– First off thanks for answering our interview. Tell us how were the recording sessions behind your new album.

We enjoyed every moment. During the songwriting process we realized, it will be one of the best „Paradox“-albums so far and we could not wait for it to be released. I wrote the songs between august and march 2012. Then we did the recordings in my home studio between april and august 2012. The drums were recorded in a different studio. Words were written by our 5th bandmember and former ex Vendetta singer Achim «Daxx» Hömerlein. «Tales Of The Weird» is produced by myself and mixed/mastered by Victor Santura. It`s our masterpiece!

– This record is entitled «Tales of the Weird». Could you tell us a little bit the album’s concept and its cover artwork? What does PARADOX sing about on this new opus?

«Tales Of The Weird»» is not really a concept album. Each song has his own serious topic, written by former Vendetta singer Achim «Daxx» Hömerlein. He is our 5th bandmember. Some examples… «Brutalized» describes the apparent rise juvenile delinquency. «Slashdead» is about environmentally destructive greed of profit. «Day Of Judgement» about Maya calendar prophecys, «Brainwashed» about TV lies and soap shit. About cover artwork…. We have done some brainstorming what we want to mediate and what it could look like. Then we told our cover artist „Claudio Bergamin“ about our ideas and he perfectly implemented our visions….as always. He´s a really awesome artist who never let´s you down. It should remind on our 2nd album «Heresy». The topic should be about the maya calendar prophecys


– Listening to the album, without any doubt, it still carries de long-time PARADOX’s concept; a powerful and aggressive album still without loosing fine doses of good melody. Are you happy with the final outcome? Was this the how you wanted it to be like?

We are totally happy with the result. We still combined thrash and melody like we wanted. In the past we called it «Thrash with Class» . This is our masterpiece!


– A lot of Thrash of Power/Thrash bands of the 80’s nowadays sound overproduced. But the production you have on the album is powerful and modern, but we can still notice that old school vibe, which is something really welcome. Do you care about that when recording or is this just the way you want to sound?

This is the way we wanted to sound. Victor Santura did a great job with the mix and mastering as well. The latest Metallica album «Death Magnetic» is a great example how to overproduce an album 🙂 I produced «Tales Of The Weird» by myself and i guess i also can be happy with the release.


– The band that is playing with you isn’t the original one of your early days, but judging by this CD it seems like they fit perfectly with the sound of PARADOX. Tell us a bit about these musicians.

For me its like a dream came true, cause it took so long to found musicians as Christian Muenzner (lead guitar) and Daniel Buld (drums). They both live in the same area where i come from and are Paradox fans. This is the best prerequisite you can have. Christian (he also plays in Obscura) is one of the best guitar players in germany as well.. We have a great climate.This line up will open some doors for Paradox.


– This time around you have covered a song by RAINBOW. How did the idea arise? Did you have in mind any other tunes to cover?

It`s our personal tribute to Ronnie James Dio. I love Rainbow «Rising» from 1976.

It was a big challenge for me to sing this song. DIO were my hero (R.I.P.). that`s why we had no other options to do a cover.


– Talking about PARADOX mean taliking about a great German band that almost during the late 80’s released two important albums entitled «Product of Imagination» and Heresy». How was PARADOX born and how were those first years into the Germany of the 80’s?

Paradox was founded by Axel Blaha (drums) and myself in November 1981. und different banners with some pre line ups. First name was «Overkill» (1981-83), «Maniac» (1983-84) and later on «Warhead» (1984-85). In February 1986 we named us «Paradox». We had great years and it was totally surprised about the success. We started with nothing and 5 years later we received a worldwide record deal with «Roadrunner Records»..


– During that period in Germany there were several bands, from that traditional Metal to melodic bands or Thrash acts. I have always considered you were between Heavy and Thrash Metal, as it happened with the 80’s US Metal with bands as HEATHEN, METAL CHURCH or HELSTAR. What were your influences back when you started? And how was the PARADOX’s sound born?

I agree.. It starts with NWOBHM, Iron Maiden, Motörhead, Saxon…later on the Bay Area style, with bands like Metallica, Metal Church, Flotsam & Jetsam, Exodus, Testament etc…In our rehearsal room we did many cover songs. The sound of Paradox were born by my influences in combination with my style playing guitar.


– Why did the band split-up after two albums? What happened in that moment?

Roadrunner didnt believed in thrash metal anymore and the grunge scene came up. I had written the whole Colission Course album but they wasnt interested in us in that time. It was very disappointed for us and Axel Blaha quited playing drums. We had no motivation to go on in 1991.


– And you didn’t come back with a new album, «Collision Course», until 2000. What prompted that comeback? And what were you up to during all those years?

I were married and spended my time with working in a factory, but as a fan of this music i kept me inform about the metal scene via magazines. I wrote some songs and in 1999we get a phone call from Andy Allendörfer (AFM-Recoids). He were very interested after listening to the demo songs of » Collision Course». Then i signed the contract and found good musicians with the Holzwarth Brothers (formr «ieges Even»). We played our first show after 10 years at the «Wacken Open Air» and went in Studio to record the album in 2000.


– Later you also were through an important hiatus until 2008, when you released «Electrify». There was a gap of 8 years between the two albums; what was the main reason behind this?

I had some serious health problems caused by «Diverticulitis» with complications during the surgerys. For one year i had a colostomy and in 2005 i had the successful recovery of that shit. It was very painful to me. That costs me years.. The i had to find a new bass player and drummer. It was difficult to find the right musicians.


– And since 2008 until ow you have been releasing albums more or less regularly. How is this latest period of PARADOX? Is this the best moment for you since 2000?

Yes it is. Im really happy with the current line up! Christian and Daniel gave Paradox a new face and we are still hungry.


– I own your albums of the 80’s, but it wasn’t until this new period when I was able to see you on stage at the Pounding Metal Fest, in Madrid. What are your memories of your visit to Spain?

Awesome. Great people, great feedback. I remember very well how great it was playing in front of the spanish metal crowd. We MUST come back..I love spain. I lived in Denia for a while.and we had our own house there. Great sunny country.


– Something I use to ask to bands that didn’t get the deserved recognition back in the day, is about new technologies, which make having easier access to anything. Have you noticed there is now a bigger recognition toward the band? And not just from your all-time fans, but also from younger people.

Yes we get more and more recognition from younger fans. This is a good sign that we do something right. The new album shows that Paradox is still competitive. Of course we have a lot of old school fans, but with recognition from new people we see were on the right way. Paradox is one of the most underrated bands in this genre as well. We need a better promotion to get more famous as well.


– And now coming back to your new album; what are your live plans? Do you have any tourdates?

We have been planing some touring activitys, but after my heart surgery we have to wait and see how good and fast i recover. We´d love to come back on stage.

Cause i think we have a wonderful line up now and the new songs really need to be played live….


– And on a view to the future; will there be moe PARADOX’s albums? Haven’t you thought about releasing a live album?

Of course there will be more Paradox albums but we prefer studio albums. New music for the fans. May later on we will do a DVD, but there is nothing planed yet..


– Finally, as 2012 is about to end; could you please tell us what are your 3 favourite albums of the year as well as the least favourite one?

1 Evile – Five Serpent`s Teeth

2 Testament -Dark Roots Of Earth

3 Kreator – Phantom Antichrist

At least Furnaze – None More Black a new thrash band from the U.K.


– That’s all from our side, our best wishes and health. It has been a pleasure for me having the chance of interviewing you, and hope to see you soon in Spain.

I have to thank. Metal greetings to all readers and metal maniacs outhere. Take a listen to «Tales Of The Weird» It makes sense!!


Paco Gómez

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