– Hello, thanks for taking your time. How are you holding up? As someone deeply involved in the Metal “scene”, how has the pandemic affected your work (as an active musician as well as a label owner)?

Hello Tania and thank you very much for the opportunity to get features on Queens Of Steel! Especially in these times, it is great to get the chance to put the spot on your band in this way. There are no shows were people are able to explore bands they didn’t know before. The only way to get the music of a band outside its rehearsal room (that we cannot enter due to the restrictions currently…) is via the internet. So thank you one more time for this interview!

– First off, what was the goal behind forming REPULSIVE FEAST? Why did you feel the need to create a band into this style? Since all of you have a background in different Metal genres.

The main goal was to keep on playing music together with my friend Aron. We felt the urge to play some grindy death metal together like we did in our previous band(s). How it would turn out in the end wasn’t clear when we met in our rehearsal room in the beginning. I think you can hear some kind of evolution when listening through our “discography” (if it is worth to be named as this… haha)! Also when our third member, Magnus, joined REPULSIVE FEAST, we got some new influences that already can be hear on our second EP.

-Your newest EP “Meat Hook Mutilation” mixes Death Metal, Grindcore, D-Beat… What would you say have been the pivotal bands when it came to build your sound?

I’m not good in dropping names. But you named some important ingredients: Death Metal, Grindcore, D-Beat and I would like to add the one foot blast beats.

-And what are your non-musical inspirations?

For the “Brewing Rancid Stew” EP we were thinking about cooking some human instead of animal flesh with rancid tools (the title track) and how to get it out to people so they can consume it (“Urge For Flesh”). “Devourment Delirium” and “Mutilation” explain themselves now. The “Meat Hook Mutilation” EP was more inspired by stories about serial killers – except the first track. So the non-musical inspiration comes from real life stories but made more grotesque.

-Your music is just thick, it’s gruesome and straight-forward. It is as rancid as fun to listen to. What’s your music for you? Fun? Are you channeling something through it?

We play our music with enthusiasm and energy and I’m glad to know you can hear this. Thanks!

– On this release you remain loyal to tradition. What’s to you the most important in an album of the genre? The filthy sound? The speed? The putrid imagery? Or is it a mix of different elements?

It depends on the band. Death Metal is a wide range of music. Bands play it fast, bands play it slow. Bands play it simple, bands go crazy on their instruments. The sound has to present the music in the right way. And it’s always great when the music is accompanied by a fitting piece of art and even better with a perfect overall layout of the record. So there’s not the one thing that makes a release good, it’s different things – in my humble opinion.

-Speaking of this, where does the tradition end and where does the mimic begin?

Once again, it depends on the band.

-How important do you think it is to stick to some of these stereotypes to make the genre what it is and to provide an entertaining and fun experience?

Maybe I’m too old for this. But I think you’re right: people want to get some entertainment besides the band. I don’t need to see a band playing their music full of blood, dressed in leather and whatever. They shall just play good music.

– What fuels the band? Booze? Horror? Filth?

The will to play horrifying Death Metal!

-What are the pros and cons of releasing the EP with your own label?

Working with external people may be frustrating. This way everything is under my or our own control. We decide how the release should sound and look like. Distributing the record is a lot of work for a band. But I’m used to it due to the work with my label Lycanthropic Chants. So that wasn’t something new. What might be the bad thing about this is that the record only reaches the people that follow Lycanthropic Chants or REPULSIVE FEAST and maybe not so many “new” people.

-All this about “Meat Hook Mutilation” being said; how would you describe it in just 3 words?

Horrifying, blazing, grinding.

-And finally, what are now your near-future plans?

That’s a good question. There are no concrete plans.
I wrote a bunch of new songs and I’m still working on more. Let’s see when we will be allowed to meet for a rehearsal. If the songs will survive the “real band” check, there will be a recording session sometime in the future. Unfortunately not so much happening in a band’s life currently…

– That’s all from our side, thanks again for your time. If you’d like to add some final words, feel free to do it.

If there’s someone who made it to this point of the interview: thanks for reading. And if you like what you read, you can listen to our music on all streaming platforms. If you still didn’t drop out after your listen, go to www.lycanthropic.de to buy our music physically and support us. Thanks in advance!

Tania Giménez


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