– Hi, thanks for your time. What are you currently up to? How is everything doing right now with WOVENWAR?

I am currently hanging in our dressing room at the Shepherd’s Bush venue in London. We’re on tour with In Flames for another few weeks. Everything has been great and we’re just really happy to be back out on the road playing music.

– First off, how and when did you decide to form WOVENWAR?

We decided to form Wovenwar shortly after our previous band’s singer was arrested. We knew that it would take a lot of work and time getting a new band up and running so in order to stay relevant with our fan base, we had to move fast. After writing our initial batch of new songs, we found our singer Shane blah, who was a friend of ours for quite some time before then.


– And what’s the meaning behind the band’s name?

The general idea comes that we are all connected and share similar experiences and consequences in life one way or another. Through adversity, you have the choice to come out of the situation positively or negatively.


– You will soon release your self titlted debut album. Expectations from the crowed are high, as people is really curious to know what will everything be without Tim. Are you feeling some kind of pressure? And what are your feelings on the final outcome?

As we’ve always done, we just create music that we enjoy. We’re fortunate enough to have a team of people pushing our band to greater lengths but our focus is to make music that other people can relate to. there’s always pressure with that as an artist but I think we’re all more satisfied with where we’re at musically now.


– Digging into this record; what are some of its main lyrical ideas?

Basically negative life situations and learning from past mistakes and rebuilding yourself back up.


– I personally think this opus is more melodic and easy listening than the albums by AS I LAY DYING. Was this something you were aiming for? Or did it just come out like this?

We didn’t want our sound to be as abrasive because we wanted it to accommodate singing and not really a whole lot of screaming. We’d been doing the same thing with our previous bands for so long and as we get older, we enjoy adding more musical elements that help our sound grow.


– Maybe the fact your singer, Shane, doesn’t do growls has something to this. Was this something planned?

Shane actually has a great scream that happens throughout the album but it’s more so to accent certain parts. Screaming can get very monotonous so we wanted to make things a lot more dynamic with the vocals


– And how and why did you choose Shane as your vocalist?

We’ve all been friends for a while and he was anxious to be a part of this new band. He’s a very talented guitar player as well as lyricist so we think he only improves our band.


– All this about «Wovenwar» being said; how could you describe it in just 3 words?

Fun for everyone.


– And finally, what are your near-future plans?

We’ll be doing a lot of touring next year starting in early January and are looking to be doing a lot of festivals in the summer. Basically touring the hell out of this album before we go back into the studio to record the next album.

Sergio Fernández


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