– Hello, thanks for taking your time. How is everything doing right now into the ORANSSI PAZUZU’s camp? What’s keeping you guys busy?
Evill: Hello yourself. Camp is going strong. Our new release is just behind the corner. Very excited about finally putting it out there.


– You are releasing your newest album, «Värähtelijä», now that you can hold it in your hands, what are your feelings on the final result?
Evill: There’s always a little blind spot between recording and releasing an album. Just now it feels like a long lost bastard you gave a birth to is suddenly facing you again. Now it’s time to get to know who it is. Overall we’re happy how it came out. Feels true to itself.


– I have always thought your music could be described as «dual», but isn’t easy to tag in terms of musical genres, as you have a lot of psychedelia, 60’s and 70’s Rock and Prog elements as well as Black Metal. Which is a quite unique vision. What made you start a band like this? Did you have a clear idea in your mind on what kind of sound you wanted to create?
Evill: I remember our first rehearsals. We had played together before and it felt pretty natural to go jamming together. I remember Ontto suggesting us to create a never changing primitive rhythm and to make any kinds of moods on top of it. ”Dual” is pretty good word for how the idea felt. Deep down I already knew there was some idea – bigger than just jamming – behind Ontto’s smile. That’s when we made our first song ”Korppi” which also is the opening track of our first album. Ever since it has felt kinda like doing whatever comes naturally as a group and always respecting intuition.


oranssi pazuzu

– As I mentioned, you mix different music styles but, what could you say have been the most influential bands for the band? Or the ones that have been most important for the sound of ORANSSI PAZUZU?
Evill: It’s a life lasting personal process to be influenced. If I had to mention three names that has clearly had on effect on me during the process of ”Värähtelijä”, I would say Steve Reich, Haxan Cloak and Swans.

– In fact I believe the band name itself describes perfectly the «dual» element I mentioned before. Was this your idea? Would you mind to elaborate a little bit on what did you want to depict with it and what is its meaning?
Evill: As you said there is a mix in the name. It’s there to simplify our attentions. As I see it ”oranssi” stands for sense of a color and unlimited space. ”Pazuzu” is a myth coming from a playground of mind. The relationship of the two is what I find interesting.


– All your albums have had a specifical concept behind them. What is the concept in «Värähtelijä»?
Evill: This one is focused on mind itself. It’s an unlimited space. Yet one can limit it and get trapped in just one thought and idea of ”self”. It’s interesting how deep you can go with guessing who you are and not listening what’s actually going on inside and on things you are surrounded by.


– Anyway I think your lyrics, as your music, have multiple layers. Are open to different interpretations. Is something you strive for to let listener have their own interpretation?
Evill: There’s no way one could decide how another’s gonna feel about it. That’s one big matter that should be respected more than it usually is. I would translate ”Värähtelijä” in ”Resonator”. I guess best we can do is something that first resonates truly with ourselves. That opens a possibility of communication with anyone identifying with us.


– Atmosphere on this album is quite unique. It makes you feel comfortable on a weird, somehow uncomfortable overall ambience. At the same time is so natural and lets you breath despite the somehow oppressive sound. It reminds me a little bit to the mysteries and contradictions of nature but, what do you want to convey with your atmosphere?
Evill: I’m happy to hear such a self reflection about the experience. I’ve always considered we go for whatever we’re interested in as persons. Just now we are probably searching shortcuts in deep grounds. Perhaps this is all just about finding different doors that might open you observing the inside.

– And what things do you draw inspiration from aside from music?
Evill: Could be anything as long as you stay curious. I’m surprised how personal this question feels like. In everyday life it might be other people – different kind of stories and mindsets behind them.

– Due to the all the aforementioned I would like you to comment a little bit how is the songwriting process for the band like. Is it a team effort? Is there room for improvisation?
Evill: From the moment whoever grabs the pencil first it’s pretty much finding a way to paint the same painting. We operate a lot with talking about associations in order to stay on a same page of a feeling we’re after. I think composing is always first improvisation and then something else. Many of our ideas are born by jamming. Sometimes we decide to leave parts ”open” so that there’s a danger of anything happening. That’s when you have no choice but to improvise.

– The basic tracks for all your previous albums were recorded live if I’m not mistaken but, how was the production and recording process this time around?
Evill: That’s correct. We sure do additional layers but basically all instruments (besides vocals) are recorded live just like we’ve done before. It gives you good flow that’s based on communication. It also makes the takes feel more driven by joint energy rather than concentrating too much on what is your personal goal in the take.

– Even though all your cover artworks are quite different, they are always intriguing. Who was the artist this time around and how did you work on the cover?
Evill: Photos were taken by Andrea Petrovicova. They are actually from our live show. They make nice union with the music since there is recognizable humanity and an unclear feel of something unknown. The inner cover art oranssi pazuzu Värähtelijä coverwas made by Samuli Huttunen who is also responsible for our logo.

– All this about «Värähtelijä» being said; how could you describe it in just 3 words?
Evill: Aggressive dimension diving

– And finally, what are now your near-future plans?
Evill: We’re heading Europe for a two week tour. Hope to see you there!


Tania Giménez

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