– Hello , thanks for taking your time. How’s everything going right now into the the BRIMSTONE COVEN’s camp? What’s currently keeping you guys busy?

John/Vocals: Thanks for wanting our time! Currently we are in the process of setting up more shows. Since the announcement (Releasing on Metal Blade) we have been working double time. We are also working on getting our passports and prepping for any overseas excursions. Building merch back up. We got tapped out in Wisconsin at Days of the Doomed 4. Trying to keep up with brimstonecoven.com. We all work full time jobs. And it’s really hard to work, practice, have family time, and then squeeze in an hour or so on the site. Pretty much just getting all of our ducks in a row for the release.

-First off, even though you have already released two full-length albums; would you mind to make some history of the band?

Corey/Guitar: The first 5 songs were written in the early months of 2011 and we put the band together a few months after that. We had all played together in other bands previously, so we were already comfortable with each other and the chemistry was undeniable. We released both albums ourselves, the first in 2012 and the second in 2013. In the 3 years that we’ve been a band, we’ve had a fairly consistent live schedule, sharing the stage with some amazing bands such as Pentagram, Spirit Caravan and Egypt. We signed with Metal Blade Records a few months ago and we are very excited and honored to be involved with such a legendary label.


– You recently signed with Metal Blade Records. How did you hook up with them and how are you feeling about? It is a really veteran company, and one of the biggest for Metal nowadays.

Andrew/Bass: We were referred to a Metal Blade A & R Rep. by a good friend of ours (Butch Balich) from a band called Argus. Argus played a show in Dublin Ireland and caught the attention of Alan Averill (Primordial). While discussing the prospect of Argus dealing with the label, Butch also urged Alan to check out our music as well. Alan did just that, contacted us and the rest is history. We are eternally grateful to Butch for suggesting us, we wouldn’t be where we are today without his referral. Everyone at Metal Blade has proven to be consummate professionals and an absolute joy to work with thus far. We look forward to being a part of the Metal Blade family for a long time. It’s an honor to be a part of such a venerable label, considering they have put out some of the most iconic releases the metal genre has ever seen. It’s a label I literally grew up listening to and the fact that we are now part of suck history is truly

legendary to me.


– In fact it will soon come out your debut release with them, «Brimstone Coven», containing your debut self-titled album and the EP. How much involvement did you have on the whole release?

Justin/Drums: Well for this release Metal Blade worked with us on every step of the process. There was a target date and basically we did some re mastering and picked our artist, Creighton Hill, and sent the artwork over. It was a fairly painless process especially since the material had already been recorded and released independently by us. This is new territory for us and very exciting to have such an esteemed label to work with on getting the music out to such a huge audience. When you are used to doing things as an independent it takes some adjusting to know that there are teams of extremely competent people to help with the release this time around. Promotion, manufacturing, distribution… it all happens on a much larger scale than we are accustomed to.


– Moreover the 17 tracks on the album have been remastered for the occasion, but they still keep that organic vibe. Who took such duties? And how do you think has this affected the overall sound?

Andrew/Bass: We took on the duties of remastering the recording ourselves. We recorded the songs ourselves, so it only made sense to do it this way, since we knew what we wanted the tracks to sound like. The sound is better but still encompasses the vintage, classic feel we are going for. We don’t need a lot of high polish/ production value to make us sound proper. That approach would ultimately not work out in our favor, given the 60s/70s feel of the music. Studio recordings sounded much more “live” back then, so we wanted it to sound like we are jamming right there in the room with you. Also, we hired the same artist that did the artwork for our last release (Creighton Hill) to come up with a new cover for the Metal Blade release, since the label liked his previous work so much. Creighton is an amazing artist and we want to use him as much as possible in the future.


– And what are now your thoughts and feelings on your first album and the songs you wrote for it?

Justin/Drums: We are very proud of the first album. The e.p. was our first recording and at that time we were still trying to feel out our sound. Corey is an exceptional songwriter and the e.p. served as a great starting point. For the full length the songs were even better and more true to what we as a band want to sound like. It was a step in the right direction as far as songwriting and vocal harmonies, melodies and structure are concerned. The release of both recordings on one album will really show a band in transit as opposed to a snapshot of a band at one moment. We are moving forward and feel that our next album will be even better than the last and as a band that is how you want it to be.


– I personally could mention all songs on this release, as all of them have their own identity and unique elements; ones have a ritualistic atmosphere, others are more into the Blues field, certain tracks are really groovy, while others evoke the spirit of PENTAGRAM, LED ZEPPELIN or BLACK SABBATH, there are even really hypnotic moments. But, do you have any favorite among these 17 songs? Or which one do you think is the one that describes what BRIMSTONE COVEN is all about the best?

Corey/Guitar: We definitely have our favorites. «Children of the Sun» and «Behold, the Annunaki» are two that stand out at the moment. We enjoy playing them and they have a powerful effect on us as listeners, as well. «Blood on the Wall» and «The Black Door» also possess their own strange trance inducing qualities that we love to spawn. To pick one song that would be the epitome of Brimstone Coven… I believe «Lord and Master», «Vying» and «We Are Forever» come close to the overall theme of the band, but only the future knows the song that will encompass Brimstone Coven as a whole.


– This being said, it seems you are quite influenced by 60’s and 70’s music, but taking elements from different styles so, what do you think have been the most influential bands for the sound of the band?

Corey/Guitar: Many of our influences are certainly obvious to anyone who listens to our music, but our caldron also churns with bands like Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, Rush, Iron Butterfly and some obscure bands such as The Open Mind, Lucifer’s Friend and Epitaph. Even some more recent bands like Graveyard, Witchcraft and Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats capture the magic of hard rock’s early days. Those qualities are quite inspirational to us and we strive to conjure up that same feeling in our music.


– I concluded my review of the release with just three words «darkness, ritual and opium». But how could you describe it in just 3 words?

John/Vocals: Cosmic, psychedelic and sinful

Andrew/Bass: Heathen, evil, alchemy

Corey/Guitar: Dark, occult, rock

Justin/Drums: 3 words… Well to me at least I think of melodic, subtle, and powerful. Not to contradict myself but I think there are a lot of subtle nuances to the music and delivery that give it a powerful presentation.


– And now, what are your near-future plans? If I’m not wrong you are already working on your third album so, is there anything you could already tell us about it?

John/Vocals: We are waiting for the release August 5th on Metal Blade. After that, It’s pushing the hell out of it. Revamping the .com. Getting farther and farther away from home to those new fans. Getting the new merchandise out (hopefully getting online merch store up). Pretty much what we have been doing. Practice mainly consists of the new material, and going over anything rusty. So yes! You are correct. And we are almost finished learning the material. It’s coming along quicker than «II» did. And in my opinion, a touch heavier in a few songs. JUST A TOUCH! It’s cool how «III» fell into place. A little hint of our first album, a little hint of our second, and then the SLIGHTLY heavier stuff. The perfect mix for any Brimstoner


Tania Giménez


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