– Hello, thanks for taking your time. What’s currently keeping DEATHHAMMER busy?

Sadomancer: Not much at the moment. Our second album Onward to the pits is coming out this month and we have a 12″ split with brazilian maniacs Nosferatu coming out pretty soon. Other than that we are making some riffs for our next album when the inspiration is there.

– I guess some people won’t be familiar with you yet so, first of all, could you please share some history of the band?

Sadomancer: Formed after one rehearsal in 2005 with the aim to spread evil metal. After 3 demos, one EP, one full-lenght album, one split 7″ and numerous live desecrations our second album is ready to reap your soul.


– And what are your main musical influences? Old school Thrash Metal maybe?

Sadomancer: Yeah old school thrash metal would be the obvious influence but if you scratch on the surface a bit you will find all kind of influences from Judas priest to Master`s hammer. But the main influences would be Kreator (Endless pain) and Bathory (2 first albums).


– Though you were formed back in 2005 you released your first full-length album in 2010; why did it take you that time? Were your first steps easy?

Sadomancer: Don`t know why we waited that long really, but I guess we liked the idea of spreading demo tapes and we never had enough songs for a full-lenght when we were in the studio to record anyway. But we released an EP in 2008 and have always been active with gigs and such so we have never relaxed! Our first steps was as easy as it can be. Jamming and having a good time.


– Last 2011 you released a split album with KÖRGULL THE EXYERMINATOR, how did everything arise? And do you know any other bands from Spain?

Sadomancer: Yeah we did. Unfortunately Körgull didnt get their splits before this week haha. I brought with me the splits to the live evil festival in London where we was playing to give them to Mark from Körgull, but I forgot the splits at a house we were partying in the night before and the owner of the house was on ecstacy the whole weekend so I didnt get the splits before monday and then Mark had gone back to spain. Anyway, I was gonna bring with me the splits to norway with the plane but I had to split the splits (hah) to avoid paying the shitty extra ryanair-fee. So I gave the guy I was travelling with (our session-guitarist Bowel ripper) half of the splits (Körgull`s) and kept Deathhammer`s splits but of course, thanx to ryanair I lost my plane so bowel took off with Körgull`s splits and he lives long away from me. So I had to travel to Bowels place to pick up the 7″s in december but then I got so wasted that I completely forgot the splits so I didnt have those splits in my possession until late january haha. MASSIVE stress. About the split I had been in contact with Mark from before and he just asked if we wanted to do a split and since we totally digs Körgull and had two songs laying around for ages it was a perfect idea. Ah, spanish metal. I really like the Volumen brutal album by Baron Rojo (both english and spanish version). My heart is full of rock! Of newer bands I worship Teitanblood, their new EP kills.


– And on 2011 you also unleashed “Forever Ripping Fast”, a compilation album featuring your early demos. Do you plan releasing any other work featuring some of other older material?

Sadomancer: No we have released too much demo-comps and such already so not more of that. The Forever ripping fast double LP on hells headbangers covers it all so just get that one if you want a complete old-days compilation. But on the upcoming Nosferatu 12″ split we included two songs from a early 2008-session so when that split is out the last traces of our past is unleashed, hehe.


– Now you will soon release your sophomore album, “Onward to the Pits”, which will hit the street in a couple of months. What are your expectations?

Sadomancer: Hells headbangers said it would come out this month but I saw on their internetpage it said March and another where it said April so lets see. Thing always take much more time than one think. Experienced that today before work when I was at the post office. My expectations hmmm. Hopefully those maniacs who liked our previous album will like this one too but I know I`m 100% satisfied with the album myself so thats whats counts of course.


– I personally think this is a perfeced piece compared to your previous “Phantom Knights”, with equally brutal tracks but, at the same time, with a more mature touch but, what are your thoughts on the final output?

Sadomancer: Phantom knights was more of a wind of chaos with not many tempo-shifts and not that dynamic as this album. but that was great. A totally merciless debut-album is always a good thing to erase the wimps so they don`t check us out further, hehe. Onward to the pits is more varied and better produced but that was nothing we decided, that just happened. It still sounds 100% like Deathhammer is supposed to sound.


– What could you say are the main differences between these two albums? As you haven’t loose your attitude nor own sound at all.

Sadomancer: Good to hear! I think I pretty much summed it up in the previous answer. More dynamic songwriting and better produced but still a fist in the face of purity and everything nice and clean. Harsh metal noise for maniacs pure! Total death!


– And how could you describe “Onward to the Pits” in just 3 words?

Sadomancer: FAST. HEAVY. LOUD.


– How was the songwriting process this time around?

Sadomancer: Don`t remember. We never sit down and make riffs specially for something, riffs just appear when we pick up the axe in a possessed moment.


– And what could you comment on the album’s artwork? As the cover has a different vibe to the one for your debut album (and not to say to some of your demos).

Sadomancer: The cover was done by Eduard Johnson with additional layout by Hells headbangers and booklet-demons by me. It is our most «well-done» artwork so far and it came out excellent. Looking forward to the LP-versionwhich will include a poster of the coverart.


– If I’m not mistaken, this is your first album with Hells Headbangers, how’s everything going with them so far? As they seem the perfect home for old school sounding bands.

Sadomancer: They have treated us great and we have nothing to complain about. I own several great HH-releases myself so I know they know their shit.


– Writing and recording everything by your own does give you more work but confidence on what you are creating or more pressure because of handling everything yourselves?

Sadomancer: Not more work at all, just more freedom and less stress. I bought the recording equipment from my dad and it is the excact same recording equipment we recorded our demos and EP with so I knew it in and out from before. No pressure from anyone we just do whats necessary to spread our darkness.


– Fenriz recommended you, DARKTHRONE used your logo on the cover of the “FOAD” album… Beside being an honour I guess, did this help you, somehow, promoting DEATHHAMMER?

Sadomancer: Probably.


– And finally, what are the near-future plans for the band?

Sadomancer: To get as fucked up as possible.


– That has been all from my side, thanks once more for your time. Now feel free to add some final words if you like.

Sadomancer: Never stop the madness!

Sergio Fernández


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