– Thank you so much for answering to our interview. Now that you are releasing an album compilating what your early years were and to let people know a little bit more about you, let’s start reviewing the band’s history and the songs on the album at the same time. So, first off, how and when did ZONE ZERO born?

Lasse Lee and Göras started playing covers with friends in 1978. Törnblom joined 1979 and they named the band Overdose. Gradually covers got replaced with own songs and when Lissa joined, the band renamed to Scrotum Metal. At this point, the band focused on own material and the lyrics were mostly in Swedish. The name Zone Zero were taken 1980 when Tobben replaced one of the original guitarists, Peter Westin.

– In fact you are considered one of the first Heavy Metal bands from Sweden, also having gained a cult status with the years. What does this mean to you?

This makes us truly flattered and honored of course. Back in the 80’s we were 5 friends struggeling to make heavy metal and had this dream of becoming some kind of stars. That dream never came true, but we sure had a lots of fun on the way! To realise that people of today are interested in what we did as kids back then is really awesome. I suppose we’ll have to say thanks to Pang records for that ”cult status”, as that company became cult and we, among other bands under that label, just went along.


– From Sweden also came out bands such as HEAVY LOAD, 220 VOLT and later a few ones more known such as CANDLEMASS or even EUROPE but, how was Sweden during those years where you were starting like? And which bands stood out back then?

At the time, the swedish metalscene was quite modest in the meaning of well-known-bands. There were a few bands playing rock, like Neon Rose, Jerusalem, Snowstorm etc, but the metalscene was…quite modest on a national level. I guess most of swedish bands got their inspiration from england and to some extent from germany like Scorpions and Accept. This does not mean there weren’t a lots of swedish bands around, ´cause there were (reading tip: The Heaviest Encyclopedia of Swedish Hard Rock & Heavy Metal Ever! by Janne Stark, that’s a bible!). Most of us didn’t reach higher status than local heroes though. In our area there were Tryckvag, Keen Hue and Jammer that stood out (all of them really great bands, if you ask me). Later on, we got to hear about Heavy Load from Stockholm as well.


– Almost exactly one year ago you played your first gig in none less than 30 years. What are your memories from that show? And how did you feel about it?

This gig was in fact a kind of rehearsal gig: We were contacted by Muskelrock and asked if we were interested in playing at their festival. The fact that we didn’t do a show together in 30 years made us realise that we would have to rehearse a lot, to be able of coming up with a 1-hour-set. We also decided to do a production-gig and see how it felt to face an audience after all this time. So we booked Cozmoz, a place in Borlänge and tried all of our old songs in that show. How did we feel? We l-o-v-e-d it! It was really a stunning feeling to be on stage together again. We’re also glad we did this pre-show before entering Muskelrock cause we relly needed it!


– Later you also played at Muskelrock, probably the best current Swedish music festival, giving room to both classic bands as newer bands with a traditional sound. Do you think your performance on that festival was a good way to introduce yourself to younger generations?

Hopefully yes. We loved it there and felt at home with the audience as well as with the organizer and the other bands. Even if many of the bands were quite younger than us, Muskelrock seems to be somewhat nisched and sounds from the 80’s surely fits in there. We had a great time on stage and loved facing the audience and being on stage in a real show for the first time in 30 years. It surely awoke our taste for more and hopefully also to the younger generations.


– Digging into your compilation album, «The Lost Legacy». We’ll sart with the first 5 songs, recorded live. The sound, without any doubst, is influenced by the NWOBHM. Tell us a little bit about these first tunes on the album, where were they recorded in and what are your memories from that moment.

These 5 songs were recorded at a gig in Borlänge, at a place – Borlängeparken – where we actually played a number of times during the years. Nowadays the place seems to be in need of renovation. It’s really a great place so I sure hope someone will put it in shape again. Great stage and a charasteristic roof. Would love to see a concert or play there again. The songs recorded from that gig are early Zone Zero songs. Judgement day was made shortly after I joined in 1980, Demon from kingdom of death was my first song with the band (see more below), Magic woman was made before my appearence as well as Wannabe. Only survivor was in fact made through inspiration from Def Leppard’s first album On through the night.


– Then, to wrap up the first album, thee are 3 tracks recorded back in 1982; the taste for the British sound is still strong. Tell ubout these tunes and why did you never release this in an album until now.

