– Hello, thank you so much for answeing our interview. How are you currently doing with the release of the newest album?

Danny: My pleasure. Sales are going very well, thank you.

– This we could say is the first album by the band, even though you are an icon of the NWOBHM. How and why did arise (at last) the release of a full-length album?

Danny: After recording, and releasing, the single Ready 4 U we enjoyed the process and thought lets go for an album J


– In line with the previous questions; could the fact that nowadays thanks for the Internet and other tools to have an easier access to music, you may have seen in your fans, both old and new, the chance of getting back on track thanks to the higher knowledge of the crowd, so maybe this is one of the reasons behind your reunion?

Danny: The idea of a reunion came about after we were invited to play the Headbangers-Open-Air Ball in Germany in 2005, on what would have been the bands 25th anniversary. We got a great response from the fans and having the four original members on stage together after such a long break was a really enjoyable experience. A few months later Jeff (Summers) and I discussed the idea but unfortunately original drummer Bruce Bisland couldn’t come on board as he was fully committed to Sweet, who he’d played with for the past 25 years. And our bass player Baz Downes , sadly, had to retire from the music business due to ill health.


– And already digging into the album, the first I would like to ask you is the band’s name change, from WEAPON to WEAPON UK. Did you have problems with any bands with a similar name being you older? If so I think it would be a disrespect, even though the name was registered.

Danny: Some time during 2012 I seen an advert for Weapon on tour in Canada. As it was clearly not us I looked into it further only to find that there was 5 bands using the name! The main culprit was a Canadian death metal band who I contacted and asked that they refrain from using ‘our’ name as we had registered in 1980. Unfortunately, unbeknown to us, our previous management had not renewed the registration as required. So the Canadians manager/lawyer managed to register it.. So ‘due the legal reasons’ we had to add UK and are now known as Weapon UK. Everyone in metal knows who the real Weapon is!!


– The album is entitled «Rising from the Ashes». Tell us a little bit about the title, the cover artwork and what does WEAPON deal with in this record.

Danny: I came up with the album title RFTA as I thought it was very appropriate as we were ‘coming back from the dead, so to speak’ J I also had the idea for the artwork which I passed on to the graphic artist, Marcus Galley, the son of my friend, the late Mel Galley (Whitesnake & Trapeze) who I think done a magnificent job. As to what we “deal” on the record.. No particular thing, just a fusion of ideas…


– It’s been a pleasant surprise for me listening to the album. To be honest I didn’t expect an album so Hard and Heavy sounding, like in the old days. Did you have clear how you wanted to sound like? Are you satisfied with the final outcome?

Danny: I like that you think its “Hard and Heavy sounding” as that’s what we wanted. And are very happy with the final outcome..


– I have also enjoyed the sound and production; updated but with a lot of the good old essence. Who has taken such duties and who are right now the band members?

Danny: The sound and production was very important and all 4 members contributed. We wanted it to be as live as possible so most of the backing tracks were recorded together rather than each member going in and recording his bit.


– Is the songwriting process a team effort or is there someone in charge with clear ideas?

Danny: Our guitarist, Jeff Summers wrote most of the songs, with the exception of two songs by the whole band and one of mine but we all contributed to the overall sound and content of each song.


– I find the album, as I said earlier, quite Hard sometimes, at the American style, but there are also riffs, like for example in «Burning Skies», that take us back to Ozzy’s «Over the Mountains». «Warrior» also has a riff with a JUDAS vibe ala «A Touch of Evil», and «Ready 4 U» has a quite SAXON-ish chorus. Are these bands also influences for WEAPON?

Danny: I wouldn’t say any of those bands were an influence but as they are all part of musical world I guess, subconsciously, they’ve influenced us. Just like we influenced Metalicca J Listen to Weapon’ ‘Set The Stage Alight’ and then Metalicca’s ‘Hit The Lights’, which was written, and recorded, some 3 – 4 years after STSA, was released…


– Which soungs do you think will work better on a live scenario?

Danny: Having played all the tracks off the album over the past few gigs I’m happy to say they all work in a live…


– I guess as this is your first album, that you will play a lot of songs off it on your shows, along with classics such as «Set the Stage Alight» or «Mad Mad World». Do you already have set a clear-cut setlsit?

Danny: As I said above, we have played all the new album plus the two older tracks you mentioned, so that’s the set list at the moment..


– You belong to the NWOBHM, a period when a lot of bands came out; some had success, others remained ahalway and countless others only managed to record ome single. NWOBHM is a different world. Tell us what was the NWOBHM for you and how did affect WEAPON.

Danny: To be honest, we weren’t really aware of the NWOBHM movement at the time. As far as we were concerned we were a rock band just happy to be out there playing our material. It wasn’t until we started getting press and were mention in that genre. Weapon (UK) are honoured to have been there at the beginning and to have had some influence on other bands, most notable Metalicca J And are even happier to be here now..


– What was your best moment of that era?

Danny: Without a doubt, being asked to support Motorhead on their 32 date ‘Ace Up Your Sleeve’ UK tour in 1980, which finished was the biggest tour at the time. The tour ended with 4 sell out shows at Hammersmith Odeon.. Nothing compares to that…


– And on a view to the future, are there plans for new releases? And what about tours and live presentations? Are there any dates?

Danny: We are writing new material at the moment and will begin recording in a few months time. Meanwhile we have some UK and Irish dates in October and November and plan a European tour in early 2015.


– That’s all from our side, our best wishes and see you soon in Spain.

Danny: Thank to all at Queens Of Steel and we look forward to meeting you in Spain in March.

Onwards & Upwards.



Paco Gómez


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