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– First of all thank you so much for answering to our questions. How the band currently doing near to release your new album?

We are fine, it feels good to finally get this disc out. It has been recorded for a long time now. We feel very proud of what we have achieved with this album and we are very eager to play these new songs live.

– Tell us a bit how was the process to create this new record; from when you started to write the songs until the recording sessions.

We wrote most of this album in our rehearsal room, we normally don’t work like that. Most often when we write music we will work with the guitars turned down. To get a more quiet enviroment, so that we can think clearer. But this album came about spontaneously while jamming. Me and Harry sat down and decided that we wanted a rougher production on this album than we had on Lightbringer. So we scouted the Welfare studios here in Gothenburg to work with producers Per Stålberg and Olle Björk, who had worked more with Hardcore and punk bands. We explained to them that we wanted to record the entire album live and they were into the idea.


– The album is entitled «Death»; a short name but with a strong meaning. How did you come up with with both the name as the painting on the cover artwork for this new piece?

Well this album has been in the planning stages since we recorded the E.P back in 2003, we knew then already how we wanted our first three albums. its called Death since it is dedicated to the comsic energy that is Death, she stands uncoruptable and unstained by untrue world and is the ultimate balance, the ultimate dark side of it all. I use Death in my life as a mirror of who I am, I knew what I am am and what I am ready to die for, Death blesses me with this knowledge. The art work was made by me and is filled with symbolics, the crushed mirror in the background represents the end of all illusions, this realm is defined by the reflection of light so the destruction of the mirror is the end of the illusion called the world. The blood running upwards represents the defiling of laws of psychics. The crosses voyaging into the eyes of the «RamRod» skull are acting as their pre-christian symbol, that of the sun, they are going into the blackhole eyes of the skull to be extinguished.


– Listening to «Death», what really caught my attention was the intro next to «…Come from the Mouth Beyond». It made me think in a conceptual album, at the MAIDEN’s style on «7th Son» and, though later is not like this, is there a link between the songs on the album sorrounding the name of the CD?

The first 2 songs are connected with the cover of the album, Death is as a soundtrack to the cover and the lyrics to …comes with from the mouth beyond, deal with the symbolics within the cover telling a modern «Ragnarök» tale, or a new book of revelations if you will.


– And about the whole record in general, I see you are still keeping many influences of the most traditional Metal of the 80’s, tracks as «I am the End» have riffs at the JUDAS’ style, or «Defiant», with certain MAIDEN elements for instance. Did this come out naturally or the influences are really important before recording a song?

We grew up with these bands it’s the only music we ever listened to, it would be strange if it would have sounded in any other way. RAM’s music is as honest as you get, when we write music traditional Heavy Metal is the product thats just how it is.


– What also caught my attention in a really positive way are two mid-tempo tunes as «Frozen» and «Hypnos»; the first one reminds me to the mid-tempo songs by SAXON, and the other it has that classy details at the old QUEENSRYCHE. Are you satisfied with the result of these songs?

Yes very much, they do a lot for the dynamics of the album, we always put a lot of effort into making albums that should work as an «inner movie», so we look a lot into how the songs feel, what tempo they have, what key they are written in so that the listener will be subjected to a lot of different emotions, we then put the songs

in the most dramatic order to create the sensation of being a part of a sonic journey.


– This is your third studio album; how could you describe the evolution of the band to date?

We have become more efficient in the way we work. We have learned so many new things about the industry. Musically we have improved immensly since Tobbe Petterson (bass) joined the band he brings a new very needed spark to our ranks.


– Now with a view on the live situation; how many tracks will you play live off the new album? Is it already planned?

The new material works very, very good live, we realised quite early that a lot of songs from this album were going to be on our live setlists for a long time.


– I know you will be in Spain in February, playing the Heavy Metal Espectros fest but, beside this; how’s the live situation and the presentation of «Death»?

The whole live bit for Death is still in the planning stages we will hit the road for a long nice tour but its to early to comment on that yet.


– And on a view to the future; is there something planned regarding new recordings? DVDs, live albums…

We are already working on new songs for a new album. Nothing else right now.


– Finally and as huge fan of the 80’s Metal, as I’m interviewing a band that, fortunately, still has those influences; I would like you to tell me 5 albums that are essential to you.

Black Sabbath – Black Sabbath

Judas Priest – Stained Class

Iron Maiden – Killers

Crimson Glory – Crimson Glory

Mercyful Fate – Melissa


– That’s all form our side, good luck with this new year 2012 and see you in Murcia at the HM Espectros.



Paco Gómez



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