– Hi Nicke, thank you so much for taking your time. What are you currently up to? I guess this might be an hectic moment promoting your new solo album and working in the next BB’s album.

Yes very…but Im living my dream …working with music. But Im also spending a lot time at my radio station coin my evening show at Swedens biggest rockradio station

– Throughout the last 4 years you haven’t stopped at all. After the big tour BACKYARD BABIES did to celebrate the band’s 20th anniversary, the band took a hiatus (that it hast lasted 4 years) and you have released 4 solo albums. Could you do a run down on how have these last 4 years been for NICKE BORG HOMELAND?

Busy but fun…I also re-learned a lot about taking care of the business myself that will be very useful for future projects. My only enemy is time …ha ha


– Now you are about to release your newest solo album, «Ruins of a Riot», which already came out last year in Sweden, but now it’s finally being distributed in other countries so, how are you feeling about it?

The only bad thing is that I don’t have time to tour it…I hope I can get a chance to do some acoustic solo gigs in between Backyard Babies tours. A new ”Best Of -LIVE” album will be released before christmas called Chapter 3- Live In The Studio. And I will try to tour that too 🙂


– It’s being released through your new label, Gain Music, a company from Gothemburg that it has been releasing several Swedish acts. How did you end up with them?

I got recommend to speak to Magnus at Gain and they´re a part of the SONY family and thats good and I always enjoyed working with Sony. Magnus / GAIN believe in me and trust and support me and thats very unique today.


– Getting deeper into this new «Ruins of a Riot», first off; what does the album mean personally to you? I think is one of those that each individual can interpret in a different way. Is it autobiographical in any sense?

Yeah I think the titel is what is was all about for me…to rise from the ruins of drug use, band problems, economic nightmares and a ugly way of treating people who love you


– Since you started NICKE BORG HOMELAND you made clear your music would change from album to album, and it has actually been like that. For example «Ruins of a Riot» is less Americana, is more straight Rock. What prompts taking different directions? Does your daily experiences and emotions in a certain period guide your musical creations? Did you have a clear image in your mind of how you wanted «Ruins of a Riot» to sound like before starting to work on it?

Yep…I love the country stuff and the next Homeland release (part from the live album) will be back to country nerves. But after Chapter 2 I wanted to go full force in writing and producing melodic rock. I had stuff written that I knew NEVER would end up as Backyrad songs but they were not country


– The album has been cowritten by Mats Valentin. How did you work on the creative process?

I love that guy…he´s amazing and solo talented….we´re an amazing team. I have an idé and at the end of EVERY day we work there´s a new dog finished …you will hear ALOT more of our collaboration in the future 🙂


– All this about «Ruins of a Riot» being said; how could you describe it in just 3 words?

hadrwork, focus and discipline ha ha


– Some years ago a couple of your songs appeared on Guitar Hero games, and you also were part of the Melodifestivalen contest. How were both experiences like and why did you decide to take the chance? Did they have any kind of boost on your solo career?

Unbelieveble…melodifestivelen changed everything for me as a solo artist. I´d do it again if I had the time 😉


– As I said earlier, the new BACKYARD BABIES’ album will come out later this year so, is there anything you could already tell us about it? And besides this album, what are some of your other near-future plans?

You will hear EVERYTHING about the Babies very soon. BIG news in OCT. But as I said: New live album on vinyl and digital in DEC with Nicke Borg Homeland called Chapter 3- Live In The Studio. I also got a new punk side project to release a 7 inch vinyl singel in Nov. A mix between, Venom and Motorhead 🙂 Working on my radioshow and getting to compete in show jumping (yes, with horses:) at Swe Horse Show in Dec.


– That’s all, thank you once more for answering our questions. If you want to add some final words; feel free to do it.

Thank you and hope I get to Spain REALLY SOON. Gracias


Tania Giménez


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