– Hello, thanks for taking your tinme. How’s everything going right now into the CHILDREN OF TECHNOLOGY’s camp with the release of your sophomore album?

Hi! everything’s perfect , we are playing shows around promoting the album and we are already working on new songs, couldn’t be better!

– First off, how did you come up with the band’s name? It has a strong CARNIVORE vibe I could say.

Yeah, of course Carnivore are an obvious influence, «Creatures born of malignant science, the Children of Technology», the outcome of nuclear apocalypse, the post-atomic new barbarians (to mention a cult italian movie from 1983), it just perfectly fits our concept.


– Due to this, did you have clear since the very beginning you wanted your band to have a concrete theme?

Well, it came out pretty naturally, nuclear apocalypse it’s an indeed charming subject among a great share of our favourite movies and books. It’s also a very actual theme, we might not become the survivors of a nuclear apocalypse, but we are the children of a world little by little consumed by violent exploitation, so it’s not complete sci-fi unfortunately.


– You unleash the post-apocalyptic theme with your lyrics but also with the imagery so, how important is imagery for CHILDREN OF TECHNOLOGY?

It’s a complement to the music, it makes the concept stronger, and it’s fun moreover. Music is our focus of course, couldn’t be different, but the right image strikes the anvil better. We don’t want to be a kind of cartoon though, songs come always first.


– Your music is a mix of styles rooted in the 80’s I could say, from Thrash to Punk or Rock n’ Roll, with hints to MOTÖRHEAD and nods to DISCHARGE so, with such diversity; what could you say have been the most influential bands for CHILDREN OF TECHNOLOGY or the ones that have been more important for you?

Our background is limitless I dare say, but COT are the convergence of all the 80’s metalpunk crossover, WARFARE, CARNIVORE, ENGLISH DOGS, VIRUS, BROKEN BONES, ONSLAUGHT, VENOM, RECIPIENTS OF DEATH, ARDKORE, GASTUNK, DEATHSIDE, BLACK UNIFORMS, TERVEET KADET, ROGUE MALE… we could go on forever, but I think you got the picture


– Even prior to the release of your debut album you had already gained some name into the underground, and your first record increased that and made you play several countries so, how have the years since your formation until this second album been?

The change in the line-up had slowed us a bit, then we just worked hard on the new album in order to have it out and at the same time play the first concerts having the new recordings to promote, the warfare has never stopped!


– «It’s Time to Face the Doomsday» was released first on vinyl, but a little bit later there was also a CD version. Was this your idea or just up to the label?

Vinyl version was released by Agipunk back then, after that we had an offer by Hells Headbangers for the Cd version. We wanted the album on both formats so it was perfect. Later on came the Tape version on Terror From Hell. It’s been quite the same with the new album, vinyl on Ripping Storm, Cd on Hells Headbangers and the upcoming tape version on Terror From Hell once again.


– In fact your new «Future Decay» has also been released in vinyl only. Is it some kind of statement to this MP3 era and the most fitting format for your «old school» style? Anyway, will there also be a CD version?

The Cd version is out already, but yeah, vinyl is our favourite format indeed, when everything is going mp3/streaming and more volatile, the old analogue format mantain its own solidity in our eyes, a kind of bulwark against unsubstantiality.


– «Future Decay» has been your first album with Mad Jex and Borys Crossburn. Have these changes had any effect on the album? And how have they fitted in?

It’s been pretty natural, they are both long time friends of the band. Having different hands in the dough has made the result a bit different comparing with the past, but this is natural since we work together as a band on the songs, everything has been smooth and it turned out to be a very productive period.


– Musically you haven’t evolved; you remain loyal to your trademark style and you aren’t experimenting nor trying to reinvent the wheel but, how has COT changed since «It’s Time to Face the Doomsday» came out?

Experimenting it’s not our aim with COT, we might be conservative but we want to write songs that are fun to listen to, that work for us and for the listeners, we enjoy playing and we want to keep it this way. New songs are maybe a bit more metal and less rocking but they are catchy and very energetic nonetheless, maybe a bit gloomier also. The are many ways in which metal and punk blend, we haughtly think we have found our own way.


– And how could you describe your new «Future Decay» in just 3 words?

Post-apocalyptic barbaric mayhem!


– Just a few months ago you played in Spain, but you had already toured the country so, any nices memories of any of your spanish shows?

People are incredible in Spain, wild, dedicated, it’s like breathing raw energy. And we loved that Meal Clubs thing, we don’t have something like that in Italy, it’s simply amazing


– And finally, what are your near-future plans?

More records, more shows, more warfare on the wasteland, simple like that!


– That’s all, thank you once more for answering our questions. If you want to add some final words; feel free to do it.

Thank you for the support, and for supporting the underground in general, keep it that way!

Tania Giménez


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