– Hello Ian, thanks for answering to our questions. What’s keeping now CAULDRON busy? How has the year started for the band?

Hey thanks Tania! We’ve got a new album written that we’re getting ready to record soon. It’s gonna be 9 or 10 songs. We’re just focusing on that right now and playing a couple shows this month to pay our rehearsal space rent! Other than that I’ve been drinking and listening to Saint Vitus. The year is off to a good start!


– We could say you are a new band and have released two long-players so; could you please make some history of CAULDRON?

Well Cauldron was a continuation of the band Goat Horn which was formed in 1999 and released 2 LP’s and 1 EP. Goat Horn broke up in 2006 and 2 out of 3 members formed Cauldron with myself on guitar. In early 2007 we released the «Into the Cauldron» EP, in 2009 «Chained to the Nite», and in 2011 «Burning Fortune». So I guess you could say the band’s been around for a while! Check out the Goat Horn albums if you haven’t already. «Storming the Gates» from 2003 is some killer shit!


– Has been almost a year since your latest «Burning Fortune» came out. Now that it has been a while; is there anything you have liked to change about it?

Well once you get some perspective on something you can find things that you don’t like, but those are the things that make albums special. Sure, I wish I’d played some solos better but in a way it’s better to have imperfections. It makes it more real. Once you start thinking about it too much it becomes fake.


– Anyway, though it was released some time ago I would like to get a bit deeper on it. First of all, what does the album’s title refer to?

«Burning Fortune» is about not living a secure lifestyle. It’s about throwing away any sort of comfort in the future because we just want to play music and live how we want right now. A lot of people our age have houses, good jobs and kids. We’d rather have no money and do what we want than live like that.


– I personally think this album sounds more straight-forward, raw and live sounding. Did something change during the recording/mixing sessions?

We intentionally wanted that kind of sound, so we recorded all the basic tracks live as a band. We added vocals and guitar solos afterwards, but all the songs were done live off the floor.


– In fact, if I’m not mistaken, this time around you worked with a different producer, Jameson Elliott. What made you pick him?

Well that was an easy choice because he recorded the first 2 Goat Horn albums. We really liked the sound of those albums and wanted something similar. We felt «Chained to the Nite» didn’t sound as much like us as it could have. Jameson is all about getting a band to sound like a band and not over-producing.


– Despite this subtle different sound it seems you like you guys picked up where you left off «Chained to the Nite» but, what could you say are the main differences between those albums? Or how has your evolution been since you unleashed your debut album?

I think any of our songs would fit on any of our albums. I don’t think there’s that big of a difference in the songs, but more in the production. It might sound like an evolution to some but we’re just trying to write better songs all the time. Also some songs have been around a lot longer than others so it’s kind of hard to say what direction the band is going in.


– And what could you comment on the cover artwork? What does that model represent?

Yeah it’s the same model on both albums. Well over the course of 2 albums I guess you could say she was an innocent girl who was captured and possessed by the band. Although we want to avoid having her become our mascot! I don’t think she’ll be on the next album.


– On the other hand, it seems a cover for an 80’s album. Was this what you wanted to get with it?

We just wanted something attention grabbing, not necessarily an «80’s» cover. Originally we wanted a painting for «Burning Fortune» of something different, but changed our minds later on.


– You have used girls for your two albums; is this a tradition for upcoming records as well?

No I think we’ve gone far enough with that. The next album will be something completely different, probably a painting.


– You have changed drummers many times, are you somehow cursed with them? Why is so difficult to find a steady one?

Yeah I think we are! Well first of all, all our drummers have been in other bands at the same time. I guess they just decide what their priority is, and it’s not us! It’s hard to find a drummer who can tour and live the «Burning Fortune» lifestyle. Jason and I are really dedicated and it’s hard to find someone with the same dedication. We’re actually looking for another drummer right now.


– Your music is really honest, it seems you are playing it without caring about the rest or the people’s opinion, with aclear focus on traditional Heavy Metal. How did you get into this kind of music?

Yeah that’s true, we just want to play music that we like. We don’t try to please anyone but ourselves. We’re huge fans of old metal and have been into it for a long time. I guess I started off listening to AC/DC and Guns ‘N Roses. That changed when I was 15 and got that «NWOBHM ’79 Revisited» compilation. I discovered so many cool bands off that like Angel Witch, Diamond Head, Jaguar, Witchfinder General etc. I just started exploring all those bands and discovered tons of cool shit. I’ve been obsessed ever since!


– Now there are plenty bands providing a «retro» sound but; what could you say sets CAULDRON apart?

Well first of all we don’t «try» to sound retro like so many other bands do. We also don’t sing about typical stuff like «heavy metal» «bullet belts» or «thrash». We sing about real life experiences. Hopefully stuff that people can relate to more than just generic «let’s rock» kind of stuff. Also our focus before anything is songwriting.


– On the other hand, are you aware of what’s going on in the music industry nowadays? Do you dig any of those bands taking back a more «old school» sound (as could be ENFORCER or IN SOLITUDE among others)?

Yeah I’m usually checking out new bands. We love Enforcer and have toured with them twice. I thought In Solitude were great when I saw them at Muskelrock in 2009. I actually bought their LP after hearing their soundcheck! Some other new bands I like are Witchgrave, The Devil’s Blood, Portrait, and Twisted Tower Dire (except they’ve been around since the 90’s!).


– And talking about Canada specifically; how’s the state of its current Metal scene? There are some classics bands such as ANVIL, SACRIFICE or EXCITER for instance; but any new bands worth mentioning?

It seems like there’s only a handful of bands that are doing anything right now, like Striker, Evil Survives, Metalian and Flying Fortress. Our old drummer Steel Rider plays in Flying Fortress and we play shows together frequently. Check ‘em out!


– Now about the live situation, you will tour Europe really soon; what are your expectations?

Yeah we can’t wait for this tour. It’s been since May 2011 that we did a proper tour. It seems like there was a lot of response from Germany and Spain this time so I’m really looking forward to those shows. My expectations are to be completely hammered the whole time.


– You will even play in Spain, at two festivals; what can your Spanish fans expect to see on stage?

Yeah we’ve got a few Spanish shows booked. If we’re not too drunk, our Spanish fans can expect to hear a good selection of songs off all 3 releases, and definitely at least one new song.


– And finally; where would you like to get with CAULDRON? What are your main goals with the band?

I think our main goal right now is to get our new album out and be able to tour as much as possible. We haven’t thought much beyond that!


– That’s all from my side, thanks once more for your time. If you want to add some final words, feel free to do it.

Thanks a lot Tania! I’ll leave you with a quote from Metal Massacre 4. «WE ARE TIRED OF YOUR SPELLS AND INCANTATIONS!» See all you Spanish bangers in March!

Tania Giménez


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