– Hello and first of all, thanks for taking the time. How is everything going right now with ZOM? How are you feeling about just having unleashed your debut album?

SABBAC: Everything is going pretty well thank you. The response to Flesh Assimilation has been quite overwhelming so we are pretty happy with that for sure.

– You play a really singular mix of Death and Black Metal so, what prompted forming the band? When you put ZOM together, did you have a clear idea of the kind of sound you wanted to play?

SABBAC: CTHON (bass/vocals) approached me with the idea of starting a strictly death metal band. We shared the same handful of influences and took it from there. From very early on it was quite clear what sound we were after and what we wanted to achieve musically.


– «Zom» in a comic is a demon created to destroy, so it’s a strong and powerful band name. How well does it fit the band’s music and lyrics? How did you come up with the name?

SABBAC: ZOM’s sole purpose is to destroy…a more than apt name for the sound we’re creating. His back story alone provided us with a lot of inspiration for lyrical themes and it was CTHON who named the band.


– With just two demos and an EP you managed to create some buzz into the underground and gain some fame. What did this first releases mean to you? Did they open new doors for ZOM?

SABBAC: We didn’t expect anything when we released the demo but due to the tireless efforts of Invictus Productions doors were definitely opened for us and our name began to spread. The internet helps with that shit too I guess. The demo for us was exactly that and nothing more. There wasn’t a huge amount of thought put into it or long term plans. We just wanted to record a demo so we did.


– In fact early on you signed to Invictus Productions, being your material one of the few releases from Ireland they have done. How did you hook up with them? As the album is also being released through them, I guess you may be satisfied with the job they’ve done for the band…

SABBAC: We’re not signed to Invictus, it’s more of a spit and handshake kind of deal. We’re good friends with Darragh and he’s been incredibly supportive of the band since the beginning. As to why there’s only a handful of Irish bands on his roster I don’t know but the man is very passionate and committed to what he does and the metal community in general. We’re honoured to be a part of that as well.


– As in your previous releases, on «Flesh Assimilation» we can see a strong focus on the atmosphere, which I think is one of the elements that set you apart. In your case atmosphere goes in hand with feeling I think so, what are you conveying/channeling with your atmospheres and music in general?

SABBAC: Yeah, that is all intentional. Nothing is done by accident here. We combine our lyrical themes to influences the samples and noises between songs.


– Talking about such, what does inspire those strong ambiences?

SABBAC: The loose concept behind Flesh Assimilation deals with a futuristic Earth when a technological life form discovers the planet and harvests all its organic matter and life.


– And is it easy to transport this to the live scenario? You will now start a tour so, what can people expect to see on stage from ZOM?

SABBAC: We’ve just come back from tour actually and I’m happy to say it was a great success. As for the live scenario!? We sound exactly as we do on our recordings and that’s how we want it. That’s why we record live. That’s how we rehearse. Relentless noise, chaos, feedback, DBeats and reverb soaked delay.


– This atmosphere and feeling I think is enhanced by a really organic sound. Due to this, would you mind to tell us how did you record the album? It has a certain live vibe to it.

SABBAC: Probably because everything was recorded live. No triggers. No overdubs except for solos. We did it all over three days with the same engineer who did the demo and 7”. Just three guys in the live room hammering out our songs. No bullshit!


– Something else that I somehow consider a trademark in the band are the vocals, resounding like an echo perfectly integrated into the atmosphere. Feels like another instrument. What role does vocals play on the album? How did you approach them?

SABBAC: The vocals were always going to be from another dimension. They’re not supposed to be human or of this world. They also seem to be a huge dividing

factor for people. Either loved or hated. We don’t give a fukk for opinions though. The vocals are the way they are because that’s how we want them. Like everything in ZOM.


– The overall sound on «Flesh Assimilation» is really dark, which fits perfectly your lyrics. Could you please tell us what are some of the lyrical themes covered here and what does inspire them?

SABBAC: Like I said, there’s a loose concept with Flesh Assimilation but I have nothing to do with the lyrics. To quote CTHON “In the furthest future, anti-organic technological life reaches earth and completely consumes organic life. Some songs deal with the arrival of the technology and the destruction of life, while others are about how the technology views or planet’s history and culture as it sifts through the remnants of artifacts”.


– All this about «Flesh Assimilation» being said; how could you describe it in just 3 words?

SABBAC: Raw…noisey…chaotic!


– And as the end of the year is drawing nearer, could you please tell us what have been your 3 favourite albums of 2014 and your less favourite one?

SABBAC: I find it hard to remember last week let alone albums from last year.


– Finally, what are your near-future plans? I see this month you are gonna tour with DEAD CONGREGATION.

SABBAC: We have SWR Fest in Portugal and Beyond the Gates in Norway lined up…one or two others along the way as well. Our next live performance will be in Dublin on Valentines Day along side Malthusian, Sheol, Vircolac and Qrixkuor.


– That’s all, thank you once more for answering our questions. If you want to add some final words; feel free to do it.

SABBAC: Thanks for your time and interest in ZOM…and apologies for taking so long to complete this interview.


Tania Giménez


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