– Hi, thanks for your time. What are you currently up to? How is everything doing right now with ANGREPP?

We are right now waiting for the exact release date for Libido. It should be announced any day now. Of course we are planning the release party for the album also. It will be in pure Angrepp style.

– First off, what meaning does the name of the band hold?

Angrepp is attack or assault in english. We think it fits the atmosphere of the music perfectly. We always strive for music that is «right on».


– You were formed back in 2005 and have just released two full-length albums and a demo thus far, releasing new material each 4 years. Most of you are also involved in other bands, does this have something to do with this recording pace or do you just let things go their own way?

The fact that we are all in other bands is actually not the major reason why it’s been so long between each album including demo. Of course it’s had an impact but I would say it more of other setbacks. First of all, it’s hard to find labels willing to finance new albums for less known bands. The competition is huge. If we wouldn’t have been signed by Abyss Records I don’t think we would have continued. It took some time for us to find a label after the demo so that’s why the first four years passed by. After Warfare we had some trouble with line-up before we could form a new strong formation. Especially after Fredrik left for Witchery and Marduk. Jakob from Månegarm was the perfect replacement though. It’s two years since we recorded Libido so it shouldn’t have this long time before next release. But of course, something got fucked up again. Abyss Records got financial troubles and put the release on hold and it got to a point where we no longer couldn’t wait. So the search for a new label took place and now we are with Unexploded Records. Of course all this takes a lot of time.


– You will soon release your new album, entitled «Libido». What are your expectations on it?

I try to never have any expectations. As you can see of our history with both Angrepp and IXXI it easy to get disappointed with to much expectations. We know that we make good music and we enjoy listening to it ourselves. If other people like it, it’s a bonus.


– And I would also like to know how has ANGREPP changed and/or evolved since «Warfare» came out.

I don’t think the line-up changes has affected the music so much. Especially since it’s me and Dawid who write most of the stuff. Of course me and him have evolved together in our way of composing music together. I think the listener of Libido will hear that on Libido very clearly. I think this albums has just taken the music to a new higher level.


– The album’s title is quite telling album title, that’s why I would like to know how did you come up with it and it there exists some kind of link between it and part of the lyrical content.

Even though we don’t make a conceptual albums in itself of course we have a concept for what we do. There are a lot of sex and violence in lyrics so they fit

very well together with the album title.


– It caught my attention the quite long (longer than average at least) length of the songs, as most tracks into the style tend to be shorter. Do you find easy to not loose intensity with longer tunes?

I don’t see why we should do shorter songs because it’s more or less standard within the type of black metal we perform. We make the songs as long as we think they should be and leave it there.


– Sound-wise I think «Libido» has an overall better sound than your debut. It has been mixed and mistered by Sverker Widgren and Necromorbus Studios, a quite veteran producer into extreme Metal and Necromorbus I think is a studio known for always providing powerful, clear yet organic sounds but, how was the whole production process? Did you get the sound you were striving for?

I think we recorded the album within 7 days so it was of course intense but also we were very productive. Everything was already in place when we entered Necromorbus. The sound is great and Sverker did an amazing jobb. So we are very pleased with how everything came out.


– Your music isn’t limited to just a single style, but instead you mix Black with Thrash Metal, and I also think we can find elements from Rock, Punk and even Doom Metal. And you always blend these different styles under a common banner: sonic aggression. Due to this I would like to know what have been some of the main musical influences for ANGREPP.

So hard to say. Dawid compose most of the music so maybe that is a questions for him but for me we try to go our own way musically and not try not to be limited by different genres. For the lyrics, they are sometimes personal and hide agendas or contains metaphors. I don’t get any influences from any particular musicians for that process.


– Acerbus made a guest appearance on the song «True Old Soul». How did everything arise? What did he bring to the song with his cooperation?

Acerbus and I are good friends I think you will in the future see more of this within Angrepp, IXXI and Ondskapt.


– You are hailing from Sweden, a country that has always had a really big and healthy Metal scene, into al subgenres. Is it easy in a country like Sweden to make a name with so many other Metal bands existing over there?

I don’t know, it’s a good question. Perhaps it is. I think with the globalization that we see today the origin of the bands means less. But of course it will always have a geographical element when you connect it with live performances. As I said earlier it’s of course a hard competition for labels and so on but we can also see that many good bands from one country can in one way help others out. Sweden and Norway is probably the best examples for this.


– And what bands from your country, aside the usual and most well-known bands, could you suggest?

There are so many, we have a lot of friends in other bands besides the other we also are engaged in. Grá, Cursed 13,Valkyrja, Die Hard, Skogen, Vörgus, Netherbird, Mephorash are few that I would can mention but the list is long.


– Finally, what are your near-future plans?

Well, we’ll see what happens for live shows over time. Otherwise We will probably start working on a new album later on.


Sergio Fernández


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