– Hello and first of all, thanks for taking the time. How is everything doing right now with the release of «Earthless»?

Hi, it’s going great. It’s getting some good reviews and sales aren’t too bad. It’s all good.

– First off, what meaning does it hold and what’s the origin behind the project’s name, DOOM:VS?

Most common question I get, haha . “Domus” is the Latin word for “ House”. You add another “O” in there DOOMUS “House of Doom. The : marks is there cause it can also mean DOOM=US, “US” meaning humanity. The writing of the U as an V is just more for it to look good. I really liked the old Blve Öyster Cvlt records growing up as well which also had this spelling on some records and I thought it looked cool.


– As I said earlier, you have just released your long-awaited new album, «Earthless», which is the first one in 6 years so, how are you feeling about it? What have you been up to throughout these last years? Anyway you did an album with SHADOWGARDEN in 2010 an with DRACONIAN in 2011 (with some touring).

Just writing music and working on other bands productions as a producer and recording engineer. Trying to make a living. I have not been all quiet cause there have been a lot of music creation going on. All music for next DRACONIAN is also done and ready to be recorded.


– How have you evolved both on a musical and personal level since «Dead Words Speak» was released and how has this affected the new album? Because it feels like a natural progression/solidification of your previous opus.

I can’t say I envolved or matured cause I ‘ve already reached a certain age in my life, It’s all been a natural progression. But it’s great it feels like that, some things just come natural I guess.


– «Earthless» and DOOM:VS is Funeral Doom, but always keeping the sense of melody, creating a good equilibrium. How easy is to get and keep this balance?

It also feels kind of natural. I never change a riff cause it’s too fast or too slow just to fit in to a certain genre,, If it fits, it fits, The thing with DOOM:VS from the beginning was that it had to feel natural and the main idea was to create song from the very first riff and melodies that I came up with. That way it feels very natural I guess.


– In fact I also think this new release keeps a certain aesthetic, some kind of sonic beauty. Is this something you strive for or rather something that just happens?

Yes, that was the thing I was looking for. The production is very airy but heavy.


– I personally believe you are getting darker and even heavier with each new album. What could you say is the main reason behind this? I think you evolution is more of a consolidation so, could you say you are getting closer to your own sound with each new album?

Perhaps, I’m not certain what the ultimate sound of music would sound like and maybe that’s a good thing. I’m very happy where I am at the momen,t soundwise.


– I read you wrote the album in just a few weeks. Could you say this helps keeping some intensity and honest vibe?

Yes, like I mentioned earlier with the basic idea for my music writing, it all needs to be natural and with that comes the honesty I guess.


– And how were the recording sessions like?

Very normal, working by myself as usual. The thing that was most time consuming this time was the file transfering between me and Thomas AG Jensen who handled the vocals for me this time. I leave in Sweden and he in Denmark so we exchanged ideas through the internet.


– Does being just yourself make things easier in that sense or rather the oppposite?

I always felt I’m more creative by myself but It’s not as fun as creating with someone else. It just needs to be the right person to get a flow and I haven’t found that person yet.


– Anyway here you have had a guest vocalist, SATURNUS’ Thomas A.G., whom has handled growls. How did this cooperation born and what do you think has Thomas brought to the songs and overall outomce?

I always loved his vocals and his band Saturnus. He actually contacted me back in 2007 and asked me if I wanted to start some music project with him and of course I was interested. Never found the time though and both our bands was recording and touring until I came up with the idea to include him on the next DOOM:VS album and he was interested right away. I think he brought some real depth with his deeper kind of growl. It felt good to have him sing on my creations.


– On the other hand, as always, lyrics feel quite real, full of darkness, melancholy and desolation. Where do you draw inspiration from to create them?

Mostly from life, my own feeling or people around me .It can be everything from thoughts about existence, relations or depression. I always try to throw in some glimpse of hope in there. If not in the lyrics, then in the melodies.


– And what does «Earthless» mean personally to you? Could you say each album is a reflection of a certain time in your life? Specially with DOOM:VS, as I guess it may be more introvert and a little bit like your baby.

Yes, the meaning of earthless is all in my head , I can say that the content is a lot about questioning your own existence and feelings of not belonging. «Earthless» can mean what you want it to mean, just listen to the music and create your own idea.


– This album, as well as the previous two, will soon be released on vinyl via Wretched Records. Your two previous albums weren’t released on vinyl when they came out so, how did this idea born? Do you have a prefered format yourself?

Yes, all previous albums will be relased on vinyl very soon. I like vinyl a lot cause that’s the thing I grew up with but I don’t feel there’s anything wrong with CD’s. Cause it’s easier for most people to get a better sound from a CD then from their vinyl recordplaye,r if you don’t want to spend lots on home stereo equipment. It’s also cheaper to buy, the vinyl price sometimes is a bit ridiculous.


– Talking about labels, you had a two album deal with Firedoom, so «Earthless» has been your first opus with Solitude Productions. How did you hook up with them? And how are things working thus far?

After Firedoom stopped existing I was looking for alabel that had a 100% interest in the same kind of music and that would give me total artistic freedom. Solitude is a great label that way so thing have been great.


– All this about «Earthless» being said; how could you describe it in just 3 words?



– And finally, what are your near-future musical plans? I guess you won’t have plans to bring DOOM:VS to a live scenario but, are there any plans for DRACONIAN or a second album with SHADOWGARDEN?

All focus now lies on DRACONIAN and we are working on our sixth album at the moment.


– That’s all, thank you once more for answering our questions. If you want to add some final words; feel free to do it.

Thanks for showing interest in my music and my life.


Tania Giménez


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