Two of these three were released as a 7” and the only material we released. Win or die is, to be honset, made through inspiration from a great Tryckvag tune called I don’t believe in you. I had the vocals echoing in my head after a gig that we shared. I just loved Mats Attaque’s way of phrasing the lyrics and melody on that song and it inspired me in cooking something out of this echo. After boiling it together with the rest of the band, it turned into something new and became Win or die. I doubt you could hear any similarities comparing the two songs. I still think I don’t believe in you is an epic swedish metal tune, as well as many others made by Tryckvag. Evil dream was made the jamming way. We just jammed in our rehearsal room and came up with the ideas, putting them together piece by piece until we had a song. Then, we made the lyrics! Last one on CD1 is Demon from kingdom of death and that was my first conribution to the band after joining in 1980: I was asked to write a song so I tried some riffs at home and put them together into a song. I also wrote lyrics and I remember they were about social stress, rush for career etc. Quite deep issues so to speak. Later when I met Lasse Lee, I told him that I had this complete song ready. Lasse went something like: -Aaah cool! I suppose there are demons, dragons, blood, devils and that kind of creepy stuff included eh? So I thought SHIT, went home and revised the lyrics into some new, including demons, blood and death. The simple reason why we never released these and any of our tunes into an album is very simple: No record company was ever that interested in what we did at that time hahaha!


– Digging into the second albm, it starts with a some songs recorded in 1983. Without any doubt, good songs with harmonies and meldies without loosing the essence of high quality Heavy Metal. It feels strange to me the fact durng that period, with an hype for Heavy Metal almost anywhere, you couldn’t record anything else (as I said earlier). How were these years like for the band? As you disappeared from 1983 on.

Well, we had this thing together, 5 brothers in arms, doing what we loved so we played 4 days a week. Cause we loved it! At this time though, most of us had to move from the area due to studies, military service and job. This lead to fewer and fewer times available to meet up and in the end we just had to realise fact: It became impossible to keep the band together as before.


– Later on, from 2004 to 2006, you recorded new tracks, whom you include on this release. How did the idea of writing this songs arise? And did you already have plans to release this new opus back then?

Even if we didn’t play as before, we were, are and will always be brothers in arms so the ending of Zone Zero never ment the ending of our friendship. We always tried to get together a couple of times every year, to socialize, be nostalgic and to jam. When Lasse Lee got some studiogear, it all went naturalt o make and record one or two songs when we gathered. We wanted to have these songs on this compilation as a statement that we’re still here, we’re still best friends and music is still a great part of our lives, both individually and as brothers. The first one, I want the metal back, was made from a couple of riffs and ideas that Lasse Lee introduced for us at one of these gatherings. Chasing victory is a song I made in 15 minutes, after returning home in the middle of the night after a party. Meeting up with the band and having Lissa to write the lyrics, it was completed and recorded. Miss you was originally made by Göras and later turned into a complete tune. The last one, Twilight of the gods has a really special meaning to me: This was the last song I made before we split up in 1983, but we never put it together and finished it. So, the song is actually from 1983, but not completed until 2008. It’s been in marinade for quite some time!


– I guess the option of unleasing this compilation was the first idea, as you are an unknown band, and this album can be like sarting again from the scratch, which we appreciate and thank you for those whom we haven’t had the chance of not having never nor even a demo by you.

Through the years we have been asked to put our tapes on vinyl, but it wasn’t until Shadow Kingdom records contacted us, that we decided to go all the way. We had a lot of work in finding the clearest versions of the tapes and to remaster everything. We also wanted to include photos, so we had to start digging old photoalbums (after finding them!), choose among pics and digitalize them (no digital cameras back then folks!). It took quite some time to finish this project and the fault is ours. But anyway, here it is, finally and it feels great!


– And now reviewing this album through the band’s history; are there any plans to release material with new songs?

Well as stated above, we love each other and we love making music together so – of course – that would be awesome! We just have to see what future bare in mind. We’ve started making new material and if someone would be interested in recording that, we won’t say no


– About tours, is there anything ready to support the album live? And will there aby any vinyl special edition for thos whom we love this format?

No full-scale-tour is planned for the moment, but we really loved playing the few shows we did in 2013 so we wouldn’t say no to that either. A couple of gigs is planned though which include a gig in Gävle this summer. We’ve also came up with an idea in having a releaseparty in Gothenburg later this summer/autumn, together with another great swedish metalband from the 80’s. As for vinyl, yes there will be an edition in that format as well.


– That’s all from our side, it’s been a pleasure to know you through our site, and our best wishes. Just let you know for me, and for most underground Metal fans, this album is a must. Hope to see you soon. Thanks.

Thank you so much and we really hope to see you out there, as soon as possible!


Paco Gómez


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