– Hello and first of all, thanks for taking the time. How is everything going right now with MORTIFERA? What are you currently up to?

Hey Sergio! Everything’s going well on our side. Our last album Sanctii Tristhess has been recently unleashed and we are preparing some shows for 2015. So, all is going well on our side!

– First off, MORTIFERA isn’t a band known for rushing when it comes to release new material, but throughout the last 2 years you have unleashed two studio albums. What prompted this change and sudden publication of material?

Mortifera is now a band and it makes things easier for us to compose new songs. In fact I’ve recorded and composed the “Bleüu De Morte” album with Nigl and “Sanctii Tristhess” was composed with Spektor. So, we had many good songs and we decided it was the right time to release them.


– Your latest opus is entitled » IV: Sanctii Tristhess». What are your expectations on it? And how are the first reactions being?

I think that we have released a very interesting album and so far we mainly got positive feedbacks. We are all very pleased by this album in the band.


– Starting to dig into this record; what’s the main concept behind it?

Even if this record carry a certain dose of aggressivity, the main concept behind could be the sadness. But Sadness to an high elevated level, almost sacred or seen on a religious side. Then, each song has it own approach of the main theme. Sometimes, we could even escape from it. We don’t want to be trapped into things that could have been written in advance nor being considered as a band who will just play Black metal at the strict term of the genre.


– And how does the cover artwork connect with the rest of the album?

The pictures are the mirror reflects of our songs and lyrics. I cannot say more since I like to let people interpret things they way they want.


– As always, this is a really solid record, where you mix your aggressivness with catchy songs. Is it easy to get a good equilibrium?

Easy, maybe not. Let’s say that we just do what we have to do with a sincere approach and this make Mortifera more authentic and sincere that many others bands. We also think that melody has a strong importance. Other feelings can be felt of course. People have to listen to understand what I mean.


– In fact I personally think this is your most complete and mature effort to date but, do you think there’s always room for improvement and evolution?

When the recordings are over and when I listen the final audio master, I always tend to think that this gonna be our last album and we will never be able to do

better. But the passing time always show me that I can be wrong. Still I think that each good things have an end and I really don’t know if we will be ever able to record another album. Only time will tell but I know all albums are always difficult to record.


– Anyway I think MORTIFERA goes through some kind of evolution wich each album, due to this I would like to know what are your musical limits.

There is no limits I think and I still have many ideas that I’d like to change into good songs. Creativity can explode sometimes but we can also not produce anything good for months. I also wish I will have more time to do music, but we don’t get any salary with Mortifera, so it slow down our creative process.


– Talking about such I would like to know how tends to be the songwriting process in the band, and there do you draw inspiration to create such deep and dark atmospheres.

Inspiration always comes from personal experiences and thoughts. I can write a song after having spend an entire day walking into deep dark forests. I will be physically exhausted but I’ll have my mind delivered and all those images I’ll have in mind will be changed into riffs and lyrics. This is how works Mortifera for me.


– All this about «IV: Sanctii Tristhess» being said; how could you describe it in just 3 words?

Intense, Sadness, Sacred.


– You are hailing from France, which seems to have a quite strong Black Metal scene but, how is it like as an insider? What newer French BM acts could you suggest?

Like each country, we have good and bad bands. Some good bands worth being mentionned could be: Epheles, Belketre, Sacrificia Mortuorum, Malcuidant, Blessed in Sin, Nuit Noire, Vlad tepes and many others.


– And as the end of the year is drawing nearer, could you please tell us what have been your 3 favourite albums of 2014 and your less favourite one?

I haven’t listened enough of 2014 releases to be able to answer you. But I must admit that I have difficulties to find bands that impress me musically. I mean there is always good stuffs being released, but they always fail to catch my interest.


– Finally, what are your near-future plans?

We are going to try to arrange some shows since playing live is what we are willing to do for now. Then, we will see, nothing is really planned in advance for Mortifera.


– That’s all, thank you once more for answering our questions. If you want to add some final words; feel free to do it.

Thanks again to you for the interest about Mortifera. Cheers!


Sergio Fernández


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