– Hello and first of all, thanks for taking the time. What are you currently up to? How is everything going with STUDFAUST with the release of your EP?

It’s going good thanx, The Mini LP will be released th 15th of august both on CD and vinyl format. Semms like we got quite a few pre orders, so I think the vinyl which is only pressed in 500 copies will be sold out quite fast.

– First off, how did you come up with the band’s name? I guess it’s a mix between Bård’s and your names…

That is correct. The band was formed by Bård and myself, so we thought we put our aliases together and it sounds very mean and not very friendly , he he.


– And how did the band get together? Why did you both feel the urge of playing this raw, no thrills Rock n’ Roll?

We started discussing it in early 2011 at the old Elm Street Rock Cafe in Oslo over a couple of beers. I said to Bård I had some songs that didn’t quite fit with The Batallion, so I played my ideas for him ,and he liked it a lot so we just started rehearsing. After a while we made more songs and the result was the Mini LP. We always liked the old school bad assness. That’s where we come from originally you know.


– You formed the band in 2011 so, would you mind to tell us what have you been up to up to the date?

We released the 7″ vinyl single » Half Human , Half Dynamite b/w «1980’s Ladies» in 500 copies that is now sold out. We also did a copule of live shows in 2013 in Norway.


– Later Pete joined the band. How did everything arise? How much of your material was already wirrten when he joined you?

Pete was already playing with Bård in Blood Tsunami and Mongo Ninja, so Bård asked him, and he liked our music a lot, so he agreed to to the bass both for the live shows and the recording on the mini LP. He is a very good musician, so he learned the songs and groove pretty fast. I think 5 of the 7 songs on the mini LP was written when he joined, but he certainly made his marks on the songs with his high enery bass playing. Good man Pete is !


– If I’m not mistaken he joined you in order to play live, and you have already done some gigs. How is STUDFAUST like on stage?

Studfaust is a no bullshit hard toughness band that plays very hard music in a full energy way. What you see is what you get. Warts n all.


– You have now releaseed your second opus, the «Where the Underdogs Bark» EP. What are your feelings on the final outcome?

The feeling is great. I definately feel we have recorded something that is not very common in todays scene. The songs sound like they were recorded in 1979-1981. Very old school. No click track, recorded more or less live in studio. Very few takes ,and no touch ups. Organic and raw. It’s my opinion that if bands spent LESS time in the studio , the rusult will be much better. Bands tend to overproduce. The thing is to keep the moment. That’s what we did. We said what we had to say, hit it hard, and then fucked off, allright !


– And when did this release start to get shaped? Because there are the two songs of your previous single

I didn’t look at my watch when it started ! he he. We just went to the rehearsal place and jammed out. All song were made in the rehearsal place . No digital files sent on email to each other. I can’t imagine working that way. If you don’t rehearse like a band, it won’t sound like a band.


– Unlike the single, «Where the Underdogs Bark» has been released also in CD. Did you have something to do with this decision? Is it a way to reach more listeners?

No that was Soulseller Records idea. I had nothing against that. the more people that hears it, the better. Although I am a vinyl collector myself. It’s the vinyl that counts for me personally. CD’s are ok for the car stereo :-)))


– And after these two releases, are there plans for a ful-length album?

We will just take things as they come along. Studfaust is a side project ,but you never know what it can develop into. I guess we keep all possibillities open.


– Because I guess some people, considering the band members, may wonder if STUDFAUST is a steady band or just a parallel project…

As said, we are for now just a «hobby» band, but we would like to play gigs here and there just to teach people a lesson, he he.


– As I said earlier, you play a filthy and raw Rock N’ Roll, basically. Now it seems to be a huge interest for this kind of music, played at the old school way, and bands such as MIDNIGHT have made this «wave» even bigger. How positive is this «hype» for bands such as STUDFAUST?

