– Hello, thank you so much for answeing our interview. How are you currently doing?

I’m fine thank you

– Tell us a little bit about the reissue of your first three albums, and the reason behind these reissues.

Well it was something bound to happen sonner or later. It took us some years to made up our minds but finally, Cyclone Empire decided to give it a go and offer us a good deal to release the albums. We thought the time had come, so why not..


– Nowadays there’s a really easy access to music thanks to the Internet, is this also one of the reasons why you have noticed your first albums are now considered cult album? And are there newer generations that are now aware of your music?

The internet has good and band things. Cancer albums are considered cult albums because of the whole scenario back when they were released. And we’re pleased to notice that the youngsters are also fans of our music.


– These reissues will be both in vinyl as in CD but could you please elaborate a little bit on if there is going to be some kind of special format? With bonys maybe?

Oh yeah there’s plenty of bonus stuff. All available now. These reissues have been released by Cyclonbe Empire. How are they beheaving and how did this whole idea arise? Well as I said, they contacted us and were persistent. It’s all going very well between Cancer and CE.


– As I have the chance of interviewing you, I would like you to tell us how were the early days of the band like, when you recorded «To the Gory End» in 1990 and «Death Shall Rise» in 1991.

Things were pretty different in certain aspects, but the main aspects remain the same. All was analog, so either you were skilled to do the job, or you were utter shite. Digital recording nowadays makes things much easier, but I still believe if you’re shit it’ll show sooner or later, and vice-versa.


– And then in 1993 you unleashed «The Sins of Making», a Death/Thrash wonder. What are your memories from that period? How were the shows and tours like back then?

Well Cancer was a settled band back then, and we were touring and gigging a lot. In very little time we went from being a demo band to a consolidated band with three albums out, an incredible line-up, and sharing the stage with the top bands at the time that are nowadays considered classics. We were very young and full of energy and enthusiasm.


– Already in 1995 «Black Faith» comes out, your last album of the decade (the 90’s), and the last one until none less than 2005. How did everything work with this record and what prompte the band disbanding? What happened throughout those years? Was there trouble in the band or did you just took the decision of splitting up?

The Spirit In Flames album was released in 2005 and the band called it quits after that. We took different paths for a while. Carl and Ian started new musical projects and I started Liquid Graveyard, which is now a very active “super group” We decided to do Cancer again when we felt it was right to do so


– You are hailing from England, a land that built the basis of contemporary Metal with the NWOBHM but other styles went unnoticed back then. They came out really good extreme bands such as CARCASS, BENEDICTION, BOLT THROWER or NAPALM DEATH among others. What do you think was the main reason behind this?

I haven’t got a clue! But one thing’s for sure, all those bands are hard working people who come from woking class families. We don’t waste our time, we value the money we earn, we made music and went out there to find good deals, gigs to play in, etc… u know what I mean? We didn’t sit there at the rehersal studio expecting Mr Promoter to knock on our door, we moved our arses.


– I always liked your style. I think you are one of the bands that know how to blend Thrash and Death Meal the best, giving to your music strength and melody when its necessary. How could you describe this style and what are the most influential bands for CANCER?

I can only speak for myself. Back then my influences were Punk and Post punk, and American Death Metal, and of course Black Sabbath hehe. Cancer is about catchy songs and lots of fun writing and performing. That’s our style.


– Coming back to the reissue of your first three albums; do you plan or ahve you got any offer to tour playing only songs off these releases? Haven’t you thoughout about playing all three in a row? I’d really enjoy that!

Well the idea with the reissues is to promote them live of course. We’ve been playing festivals for a few months now, and more to come next year.


– And on a view to the furue, are there any plans to release an album with brand new songs? If so, would you still trust in doing albums like the fist three ones? I mean, new still without loosing the essence.

Yes there are talks about writing a new album in the likes of the first three. And it will happen. Right now I’m recording the third Liquid Graveyard album. I’ll start writing Cancer’s forthcoming album very soon.


– Because nowadays a lot of extreme bands from that period mechanize a lot their production and sound, so they loose that underground vibe. How would a new album by CANCER be nowdays?

Well I pretty much doubt we’ll lose that raw sound haha, but technology has its good things… so we’ll make the best of it, keeping our core sound.


– That’s all from our side, our best wishes and hope to see you soon at some European fetival, or in Spain better. Thanks a lot.



Paco Gómez


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