– I guess still a lot of people won’t know about NO FUTURE, and some people would know you because of some of your other bands so, first of all, would you mind to tell us how did NO FUTUR born? You have been a little bit silent during the last couple of years.

We felt that we had something urgent to express between us, and eventually we picked up our mutual trumpet. We had found beauty in certain details of existance together that eventually all lined up towards some sort of musical collaboration. A broken finger pointing towards something that we felt was conclusive. So we approached that inner place with Punk Rock music, and we´re worked from there.

– «No Future» is such a strong and straight-forward band name, funny it wasn’t used earlier. I guess it can be applied to different things depending on the person but, what meaning does it hold personally to you? Why did you decide to name the band like this in the beginning?

The name is very straight to the point. It is supposed to be an ark in which we are able to communicate and work wonders with people. It stretches towards the archetypes of things. And when music is good, there´s no future.


– Last November you played the first NO FUTURE gig ever in your hometown, and tomorrow you will play your second show in Madrid. Why haven’t you had much live activity?

Because we´ve not been very interested in playing live. We´re doing this now because of a very fortunate turn of events, and we´ll see what happens. We like to improvise with things and see if theres anything rewarding in it. We´ll see if we ever play live again, depending on this


– You will be playing in Madrid just a few days before the two IN SOLITUDE’s Spanish dates and right before heading to Portugal so, how did the offer and opportunity arise?

We have a close friend/colleague/sister relocated to Madrid to shape things up who decided to take us there.


– What can we expect to see tomorrow on stage?

Five boys singing about something that is absolutely cold and crucial to them. Hopefully it might strike a similarly powerful chord in others.


– And what material will you be playing?

Everything we have and some things we found in Spain.


– I ask so because your only official release is the five song tape «Jämtländska Mord», which was released in 2012 so, what are your plans for NO FUTURE? With the activity of your other bands, is actually possible to have future plans with NF?

First of all, we take this band just as seriously as any other project we´re involved in. Its just that it works in a very different way. I mean, In Solitude might play live a lot, but No Future has a lot of the time been far more productive when it comes to writing music. Its different things that are completely unattached.


– «Jämtländska Mord» was limited to just 200 copies and it’s been sold out for a while. Do you think you manage to create some buzz with it?

At least in our own pants. We hope people appreciate the same way we do. The point with this has always been to reach something that we´ve recognized together. And if that place can be found in others, we´re satisfied.


– And talking about such, do you plan rereleasing it or do you already have new material?

We might re-release it in the future, but right now we´re focusing on a seven inch that should surface pretty soon. Apart from that we´re always looking onwards on new things.


– I must admit when I heard and really got into «Jämtländska Mord» it was already sold out, so I don’t have a physical copy so, to start digging into it; what do its lyrics deal with?

The lyrics are about what we´re raked and gathered on the pastures up here. Our conclusions and questions, bleeding knuckles.


– I have seen some pictures on the Internet of the artwork and, considering all the elements on the tape, it feels like your music has certain aesthetic, and it’s both beautiful as sinister. An overall vibe we can also see on the promo videos on your Youtube channel. Is important for you to keep this distinctive atmosphere? Or does it just come out like this?

Of course the distinctive atmosphere of No Future is important, as it is with all music. The way we see it, the atmosphere comes first, it was here before us and we´re working it out in music. Its not Rock that made us do this, rather what Rock pointed towards. A dead spruce in a pretty mouth, among other things.


– It also seems like everything in NO FUTURE works as a whole and fits together on a really natural way, everything being part of a whole thing. Is everything in NO FUTURE equally important?

Well, a sound where things feel out of place and unfocused is usually what constitutes bad music, if you ask us. We are very aware of every detail and its purpose.


– I have always thought NO FUTURE is freedom, but IN SOLITUDE is so too. Anyway NO FUTURE feels like the absolute expression of freedom in musical terms, with a really unique sound that blends Blues, Rock, Post Punk, Metal… Could you point out any main musical influences in NO FUTURE? When asked this a lot of bands answer they don’t want to sound like any other band, but I guess things you hear, see an experience can inspire and influence you to a different degree, even on a subconscious way…

Not that we would want (or can) sound like any other band. But Hep Stars On stage, Lejsme-Per, Iggy Pop, Snoddas, Blind Lemon Jefferson, Ebba Grön and «Bring back slavery» by Kommando RJF have pushed us towards a good place.


– And due to this «free and visceral expression» I would like you to tell us what is NO FUTURE for you, what does it represent (a passion, a way to channel emotions, etc.)

To be honest with you, its not that singular. We´ve had a hard time with this question because its out of our reach in a strange way. Everything that is being said/revealed in No Future is a result of the current that made us to it. Something that we probably cant articulate outside of the music, which is our translation of it in the first place.


– Pelle has always had a quite free vocal tone and range so to speak, but it feels like NO FUTURE has polished a bit his singing style. About you, what does this band provide you on your bass playing? Are you able to do certain things you can’t with IN SOLITUDE for instance?

Nothing. I play guitar in the band which gives me an opportunity to lose control musically, play my way into a certain state of mind. In a way I can’t playing bass in In Solitude, where I rather have the opportunity to lose control physically and dance into that state of mind.


– All of you are involved with other music band so, is it easy to know which idea you come up with belongs or should be used with a certain band?

Obviously, yes. Like we said, No Future is something completely different than everything else we´re involved in. We are very aware of whats No Future and whats not.


– All this about NO FUTURE being said; how could you describe what this band is all about in just 3 words?

No future, no!


– And finally, what are your musical near-future plans?

We are finishing the last details on our seven inch. After we´ve released that we´ll work on new material for another cassette.


– That’s all, thank you once more for answering our questions. See you in Madrid and our best wishes. If you now want to add some final words; feel free to do it.

Thank you very much, boys and girls.


Tania Giménez


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