– Hello. First off thank you so much for answering our interview. How is the band currently doing with the release of the album?

Fantastic! Getting busy for our next projects and looking back to 2014 with a smile. We accomplished quite a lot this year.

– This new album is entitled «Bury the Hatchet». Tell us a little bit about the album’s concept and about what do the lyrics on this opus deal with, or what do you want to express with the album’s title and cover artwork.

The title is a straight and forward one. Vicious art about a man who came and buried the hatchet into a woman’s chest. The killer from the artwork Is an OCTOBER 31 maniac and its all tongue in cheek fun really. The album has a lot of topics of murder this go round. Murdering your spouse, murdering lovers at lover’s lane, slaying a crowd with heavy metal music. It’s all good time heavy metal stuff haha !


– Listening to the effort I see you, somehow, follow where you left with your 2005 release. Are you satisfied with the final outcome? Did it end up exactly as you expected?

It came out very good. Having new guys in the band with matt and sean stopped us none. They contributed greatly and the whole record is a band effort complete. Riffs, arrangements, delivery, it’s a real team effort. Songs to me are catchy and memorable. Production is solid and the band played their asses off.


– Who took production duties and which label is releasing this record?

Hells headbangers records put it out. I produced the album. One of my things I enjoy doing these days with bands I’m a part of.


– Talking about the production, the overall sound is more modern, but it never loses that bonus of underground classicism you had since your early days. Is this your trademark?

To me the sound is a nice cross of today’s gears with yesterday’s vibe to it, with the band really pushing through. There’s a simple yet effective approach to this production. I wouldn’t call it a trademark, just what works for us.


– I’m not a huge fan of cover songs, but I must admit when a band covers bands like from SAXON, CRÜE, HEEP to OVERKILL or WITCHKILLER, RIOT or ICON in this case, is always something nice as they aren’t the typical ones bands tend to so. Who’s in charge of this? And how did you agree to cover this or that tune?

I usually toss the idea out there and the guys smile and we learn it. So many influences in the band with our listening habits. We can rock anything from the cult 80s to the more ‘known’ acts as well. We got some surprises coming soon as far as cover songs. Keep an eye out.


– As I have the chance of interviewing you for first time, I would like to review a little bit your career. How did OCTOBER 31 born?

I got a call from a guy (brian) in 1995 asking if he could get on a show with my band DECEASED with his band. We got to talking and ended up on the subject of classic heavy metal. We ended up saying we needed to get together and jam some riffs and from that it happened. He lived 6 hours away in north carolina (I was in virginia) and he brought down a rhythm guitarist and a bassist and we wrote 3 songs in a weekend. We really enjoyed it and stuck at it and soon after cut a demo tape. And that is where it all began.


– You released your first two albums in 1997 and 1999. How was this period like and what did it mean to you to be able to release these two efforts?

after that demo tape a guy got in touch from a new label called r.i.p records and he loved what we were doing. He offered us a record deal with a very minimal budget. We took it for shits and giggles and wrote the lp. By then jim hunter had joined on as full time bass player in the band. We had a second guitarist but he left for family stuff so we did the first album ‘the fire awaits you’ as a 3 piece. Was fun as hell. No pressure and just a good time in our lives. From there the album took off overseas and was praised by many, which was shocking to us. that got the ball rolling with more records and later live gigs when the time was right.


– I remember listening to them without knowing the year they had been released in, and I thought they were by an underground band from the 80’s, ala CIRITH UNGOL or MEDIEVAL STEEL, not much because of the style, rather because of such an underground sound. Would you agree on this or is it just my perception? How did you wanted to sound during your early days?

Those early records are highly under produced due to lack of time money and knowledge. But the music shined through. I really love the music on those records. I was attempting to sing (I come off monotone to me but with an edge haha) and the heavy metal spirit just pored through. Fun times!!!


– There was a long time gap until «No Survivors» saw the light of day. How was that moment like?

We have kids, wives, jobs, houses, all the things that come with getting older. Other bands we are all part of as well. Timing wasn’t there. When it finally fell back into place it was as if we never stopped.


– And again, some years have passed until this 2014, did you have any other projects and are you a band that records when you find some time to do it?

The songs have to be right to record. We just don’t toss together songs and call it an album. Got to be the best we can be at the time. As mentioned earlier other bands in our lives took up some of the time and life things interfered as well. It finally felt right to go back to it, so we did!


– And on a view to the future; what are your near-future plans? Is there any tour planned?

Its our 20th anniversary in 2015 and we got lots of plans for a new record, live gigs as much as we can pull off, RIOT tribute album track, a tribute to metal massacre album and an e.p of cover songs originally sung by woman. So we are up to rock hard as fuck in 2015.


– And will we have to wait that long until your next opus or do you already have some ideas in this concern?

Oh we are on the new record right now. No delays this time . we got a good vibe in the band and we are rolling with it! ‘ye olde peril’ is the name of the next record. Look for it in later 2015.


– As the end of the year is drawing nearer, could you please tell us what have been your 3 favorite albums of 2014 and your less favourite one?

I havent heard much at all that i’ve liked. Especially in the metal genre. Nothing worth mentioning at all really. The URIAH HEEP new one isnt bad and a few ‘non metal’ lps had some moments like THE FAINT and GUANO APES.


– That’s all from our side, our best wishes and hope to see you playing in Spain.

Lots of thanks. Cheers and many thanks for the support. Stay wild and play the BARON ROJO loud for me J


Paco Gómez


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