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– Hello, lots of thanks for answering our interview. How is everything going into the SAHG’s camp right now?

Hi! Everythings great. We are very happy to have finally released the new album “Delusions of Grandeur” and are now enjoying the reactions from the audience and the press.

– You have just released your new album, «Delusions of Grandeur». How are you feeling about it? How is is feedback being?

We are very much enjoying the feedback so far. It has been way above our expectations and we are very pleased with the response and the attention the album is getting. Although we had a very good feeling for this release, and we knew we had made a good album, it’s always a bit of an excitement to wait for response from the outside world.


– This is your first album which its title isn’t a number so, how did this arise?

Yeah, the other three albums have been numbered and are connected in a way. This one was never gonna be called number IV simply because we wanted to do something different musically. Extend our musical expression in some way and explore more of our musical potential. We wanted to express that also with the album title.


– Does this means this is a new period for the band? As on my opinion you have taken a slightly new approach for this record: two vocals, mix of different sounds and styles, as well a clearer sound still organic.

We definitely feel we have brought Sahg to a new level. The line-up we have today gives us other options and you can especially hear that with the vocals. For the first time, we have worked with a producer who have been deeply involved in the material since the composing stage. That has given us a fresh pair of ears and fresh ideas that have helped us take a new approach on the material.


– Digging deeper into this new opus, would you mind to elaborate a little bit on its concept? Not just what doe it deal with, but also where did you draw inspiration from to create it.

Movies like ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ and ‘Metropolis’ have been influential, as well as the writings of Sean Williams and Karl Ove Knausgard. Delusions of grandeur are around us every day, and make out the biggest and most horrific milestones of our history. The great wars and conquerings that have changed the course of history, are all results of such delusions.

We have written a story of a person who loses touch with reality and drifts away into his own imaginary universe. where he conquers the world and becomes the highest force of the universe. When he finally realizes that it has all been happening in his mind with no roots in reality, he loses touch with the ground completely, and drifts away into the black void.



– As I said earlier, the sound is clearer than ever, but also really organic and natural. Due to this I would like to know how the recording sessions and production process were like for this album

We worked with producer Iver Sandøy for the first time. The basic tracks were recorded live, which gave the songs great dynamics and vitality. The biggest job was done before the recordings. We rehearsed a lot and pre-produced everything, to be extra well prepared when we hit the studio.


– There’s also a bigger vocal pressence. In fact your new bass player, Tony, is also a singer. Was this something you thoughout about it when you choose him to join the SAHG’s ranks?

Yeah, that was part of the plan. Another singer in the band gave us new options and gave the songs more diversity. It also gives us different ways to approach the melodies when we write new material.


– Anyway it seems like you have given a bigger role to the vocals. Is this actually like this, as with two vocalists you could expand that element a little bit, or is it just my perception?

We use different expressions on different vocal parts. Olav and Tony’s vocals are quite different, but at the same time they compliment each other in a way that gives the songs a bigger vocal sound. So yeah. I think you’re right.


– In general I could say «Delusions of Grandeur» is your most diverse effort to date. Is variety something important for SAHG?

It’s not something we focus on directly. But then again we don’t want to make songs that we have made before, or make songs that are too obvious and predictable. First of all we make songs that we like ourselves. That is our measure of quality.


– All this about your new release being said; how could you describe «Delusions of Grandeur» in just 3 words?

‘Heavy, dark, eccentric’. Or ‘Norwegian Brown Metal’ 😉


– And finally, what are your near-future plans?

We are now working on the touring plans for 2014. We want to take the new songs out on the road and perform to as many people as possible. We will also start planning the next album soon, and probably start writing in the near future.


– That’s all, thank you once more for answering our questions. If you want to add some final words; feel free to do it.

Our pleasure! We wanna thank everyone who gives us attention and who cares about SAHG and we look forward to meet all you ladies and gents somewhere soon. Cheers!


Tania Giménez

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