– Hello, thanks for taking your time. How is everything doing right now into the BOMBUS’ camp? What’s keeping you guys busy?
Hey hey! Thanks for having us! We´re doing great right now thank you very much. It´s always a good time when a new album is done, you know it´s coming out soon, you´re doing the press and you know that you got a good time ahead of you with new songs and good shows. It´s a lot to do but it´s all quite enjoyable. We just shot a video – it´s being edited right now and we will soon shoot another one. So a lot to do but it´s all good!


– You are about to release your newest album, «Repeat until Death». How are you feeling about it? What are your feelings on the final outcome now that it’s done?
Yes we are! We´re really happy about the finished result. It came out the way we wanted – if not even better.

– With this record you introduce yet again a new bass player, Ola Henriksson. How has he fitted in? And what could you say has he brought to BOMBUS?
He is the one! He´s a great guy, a fantastic musician with a lot of experience and he really fits the band like a glove! He brings a lot of creative and practical drive to table and that´s really important. He´s got really good ideas and is a problem solver.



– Musically I think you have headed here toward a more Thrash direction (still being really diverse). Was this the kind of sound you were looking for? Did you have a clear idea of how you wanted «Repeat Until Death» to sound like?
Alright! Maybe you´re right. I think Repeat Until Death is tighter more direct and delivers an even stronger punch than previous albums and that could be more in line with a ”Thrashier” feel. Yeah we had a really clear idea of how we wanted the end result to be. We wanted it to be focused, direct, slimmed down and really just contain the most important contents of a good album. A strong groove, good and direct riffing and strong vocals and melodies. All packed in a luxurious sound. I think we achieved it all and never fell short on any point really.

– Being this your third album, could you say you have got a more defined sound? Or something closer to your actual musical personality?
Are you reading my mind or what? Yeah I really believe that we have. For every album I think we´re getting to the essence of the band. Every album sounds really different and that´s the way we want it to be. We don´t wanna do the same album twice and we don´t want the recording- or creative process to be the same as the last time either. We kind of want to recreate ourselves every time. A lot of talk about the ”difficult third album” but I believe that we´re just coming closer to what we´re really about on every album. Shaving of the unnecessary and only keeping what should really be in there.



– Anyway your music is still diverse, taking from THE MELVINS, BLACK SABBATH, MOTÖRHEAD or METALLICA. Are these some of your influences? And where else do you draw inspiration from (even apart from music)?
Those classic bands (and many more) are always there in the back of our heads. we grew up with them and even though we may not seek direct inspiration in them there is no denying they play an important role in what we do. But I really get more inspired from music that is not that close to what we do. I can here something on the radio – maybe just a short thing like a few bars in a crappy commercial tune and get an idea out of that. Or if I see a movie a good soundtrack can be really inspiring. It could be anything really. But I think that if you get your ideas from further away you ad something instead of just recycling old Metal riffs.

– Due to this versatility I would like to know how does BOMBUS use to work on the songwriting process. Is it a team effort?
I write the music and lyrics but in the end everyone gets to speak out. This time I wrote the songs and worked closely with a producer – Daniel Johansson – for months and pre-produced the whole album before we finally went into the studio. Daniel has a unique musicality and really had great ideas both on the song structure and the sound.



– And does BOMBUS have any limits?
Nope, I think not. We don’t wanna belong to a genre or a scene of any certain sort. We´re not interested in that. For us it´s all about the music and as long as it´s about music and not trends there are no limits.



– Moreover I think each album you release is even more diverse. How important is this, and to keep things interesting, for you both as performers and songwriters?
Glad you say that. As I mentioned before it´s important for us to evolve and always go forward in the music making. This way we make harder for ourselves and don’t get to comfortable. That keeps us on our feet. I really enjoy artists that you never know what they´re gonna do next. Like David Bowie, The Melvins, Bjork or Faith No More just to name a few. I think we would get bored and loose the edge if we stopped moving forward.



– I found the album title to be quite descriptive, whereas «The Poet and the Parrot» was more «poetic» so to speak. Were you looking for something that could fit the spirit of the album?
Yeah and it´s also a name with more than one meaning. It refer to (obviously) putting album on on repeat until you die. But it could also refer to the fact that we (humans) never learn from our misstakes and just keep fucking up until we kill ourselves. Or the daily grind of work and shit. It contains a lot but it´s also just a catchy phrase.

– The cover artwork also looks more traditional and less artistic in some way. How did you work on it and how did you come up with the idea?
We wanted the colors to be bright and flashy. Pink, purple etc. Almost a bit disco-ish or maybe to have some glossy Miami-neon-sign-feeling in there. To get away from the classic Metel cover estethic. But still to have a feeling of dystopia over it. We also wanted ourselves on there. It´s not as common in Metal and Rock anymore. We´re really happy about the result!

– In fact your covers have always been as your music; hard to categorize. Is this something you actually strive for?
Yeah! When it comes to album covers we like when you can’t judge a book by its cover so to say. Regarding the music its really nothing that we strive for but more a natural effect of not caring about genres. If you don’t care about that stuff you´re not limited in creating and then it becomes more about the music itself and maybe harder to categorize.



– Something that has always characterized the band are your twin vocals. What effect do you think this has on your music?
I think that it ads to a sound that is characteristic to us. On this album we dot do that as much as we used to though. But our voices go well together and that´s something that we take advantage of.



– Some of your lyrics have a somehow, slightly social background. What are some of the themes you cover on «Repeat Until Death»?
We write about stuff that´s real to us. Things that goes on around us and that effects us in different ways. We got strong opinions but no real message. We´re not a political band and Bombus is not a forum for us to express ourselves but I do think that some of our standing points shine through at times. However we try not to ”spell it out” so to say and to leave some room for interpretation to the listener.



– This is your second opus with Century Media, a really well-known Rock and Metal label. Have you noticed the band now has a somehow higher status?
Yeah, Centure Media has been good for us. They have guns and good distribution channels. So that has helped us to reach out. Still you can´t rely on any label to create your success. In the end it´s all up to the band.



– I also read the creation process of your previous album was quite slow. How was this time around?
The creation process is ever ongoing. But what took time was to get time in the studio because of time spent on the road really. It took time this time around too though, because of the pre-production. But that was time well spent really. Because it helped us having a clear goal of where we wanted to go and an idea of how to get there.



– All this about «Repeat Until Death» being said; how could you describe it in just 3 words?
Strong, hard & diverse!



– And finally, what are now your near-future plans?


To get the album released and to get the show on the road. Good times ahead!

– That’s all, thank you once more for answering our questions. If you want to add some final words; feel free to do it.


Thank you for having us and be sure to pick up Repeat Until Death and give it a listen. And don´t miss out if we´re ever in a town close by!




Tania Giménez

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