ALMAH (Eng.)

– Hello, lots of thanks for answering our interview. How is everything going into the ALMAH’s camp right now?

Hi…thanks for the interview! Well this was definitely the best year for Almah, we played at Rock in Rio festival, one of the biggests festivals in the world, we release UNFOLD our most successful album and we did our first European Tour, amazing, and 2014 will be even better! There are lots of confirmed stuff.

– You recently finished your European tour with SECRET SPHERE. How did everything go? How did the new songs work on a live scenario?

It was amazing, I loved the guys from Secret Sphere and Overtures! The tour was a new step in my career since I left Angra, we are putting Almah in a higher level!


– And you have just released your fourth album, «Unfold». How is its feedback being so far?

This is the most successful album I released with Almah and one of the best results I had in my whole career even comparing with Angra.


– One thing that caught my attention off this new «Unfold» is its huge diversity, keeping things really enjoyable. Is this something you were aiming for? You also have two new members in the band so, maybe this had also something to due with this?

yeah for sure! I love to try new stuff! New challenges, Unfold is pure ALMAh, heavy guitar riffs, with lots of pop melodies. Actually the new members did’t have to do with the compositions influences since 95% is mine, but their playing was really important for the final results.


– Talking about such, how did you write on the new record? Was it a team effort?

I always give all liberty to everyone compose, but actually, to be honest, I use to bring more number of songs and ideas, so, I just record some demos, show to the band, the band decide the songs to be recorded on the album and then we start making the arrangements, all together.


– «Unfold» also feels to me like a really mature release, it seems you have solidified and stablished yourself, and this opus also seems to be, somehow, like a turning point for ALMAH. What are your thoughts on this? Is what we find on «Unfold» the actual ALMAH?

You are totally right, its not a turning point only for Almah, but also for my whole life! Unfold is special and strong, full of truth! Mature, well done technically and complete in terms of sonority. That’s only my opinion of course.


– I think in general «Unfold» has a more positive and uplifting vibe than «Motion». Is each album you release depicting a certain moment in your life?

Hey man, you are very sensitive! hahaha, Thats right, Unfold is the most positive, energetic and catchy album I’ve ever done! Thats my new life! Positive and far away from the evil and all the BLACK CLOUDS from the past.


– I could personally say this new opus is your best release to date but, how do you feel about it? Maybe is it true that always the newest album feels like the best one yet?

Yeah, sometimes it’s like this, but I can tell you man, Unfold is that one!


– And is something important for you, or something you strive for, to always top over your previous record or do you rather keep things flowing naturally?

I never hear old stuff before start composing a new album, never! I let the ideas coming up!


– This about «Unfold» being said; how could you describe it in just 3 words?

Freedom, Peace and happiness


– You recorded this record at Do it! Studio, your own studio. How has this affected the recording process? Has it been smoother or maybe it also means more pressure?

It was perfect, I will do like this forever! hahaha! Very nice!


– «Unfold» has been your first record with Scarlet Records, with whom you signed recently. How is everything working with them thus far?

They are very nice, they are treating Almah as an important releasing, and making a really good job! I hope they can keep it always like this!


– Last 2012 you left ANGRA, focusing now solely on your own cration, ALMAH. I won’t ask you to give us your version, but I would rather like you to tell us what’s you assessment of the decade you spent with ANGRA.

Angra was the most important thing that happened in my career until 2012, I will be always grateful! I’m proud to be part of the history of the band! I did all my best! And I’m sure that the classics Rebirth and Temple of Shadows were really important for the music history.


– Now, as 2013 is about to end; could you please tell us what are your 3 favorites albums of the year as well as the least favorite one?

Unfold (Almah), TMBHHMBH (Sepultura) and Scenes of Cruelty ( ZALTANA )


– And finally, what are now your near-future plans after these last busy months? How does 2014 look like for ALMAH?

Wow, we have lots of stuff, DVD, Almah beer, Tvs in Brazil, Summer festivals in Europe, my biography book, etc…


Tania Giménez

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