– Hello and first of all, thanks for taking the time. How is everything doing right now with INCANTATION? What are you currently up to?

John:Hi, thanks for the interview! Thinks are going good right now. we are just getting ready for our European tour along with doing some interviews.

– You have just released your newest album, «Dirges of Elysium». What are your feelings on the final outcome? And how are the first reactions being?

John: I feel great about the album. I think its a great representation of the band. over the last 4 or 5 years we have been really gelling as a band and coming up with some great metal! The response for the press has been good as well, reviews have just started coming in but the vibe is very positive.


– «Dirges of Elysium» is your 10th album. 10 albums in 25 years. How do you think has the band’s evolution been since your debut album?

John: Each album is part of a evolution to a point. we always stay true to our sound and who we are but at the same time always try to add new elements to our music. if anything we just get more extreme as time goes on.


– In fact you have always been comanding the band, struggling and having several line-up changes so, what does keep you motivated to keep going?

John: incantation is a important way for me to express myself. i feel its important to work hard for what you want. and that is what i have done with Incantation. I have a vision and i feel its important to do what you need to do to make it come to reality.


– Starting to dig into your newest opus, «Dirges of Elysium», first off I would like you to commment a little on the album’s title and some of the lyrical ideas behind it.

Chuck: The title revolves around the individual songs tying into the final on the album as “funeral music for a decimated paradise”. To name a few, From a Glaciate Womb – The norse Jotun Angrboda and her children, Carrion Prophesy – A necromantic rite preformed by an ancient Prussian cult in Romuva, Portal Consecration – Ritual sacrifice in order to evoke a blood entity, Dominant Ethos – Blasphemy towards all monotheism. The song Elysium (Eternity is Nigh) is a 5 part epic piece of ones own journey through the rivers of Hades to find the Elysium fields in ruin, to drink from Lethe only retains the horrors, forever to reside there.


– Musically it holds a lot of emotion, of intensity, it breathes passion, it’s like depicting part of your live intensity, part of that vibe. It seems like something from you guys came through on the album. Due to this I would like to know what’s your music for you, maybe some kind of vehicle in any way?

John – Music is a way for me to vent all my ideas and emotions!!! in a way its kind of a therapy. on album or live I give every part of my being! to me Death metal is a honest way of expressing myself. I think the rest of the band feels the same. its all about being honest with what we do or write.


– The guitar sound here is massive and broad, even discordant at times. How did you approach your guitar work?

John – Well, part of it has to do with these new Revolt amps we recorded with. they just sound heavy as fuck with still being clean. it was important for us to really jam the songs out at rehearsal and get a good vibe. i also think the way the bass and leads worked on the new album really complemented the music in a amazing way.


– Overall is a really thick record, with cavernous and really down-tuned moments, all this enhanced by a really organic sound. How was the whole production/recording process for the album?

John- it was great. we just really worked hard to play the songs tight as possible with keeping the dark vibe in the music. i have to thank everyone involved for doing a great job. I think Dan Swano really toke what we gave him and made our vision really come to life. i think Dirges of Elysium really has a great and honest sound.


– In fact the aforementioned helps getting an overall disturbing and dark atmosphere. There’s more atmosphere here I’d dare say. Was this something you focused on?

John – we are always working hard to get a dark vibe with our music. I just feel this time we really stepped it up a notch with more killer bass lines and a lot of double guitar work on the album. Writing songs with this line up just opens up so many possibility’s.


– As always, there’s are a strong variety of tempos, ranging from really slow to frantic, but you never step aside from Death metal (even though people tend to mention you also add Doom Metal elements). It’s funny how you guys manage to keep the spirit, the sound in the riffs and not just in the tempos. Due to this; what’s Death Metall all about to you?

John – well, I think death metal is not just about speed. to me death metal is a feeling. when we write music we concentrate on the vibe of a riff not just the

notes. its more important that the feeling is there, be it 1 note or 100 notes. To me Death metal is aggressive, dark, agonizing and pissed!!!


– All this about «Dirges of Elysium» being said; how could you describe it in just 3 words?

John – Total Fucking Death!!!


– And finally, what are your near-future plans? You will be soon touring Europe, Spain included so, what can we expect to see on stage?

John – you will see a world wind of death metal!!!! 100% honest death metal. There are many feelings of aggression and of course some total agonizing doom! we play death metal in the old pure style. for fans of old sounding death metal. so come out and rage with us!


– That’s all, thank you once more for answering our questions. If you want to add some final words; feel free to do it.

John -, thanks again for the Interview!!! we look forward to seeing all you sick fucks on the road!!! also check out my other band Funerus we will be releasing a 7″ ep real soon. Hail the goat!


Tania Giménez


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