1- Hello, thanks for answering to our questions. What are you guys currently up to?

We have just released our first fullength entitled “Imago” and are currently working on some new stuff to be used on smaller releases like ep’s etc. We’re also awaiting our split EP with swedish black metal band Rite, a tremendeously potent unit that everybody should check out. So we’re busy doing what we usually do, creating and releasing Death Metal in the fringes of the underground.

2- First off, could you make some history of the band?

The band was started in 2006 by Björn/Johan (who had played together for a long time in various bands) because of their desire to play old school DM. They recorded some songs which later was released as a split 12” with fellow UK deathsters Invoke. In 2010 Bjorn approached me wondering if I would be interested in recording something with them as they wanted to expand this project-like band into a more serious outfit. I have a background in the Swedish death metal-scene they knew about and we were on the same level regarding how we wan’t death metal to sound. Since the chemistry was there and I’d been out of the music-scene for many years it naturally developed into what we do today.


3- How could you describe your sound?

I guess people like to tag us a “old-school-swedish-death” band and I’m ok with that. For me its just the Death Metal I grew up with. We try not limit ourselves too much and we do bring in some other influences, but obviously there is a solid foundation we won’t stray from. Its gotta be heavy, not too clean and somewhat atmospheric.


4- What are the band’s main musical influences?

I’d say that other artists work more serves as an inspiration then influence, but we all love the classics like Symphonies of Sickness, Leprosy, Severed Survival etc etc. But if you’re picking up any of our releases and expect a fullblown MASTER/AUTOPSY/REPULSION treatment you’ll probably be disapointed.


5- How is the feedback for your new album being?

Great so far, it just came out so the reviews are just starting to appear. Ask me again in 6 months.


6- And are your personally satisfied with the final outcome?

Yes, the final product is what we set out to do. Since we try to handle most of the stuff (recording, layouts) for ourselves, its the best Mordbrand you’ll get for now. There is always room for improvement in the technical/sound-department, but musically its exactly where it should be.


7- How could you describe this opus in just 3 words?

Dark and deadly.


8- How has the production process for your new release been?

Intense work for half a year, Björn is the main songwriter but we have all contributed on the album. Since we live far apart everything we do and all communication is done online. Each and one of us do our bits alone and it all come together in the end. Its an intense process and thankfully due to the existence of internet, we can make arrangements fast. We demo songs, rewrite and scrap the the stuff thats unwanted and usually we are on terms with what we want to present with the band.


9- And how do you use to work on the songwriting?

Se above


10 – Finally, what are you near-future plans?

Too keep on releasing quality death metal. Promote Imago. As for gigs we’ll see what arrangements can be made, the logistics and distance between bandmembers makes the rehearsing difficult. And we need sessionmembers to perform as well, which adds to the workload. But if the offer is right and the motivation is there, its doable. It just has to be a worthwile experience overall. Since there are no money in this biz, getting to play some festivals where you can enjoy other bands can be rewarding enough.


11- That’s all from our side, thanks again for taking your time to answer our questions. If you now want to add some final words; feel free to do it.

Thanks for your interest, everybody can check out our music at:




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