– Hello, thanks for taking your time. What’s currently keeping CALIBAN busy? Are you warming up for your upcoming European tour?

You can say that, we are practicing for the upcoming «Get Infected Tour»…getting ready for the road.

– First of all, why did you pick the name «Caliban»?

We all liked the character of Caliban, what he is about and what he stands for. And we also wanted something different and not a typical band name for a Hardcore/Metal Band.


– You will really soon unleash your new album, «I am Nemesis». What are your expectations with it?

We hope that the people will like the record as much as we do…we are very happy with «I Am Nemesis» and personally i think it´s the best record we ever made so far.


– I noticed this is a really dynamic effort so, how was the songwriting process like? I read it was pretty long this time.

It was a little bit longer, yes, but it felt the same like always…marc did most of the songwriting back home in co-op with our producer Benny Richter! When we had most of the songs done i started to put my lyrics on the songs and then we went to the studios to record everything.


– In fact the guest artists help creating that versatile sound. Those guest artists are Marcus Bischoff and Mitch Lucker. How did you come up and what could you say have they brought with their cooperation?

We started a poll on our facebook page and asked the people what guest singer’s they want to hear on «I am Nemesis». Marcus and Mitch were mentioned many times and so we asked the guys if they would do it…and they did and they made a great job and made the song even more brutal and interesting. Thanks Dudes!!!


– We can find innovative guitar techniques for instance yet sounding like CALIBAN from the first to the last song. Did you consciously try to explore different directions?

We used different music styles to create a complete new atmosphere in Caliban´s music without forgetting our roots…we used a lot of melody lines in the songs, even on breakdowns…it makes the sound more interesting and special…


– Anyway, how could you describe this new effort in just 3 words?

Experimental, Innovative, Interesting


– This new piece is, lyrically, a continuation of «Say Hello to Tragedy», so I assume you are still talking about different social issues but, would you mind to elaborate a bit on what are some of the topics covered on the record?

You can say that! We wrote for example about child abuse ( The Bogeyman ), greed and exploitation ( Edge Of Black ), misuse of the internet and losing connection to reality ( Modern Warfare ), lies, false prophets and unity ( We Are The Many ), Nazis and unsatisfied people ( Dein R.3ich ) and so on.


– The artwork also reminds me to the artwork for your previous «Say Hello to Tragedy». As the lyrical concept is a continuation of that CD, did you want to reflect this with the cover? And what else could you tell us about the artwork (who crafted it, its meaning, etc.)?

The cover was the idea of the guy who made our video for «Memorial». It´s the picture of the main actor from the video…he looks very mean, like a Nemesis, so i think that was his intention. The guy who made it is called Mark Kreamer and he is from Twenty-Dirt.


– You have shooted a video for «Memorial»; what could you comment on it?

Lyric wise is the song about my father who died 1,5years ago on cancer, about letting go…and the video is more like a dark interpretation of the whole album.


– Marc Görtz co-produced this album. How positive is for the band having a member overseeing production duties? As I guess no one like you knows what sound you want to get.

It´s very important to have someone in the band that takes care of that, makes everything more easily.


– Last year you released the «Coverfield» EP; how did you come up with the idea? What other songs would you like to have covered (without counting the ones included in the special edition and box set of «I am Nemesis»)?

We never did a cover album before and we thought it´s a nice thing to put something out before we worked on the «I am Nemesis» album, to let the people now that we’re still working on new material…for now on we covered all songs we wanted to, but we’ll see, maybe there will be more some day.


– You’ve been in several different labels throughout the years, is there any concrete reason behind all those changes?

We started on Lifeforce Records and been there as long as we could and the label said we should looking for another bigger label, because he had not enough power to push us more forward, so we changed to Roadrunner Records, but they changed their Label policy and we didn’t liked the new way things worked, so we went to our current label CENTURY MEDIA and we are very happy how things are turnt out…they doing great and make a killer job for us…i think we’ll stay there for a while ; )


– In fact you are working with you current label, Century Media, since your previous «Say Hello to Tragedy», so I guess everything might be going well with them…

Like i said, we couldn’t be happier right now…they treat us well!!!


– You’ve been around for several years and you are an European band; could you say you have been some kind of springboard that has helpyed other European Metalcore bands to get more promotion? I asked so because this seems to be a stronger genre in the US for instance.

Maybe we are, maybe not…i just can remember that a lot of bands followed our way after a while, but a lot of them are already gone, or changed their style again.

And yes, i think the metalcore is stronger in the states…


– And finally, really soon (the same day you will release your new opus) you will start the European tour with ALL SHALL PERISH, WE BUTTER THE BREAD WITH BUTTER, EYES SET TO KILL and ATTILA. What are your expectations and what can your fans expect to see on stage?

I cant wait to hit the road again, actually i´m just on my way right now, sitting in the train…but there is a little change in the line up…all shall perish cancelled and now Winds Of Plague are playing. We have a complete new live set, song wise, outfit wise the whole stage set up…i expect nothing more then fun, for us and for the people…it will be a blast!!!


– That has been everything from my side, thanks once more for your time. If you now want to add some final words, feel free to do it.

Thanks everyone for your time and interest in Caliban, thank you for the interview!!! Keep in touch, come to a show and don’t forget to get the new album «I Am Nemesis». Out on 03.02.2012!!!

We dont make friends – We make enemies!!!

Sergio Fernández


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