– Hi, thanks for your time. What are you currently up to? How is everything doing right now with MOB RULES?

Everything is fine. Right know we are preparing for the next shows to promote our “Timekeeper” box.

– You have just released «Timekeeper», a special release to celebrate the band’s 20th anniversary. How are you feeling about it? It might be a special moment for MOB RULES.

It absolutely is a special moment. We are very happy how the Anniversary Box evolved and how the fans and press react on it.


– The first CD contains songs off your whole career so, how are you feeling nowadays when listening to some of your earlier songs?

There are moments you think of how you would have written these songs nowadays. But every song and album is a product of its time and line-up of the band. So I like them all.


– And how did you select the songs that were going to be part of the album? Was it a hard process?

It was sort of a democratic process. Every member of the band has its favourite songs on each album. You have to find compromises, so everybody is happy with the selection.


– For instance there’s just one song off «Radical Peace», which is «Astral Hand». Why did you include just this one?

There is a second song from the Radical Peace album called “Dead Man’s Face”. Astral Hand is a song we always play live so we wanted it to be on the best-of album.


– There are several songs off your earlier records, but I would specially like to comment «Pilot Heart», wich was a symphony cut off your second record, which I consider a highlight in your discography due to its diversity. What are your thoughts nowadays on this album?

The second album after the debut is very important because it has to show that you can deliver quality for more than one album. The people really like that album even nowadays. I like it, too.


– There’s also an orchestral vesion for «My Kingdom Come». How did you work on it and how did the idea arise?

The orchestral parts for the song were so strong that we thought of doing this version. Especially because the regular version was placed on an extra single-CD.


– You have had several friends/guest artists on the album. They’re a lot, so I won’t ask about all of them but, how did you come up with the idea of having so much friends cooperating with you on these covers and newely recorded songs?

On the “Mob Rules And Friends” CD we had the feeling we could do some things we wouldn’t do on a regular album. One day Klaus came up with the idea of asking some of our friends to do guest appearances on this. Luckily they were cool and willing to do so.


– And what 3 artists you haven’t work with would you like to do it someday?

That’s a tough question. Unfortunately most of them are already dead like for instance Freddie Mercury or maybe Gary Moore. There are a lot of great artists I would like to meet or work with.


– This album sees your comeback to SPV, and I personally think there isn’t a better home for you, as their rooster fits your music perfectly. How is everything workin with them thus far?

Awesome. We are very happy with what they do for the band.


– All this about «Timekeeper» being said; how could you describe it in jus 3 words?

Value for money!


– Revisiting your whole histroy, what do you think have been both best and worst moments so far?

Best moments have been the stays in the USA, the people were awesome. Worst moment was the injury of Markus so we had to cancel a show.


– What are some of your goals/dreams still to reach?

Reaching even more people with our music and playing even more live gigs. But a lot of dreams already have come true with Mob Rules.


– You are hailing from Germany, which has always been a great country for Metal music. Do you think todays German Metal scene is better han 2 decades ago, back when you started?

No, I think the metal scene, no matter where, isn’t better than 2 decades ago. The business side is getting tougher and there are a lot of challenges you have to deal with as a metal band nowadays.


– And finally, what are your near-future plans?

As soon as the tour is over I am going to recover from the last year – which was an exhausting year for all of us. And then I will work on new songs to prepare the next album.


– That’s all, thank you once more for answering our questions. If you want to add some final words; feel free to do it.

Thank you, too. Best wishes and keep on rocking!

Sven Luedke, lead guitar for Mob Rules


Sergio Fernández


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