– Hello and first of all, thanks for taking the time. How is everything going right now with SWALLOWED? What are you currently up to?

Good good good. Not much. Answering your questions.

– «Swallowed» is a quite evocativa name for a band, it can suggest so many and different things, and it also fits your music, as it feels like you are being swallowed by the void when you are listening to it but, what does «Swallowed» mean personally to you?

There’s no exact meaning for it. I think it changes from time to time but there might be few people who know its origins.


– You were formed in 2007 and since then you have released a couple of demos and an EP, and you have also done some gigs and festivals. Would you mind to tell us a little bit what kind of activity have you had since then until the release of «Lunarterial»?

We did quite many shows in Finland and abroad between the 7” and Lunarterial (2010-2012). Last gig was in Kill-Town in September 2012. After that we focused on finishing the material for Lunarterial in 2013. That took about an year. We entered the studio in January 2014. We had the masters ready in Spring of 2014 and layouts were done during the summer. So it wasn’t a fast process but for me it was absolutely worth all the time we took. We signed the deal in 2010 and if we would have recorded the album in 2011 as originally planned I don’t know what we would have had then.


– You have also been a Fenriz’s «Band of the Week», which has many readers. Did this have any kind of effect on the band’s repercussion?

A cool thing definitely. Small peak in streams and orders.


– And now you have just released your debut album, «Lunalterial». How are you feeling about it?

Good. Haven’t yet seen the physical copies… Can’t wait to get them, especially the vinyl version.


– Starting to dig into this opus, what meaning does the album’s title hold?

Circulation and moon. Waxing and waning. Tides and water. Body and blood. I think Ville explained it in some other interview.


– Back when you started SWALLOWED was more of a Death Metal band so, how do you think has your evolution since your early demos been?

Yes I consider us still death metal.


– Now you are way more doomy, which I think has been a gradual evolution in your sound, as you have always had some doomy parts. Was there anything that prompted this change or was it just a natural evolution?

Natural evolution. I haven’t thought of it much how we should sound or anything.


– And have your influences changed since then or you have just broaden them? As the Death Metal element is still present on «Lunarterial».

Perspective of influences grow all the time and at same time those influences turn into something more abstract and unique form. They are no longer as direct as before.


– This being said; what bands have influenced this utterly crushing and oppressive Doom Metal SWALLOWED plays?

Black Sabbath, Saint Vitus, Disembowelment, Behrit, Autopsy, Electric Wizard, Sleep, Pentagram, Blasphemy, Xysma, Carcass, Winter, Unholy, Goblin…….


– Anyway I guess a first album is always more lihe a learning experience, a process of experimentation where you start to find your own sound. Could you say you’ve found your actual sound or a debut album is more like starting to figure out what works and what not for the band? To know your strongest and bleakest points?

Hmmm I’m not sure if we are trying trying to figure out our own sound. It will probably evolve some more. I don’t know, hard to say.


– The eerie and claustrophobic atmosphere is present all over. Where do you draw inspiration from to create such a strong dark and desolate atmosphere or what kind of thoughts and feelings are you channeling through it?

From bands above. Art. Movies. Books. Life.


– In fact I think «Lunarterial» follows the pattern of the «Swallowed» EP but perfecting the formula and being even more Doom. What are the biggest differences between both releases?

Biggest difference is that we put way more thought on this record. EP was recorded in 2 days + 1day for mixing I think. And that was it. Songs weren’t completely finished when we went to the studio. For example I came up with some riffs in the studio when we were tracking The Dying… and Mika (our bass player back in the day who now studies in Bangkok.) asked how the riff goes and I had no clue. Well we weren’t quite sure of some of the parts with Lunarterial either but we had prepared for the studio much longer and rehearsed the song more. But I think that’s part of the magic of making a recording. When you get these tiny mistakes and noises and it grows into something bigger.


– Sound-wise you have managed to retain that organic and thick sound, with a live vibe I think, taking us back to the 80’s. How did you work on the production and recording of the album?

Album was recorded in Hämeenkyrö near Tampere at Black Floyds analog lodge. It’s all analog recording recorded on tape. Basic structures were recorded live. It was bit difficult in long songs like Libations (in which we kept the first take) where you had to nail the whole song in one take. Most of the takes are either second or third ones. There’s no automation in the mix. All the effects were made while the tape was rolling. I think that’s a big part in how the record sounds. It’s organic.


– For this album you’ve signed to the US label Dark Descent. How did you hook up with them? Did you get any other offers?

Back in 2010 they offered us good enough deal and wee took it. Really glad we did since DDR and MSUO helped us a lot with in the past year after we hit the studio. We got couple of offers after we signed to Dark Descent and Me Saco…


– Anyway Me Saco un Ojo is doing the vinyl version. Nowadays vinyls are stronger than ever, but tapes are coming back too so, any plans of doing a tape version too? What your favourite format to listen to a SWALLOWED album?

Oh yeah we are doing a tape version on our own label Emptiness in near future. I guess best format for the full-length is vinyl. The cover is stunning and you get nice big booklet in which I put way too much time drawing it. Tape is great format too. CD… well I haven’t heard any of our stuff from CD yet. The full-length will be first ever Swallowed release on CD.


– All this about «Lunarterial» being said; how could you describe it in just 3 words?

Ritual Metal Finland


– You are playing a really traditional style, rooted in the 80’s, and nowadays it seems to be a huge interest for «old school sounding» Metal, even more than when you started just a few years ago. Do you think it will be a good time to make your music reach more people? Even though I don’t think that’s the main purpose for a band like you.

I think people will eventually figure out which bands have more going on than just “old school sound”.


– Moreover you are hailing from Finland, a country with a good Metal scene, it has some classics and certain bands that started back in the 90’s later evolved to something completely different, and nowadays I think the best bands are in the underground, such as KRYPTS, VORUM, STENCH OF DECAY or RANGER into a more Melodic realm. But how do you see the Finnish Metal scene as an insider? What newer bands could you suggest?

You named about all the good bands.. There are a couple more, some punk bands etc.. I don’t follow the death metal “scene” that much. Can’t name any right now. I mean I have heard some of the newer bands but only a song here a song there. I have heard there are some decent new acts but I can’t tell you much.


– You also have your own label Emptiness Productions. If I’m not mistaken you started it to release the 7» but now you are also releasing some other bands. How’s like to run a record label nowadays?

The main purpose of Emptiness is to distribute our stuff. I was pressing the Swallowed 7” myself and I thought it needs a label. It’s not meant to be big or anything. I have released some stuff from the people I’ve been in touch with. Satan’s Satyrs, Nethilith, Swallowed… The catalog isn’t wide and I’ve been busy with other stuff so there hasn’t been time to look for new bands.


– And finally, what are your near-future plans?

Maybe some gigs. Write a new song.


– That’s all, thank you once more for answering our questions. If you want to add some final words; feel free to do it.



Tania Giménez


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