– Hello, lots of thanks for answering our interview. How is everything going into theH OMNIZIDE’s camp right now?

Everything is going fine! At the moment we’re busy writing new songs, we’re also reheasing for a couple of live shows we have coming up.

– The band was formed back in 1995 under a different name. Tell us a little bit how did the actual OMNIZIDE arise and what kind of activity did you have until now.

Well, like you said me and Nox started the band back in 1995. We we’re active until 1999/2000 I think, but the only thing we ever recorded were a couple of rehearsal tapes. Then Nox join Craft and I started Avsky together with TO. When Avsky recorded the «Scorn» album Nox did some guest vocals on one of the tracks and we begun to talk about restarting Belzen again. We changed the name to Omnizide and recruited Gaddur on drums and recorded the 7″.


– «Omnizide» is a really aggressive and powerful name. How did you come up with it? Could you say its fits the music?

Nox came up with the name Omnizide when we decided to restart Belzen and we thought it would be a more fitting name for the band. I really like it, like you said it’s aggressive and powerful and thats how we like our music to sound as well.


– You will recently release your first full-length album, «Death Metal Holocaust» so, how are you feeling about it? How are the first reactions being?

We just got a couple of reviews and reactions yet, but so far they have been very positive. The process has been slow and we started the recordings over a year ago, so it feels really good to finally have the album released.


– And are you personally satisfied with the final outcome? Is there anything you would like to go back and do different?

Yes I’m satisfied. Though there will always be things you feel you could have done better or different. But that’s what motivates you to make more recordings. When you are 100% satisfied with an album there would be no reason to make another one. You always strive to make the next recording better than the previous one.


– «Death Metal Holocaust» is a quite descriptive and powerful title too, attracts easily. Did you think about that when choosing it?

We first came up with the title for a t-shirt design. We liked it so much that we decided to us ithe title for our debut album as well. Actually some of the art for the CD (the LP will have a different cover) was taken from that t-shirt design.


– Anyway your music isn’t just Death Metal, you also have elements of Black Metal and even some nuances of old Thash Metal ala CELTIC FROST so, what could you say have been some of the most influential bands for the sound of OMNIZIDE?

I get influenced by a lot of different music but I don’t think of any particular bands when I write music. But bands like Autopsy, Sadistic Intent, Bathory and Celtic Frost are among my personal favorites and I guess that they are an influence. And we’re all huge fans of extreme Australian metal so that’s also an influence.


– I also noticed certain subtle Crust elements, specially on drums/rhythm section. Is an external influence or would you say just comes along when playing such an old school sounding Death Metal?

We listen to and are influenced by some Crust/hardcore bands like Anti-Cimex, Dishcarge, Skitsystem, Wolfpack and so on. I really like the energy in D-beat drumming and the anger in crust music and that’s something we do try to incorporate in our music. But our main influences comes from old death and black metal.


– B-Force joined the band after «Death Metal Holocaust» was recorded. How did everything arise? And who took bass duties on the album?

B-Force played with us earlier but then he had to quit the band because because he was too busy with work and other things at the time, later he rejoined Omnizide and we’re glad to have him aboard again. Patrik Westling from the grindcore band «Livet som Insats» has also played the bass occasionally, and he may join us again for some shows when B-Force can’t participate. I play most of the bass on the album and Joakim (Craft) plays the rest.


– On the other hand, Joakim (CRAFT) mixed the album. How was it like? As I guess with someone you know and that may know how the band is supposed to sound, everything may be easier…

Absolutely, he knows what he’s doing. It’s always easier to work with people you know. We gave him free hands with the mixing as we trust him completely. He knows how it’s supposed to sound and how we want it. He mixed the «pleasure from death» EP as well


– Anyway, how was the whole production process? You have managed to get a really thick, organic and primitive sound that perfectly matches your music.

We actually recorded the whole thing with a small portastudio at our rehearsal place, I think it had 8 channels. We actually tried to do a studio recording of the songs earlier but we wasn’t pleased with the result. It sounded too good and produced. Jocke (Craft) did a really great job mixing the whole thing and we’re really pleased with the final result.


– This album is being released by Carnal Records, the same label of CRAFT. Did you just go directly to them when it came to find a company or did you also consider some others?

Björn who runs Carnal records is a friend of us and he lives nearby, so it felt natural to contact them first. It was actually Björn that recommended Gaddur to us when we were looking for a new drummer as well.


– I read all music on the album is written by yourself but, how was the songwriting process? Does everyone add their own parts?

I wouldn’t say ALL music but I’ve written most of it. Usually I come up with the riffs and then we forge them in to songs together in the rehearsal room. I think everyone contributes with ideas when it comes to arranging the songs, and writing lyrics as well.


– All this about «Death Metal Holocaust»; how could you describe it in just 3 words (apart from the words on the album’s title)?

Dark, Brutal, Deadly


– Something that caught my attention specially off this album is that OMNIZIDE doesn’t sound similar to any of your other bands. Is this something easy to get and keep?

Yes, at least to me it wouldn’t make much sense to have two different bands that sounded the same. Omnizide has more of an oldschool primitive death metal approach compared to the northern black metal sound of our other bands.


– And talking about such, what does OMNIZIDE provide you AVSKY can’t and vice versa?

The main thing I missed with Avsky was playing live shows. Since there were only two of us it almost impossible to , though we made one show, in 2008 I think. The idea with Omnizide is to create more direct and shorter songs, more aggressive and better suited for playing live.


– Finally, what are your near-future plans?

We will have a release party for «Death Metal Holocaust» in a couple of weeks, and then we will play at the release party for Styggelse’s excellent «No Return» album. Besides that we have written four new songs and we plan to record them later this spring and release them as a 10″ EP. We might also record some songs for split EP’s or something like that


– That’s all, thank you once more for answering our questions. If you want to add some final words; feel free to do it.

Thanks for the support! Beware the death metal holocaust!


Tania Giménez


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