I don’t know if it’s a hype. It’s just good that people like rock n roll. That’s where it all comes from, and good music is good music no matter what the genre is. I never cared about what’s «in» in a time. I like timeless things that are not conformed by trends. People ask me, do you like black metal, do you like punk, do you like heavy metal. The answer is I like a good song . It does not matter if it’s Twisted Sister’s » Shoot Em Down » or Bathory’s » Enter The Eternal Fire» or AC/DC’s » Highway To Hell » or Sex Pistols’s » Pretty Vacant». They are all great SONGS. And that’s what matter to me.


– In your music I specially found a huge MOTÖRHEAD vibe but, what bands have been the most influential ones for the sound of your band? Becasue you also throw some elements of Heavy, Black, Speed, Thrash Metal and even some Punk.

Yeah, Motorhead is one of my all time fave bands. We don’t play any particular style. We just put in elements of what we like regardless of the style. It’s all rock n roll to me anyway.


– In that sense the spirit of all those classic styles also seems to be the main focus for STUDFAUST. What kind of personality or ethos do you think the band portraits?

I think the conclusion to that question would be that we are an HONEST band. The great thing when you are a new and unknown band is that no one has any expectations or tells you what to do. and no one is comparing albums. Total freedom.


– Songs as «1980’s Ladies» prove the aforementioned, showing you keep the good old honest spirit of the 80’s alive. Your music also keeps that old vibe. In production/mixing terms, how easy is to keep that rough, old sound?

It’s very easy and natural to keep that vibe, because I don’t know anything else, and I don’t WANNA know anything else. You know a fellow musician or studio engineer, might say » Hey, I got this new box , or effect you should try, or whatever. I always say : Sorry, I wanna sound like I do through the amplifier. Don’t try and touch up my edge ,for fucks sake ! I want a recording to sound as close to a genuine rehearsal as possible. That’s when you catch the real spirit.


– Talking about such, lyrics are the traditional into the style, simple and straight forward. What are the main lyrical topics in the band?

Anything that is entertaining and sound good. There are no special topics or «concept». «Half Human, Half Dynamite» is about being fired up and go out on town and have a great rock n roll time. » Street Judges Gavel » is about the unwritten laws on the streets. » Hell Is Full» is about being turtured in Hell the oldschool way ( it’s a cover by the band Medieval from 1986 ). » Erection Of The Egoist» is about being horny and having too much testosterone in the body. » The Devil Of Mine» is about saying fuck off to all trends, culture, expectations, and modern life and people who try to tear you down. All said in a

«Venomous way». «1980’s Ladies» is a tribute to the girls in the 80’s when they dressed sexy in denim and leather jackets, listened to Motley Crue, Kiss, Twisted Sister, Wasp, Judas Priest, and all those great bands. And girls back then had the right mentality. It’s a tribute to a time when girls were sexy and feminine and ROCKING ! ALLRIGHT ! We also got the most genuine rock n roll lady from Oslo named Tanja Jasmin Kvamsdahl to do backing vocals on this one to give it the sexy touch it needed. «Where The Underdogs Bark » is about having the guts to be different.


– All this about «Where the Underdogs Bark» being said; how could you describe it in just 3 words?



– Your two efforts have been released by Soulseller, a label with a lot of extreme Metal bands on its rooster. How did you hook up with them?

It was Jorn , the boss there who initiated the contact. He said it took him 12 seconds into the first song he heard by us ,» Half Human , Half Dynamite», to decide he wanted to sign us. He turned out to be a great honest guy, with the right spirit. I also collaborated with him for the Old Funeral compilation » Our Condolances». I never regretted working with him. His word can be trusted , and that’s really all that counts when it comes down to it.


– STUDFAUST consists on well-known muscians into the music world. What are the pros and cons of this? As it tends to be a double edged sword I think.

That is really not an issue. Who is known and not known, does not matter. It’s the music that matters and that people enjoy it for what it is.


– Finally, what are your near-future plans?

Making a music video would be nice, playing gigs would be nice and make more music would be nice. You know, what bands should do. Nothing more complicated than that.


– That’s all, thank you once more for answering our questions. If you want to add some final words; feel free to do it.

Keep it up with the rock n roll on top ! Give it more than all , then drop ! ALL RIGHT !!


Tania Giménez


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