that sound we loved back then.


– Anyway the brand new songs aren’t out of place, they still have that dark and really organic sound. When did these new tracks started to get shaped? Did you compose them as you did back in the 80’s?

We do our songs like we always do, one idea, and the band let it grow together then i go in my dark brain and make the lyrics.


– These new songs were mixed by Gottfrid Åhman and recorded live in the den of IN SOLITUDE/DEGIAL. Nowadays I really appreciate when bands record live in the studio as a band, getting that live vibe. Was important for you to record it that way? On the other hand you worked with a friend, what effect did working on a comfy environment have on the album?

We want that we do on the recording its the same we supply on stage what you get on the album is what you get live (harder more evil and heavyer live tho)It meens

a lot to the recording been done of a good friend he knows exactly what we want.Thx Gottfrid.


– On the other hand, the cover artwork was crafted by Rickard Höggren (DEGIAL) and the layout by Trident Arts. Again working with close people so I guess they captured easily what you wanted to have and what the music expresses? And what does the whole artwork represent?

The cover and the layout is made by friends because they are the best to transforming our music to pictures.Thx Eric and Richard you are the best.


– I would also like you to comment a little bit on the album’s title and its significance.

The title I Am All?When the end comes and and the Death stand in front of you, There is nothing you can do about it .You are nothing,I Am All.


– The album is coming out through Electric Assault, a passionate label and truly dedicated to the underground. How did you hook up with them? And how are things working?

Ones again its thanks to Gottfrid who knew Henry at Electic Assault and he presented us.


– All this about «I am All» being said; how could you describe it in just 3 words?

You are nothing.;-)


– And finally, what are now your future plans?

Now we going to write more awsome songs.Get out and play for our great fans.Planing an Ep.And have a loot of beers and lot of fun.


– That’s all, thank you once more for answering our questions. If you want to add some final words; feel free to do it.

Thx //U:Ferm//Taiwaz.

Taiwaz would like to thanks Tobias Rosen our Tour manager and Below for an unforgettable trip trough Europe.


Tania Giménez


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