– Hi Leather. First of all, thanks for answring to our interview, is a pleasure for me to interview to again and this time with your return to CHASTAIN. Before digging into your new album, tell us how did your return to David’s band arise.

I have been in ouch with Chastain through the years. In the last 2 we had conversed more due to his helping out with The Sledge Leather project in 2012 One day came about and he said we should consider doing new music, its time. I agreed

– Was it something you ever expected? Or the insistence from your fans to see you again in CHASTAIN was also a key element into this matter?

Of course, the fans have most to do with it. That is the reason we create for all of you. After consistent internet asking and wondering. Here we are. All of you have been incredibly supportive and loyal «Surrender to no one» is for all of you!


– And are you personally happy with your return? On the promo pictures you look splendid.

How could I not be ? I have been welcomed back with open arms!! I am estatic!


– Already talking about the new album, how were the recording sessions? And tell us a little about about the reason behind its title, is it a declaration of principles?

I am always a bit wary going into the studio. I haven’t recorded a full length Cd in a while! But I was prepared and with Chastain we fell right back into the relationship we have creating. It is not always a pleasant one, he demands the best at all times. But I’m am grateful for all my outbursts!!! We get the job done!


– I have had the chance of listening to it and I personally think is a quite powerful record; updated but at the same time with that classical touch that your voices stamps. Are you satisfied with the final outcome? Has everything ended up as you expected?

As an artist, you are never satisfied. I find it hard to listen much, until years later. I am pleased with the outcome mostly. Of course I would change a lot!!


– Without any doubt, your voice is still in a perfect shape, I already had the chance of confirm that when you played at Keep it True. Have you cooperated in some of the songs or is it an effort that was already done by David?

I will always incorporate Chastain songs in any show I do. That is my foundation. It is what people want to hear, you run the show.


– The opus contains 11 tunes. Was there any track that didn’t make it into the album? Do you have any other stuff for future recordings?

We had written about 26 songs I believe!! Many of them I was disappointed didn’t make the Cd!!! We will see!!! There is certainly enough songs for another Cd Yes!!!


– The CD has really Heavy songs such as a the title-track or «Save me Tonight», but I have always loved those heavy mid tempos, like there are here «Call on the Will» or «I am Sin», where I think DIO’s spirit pops up on your vocals. What are the tracks that you feel will work the best on a live scenario?

We haven’t done them live, so I don’t know!!! But most of these songs are straight forward Metal tunes. I could make them all work!!! And yes Dio always pops up!!!!


– And what about the other musicians? We know Mike was already part of the band but, how Stian fitted behind the drum kit and how did he get to be among your ranks?

Stian has been working with Chastain quite a bit ! I believe he initially was working on the musical demos with Chastain! He fit in so perfectly, what a phenomenal drummer!! I was blown away at his talent. He brought our music in to the modern Metal scene. I am honored to have shared tracks with him!!


– You already recorded 5 albums with CHASTAIN. Do you feel like the band has had a proper evolution after your last adventure with them for » For Those who Dare»?

Absolutely, we have growth and musically matured quite Metal I think!! We have stepped into the new period while keeping one foot in our past!!


– Without you CHASTAIN recorded another 3 albums. What are your thoughts on these releases? Do you know Kate French?

I honestly had not listened to his work with Kate until recently. Her work on In Dementia is incredible. She is a pure powerhouse vocalist!! I have never met her, but we email from time to time. She is a beautiful woman inside and out, but most importantly, Give her a mic!!!!!


– And since 2004 (when they stopped recording any new material) a couple of compilation albums came, until now, that you are releasing this new album with you again. Throughout these last years, was there any approach to get back?

No I had stepped out of music with no thought of retuning, until 2010. I had my time , appreciated my accomplishments, I moved on!


– And about the album’s promotion, are there any touring plans yet?

We are in talks with many people, but as an independent label, it is difficult. We will certainly do a one off in the Ohio area in 2014. I am hopeful more will come due

to the interest in «Surrender to no one.»


– A lot of people (among which I’m included) think you could be one of the headliners for next year’s Keep it True. Would you like to play again there? And is there any chance this would happen?

Im sorry to say at this time, no.


– On a view to the future, will CHASTAIN keep on releasing albums with you? And as curiosity, have you ever considered releasing any other solo album like that «Shock Waves»?

Im am never sure of the future. There are many possiblilies . I will keep you informed. On all of them stay tuned to www.chastainmetal.com for all of the future info!


– And finally, our best wishes and hope tou see you on stage again, this time with CHASTAIN. I wish you could stop by in Spain for the very first time. It has been a pleasure to interview you again, you are the best.

I love all of you. You have always been there to support me, I will never forget any of that If I am the best , it is because of all of you «Surrender to no one»!!!!!


Paco Gómez


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