– Hello, lots of thanks for answering our interview. What’s everything going right now into the MIASMAL’s camp?

Hey, thanks to you as well! Our 2nd album «Cursed Redeemer» just came out a in Europe a week ago and that feels great. Right now we are making tour plans in order to support the album. We wanna go both through Europe and North America, but it’s nothing official yet. Stay tuned!

– With your debut album, and with even your demo, you managed to create a great buzz into the underground. What does now that release mean to you? Did it make easier to get a deal with a record label such as Century Media?

I still really like all of our releases. Of course, there are always small things that you want to go back and change but all in all I’m proud of our back catalogue. All of those releases are accurate representations on where Miasmal was standing at the time. I do think that having a quality release out is definitely not a bad thing in order to get attention.


– You were formed in 2008, in 2011 you released your debut album, and since then you have played a lot live, I guess this means «Miasmal» worked out quite good so, what did and does now that album mean to you?

It’s our first album and like all albums you make, going back listening to them is almost like looking through an old diary or something. Like remembering playing those songs on tour in the US when the album was brand new, and so on. So I really like that album and we’re definitely including tracks from that in our future live sets.


– During this time, a few days ago in fact, you also released an split with your compatriots and label mates in VAMPIRE. How is this release working thus far?

It’s been great, it’s our first split record and it feels cool to do it with a band like Vampire. It’s a nice precursor to the album I think. Our track on the split was recorded at the same sessions as «Cursed Redeemer», but it didn’t really fit on the album. It stands great on its own though!


– As I said, since 2011 you have played live a lot; has this affected your new album in any way?

Yes, I think you can hear that we’ve grown together musically. Also I think my voice has changed a bit. So there’s more of a live feel on this album, and the songs also we’re written with that in mind. To make an album that you could play live from start to finish without wanting to skip any of the songs.


– This new album is “Cursed Redeemer”. How are you feeling about it? Are you satisfied with the final outcome?

We are very happy with it! It was quite cathartic to get it out of the system, 2013 was a quite chaotic and rough year for me so I’m happy that I could channel at least some of that through this album. I’m also very happy with how the vocals turned out and the mix in general.


– The cover artwork captures quite good the main theme on the lyrics but, could you please elaborate a little bit on both things?

The cover art is the physical representation of the «Cursed Redeemer». That was a phrase that came to me when I was writing lyrics, and it stuck because of the paradox. Which led me to think about the paradoxes in humanity and human behavior. So technology can for example be that, since it’s both a curse and a blessing. It brings down our surroundings and makes us more and more dependent on it. So the artwork in a way, a «cursed redeemer» not wanting to be born from it’s technological womb.


– Musically, how do you think has MIASMAL evolved since your first full-length came out? Debut albums for bands tend to be more of an experiment and a way to try find their sound, while the second albums uses to solidify the band’s personality. Has this been the case of MIASMAL?

Well, we’re never really tried to find our sound to be honest. It was quite clear from the beginning, even though it evolved and we added more and more personal flavors to it. This all happened unconsciously though. I think we’re getting better and better at working within the confinements of metal. Confinements that doesn’t need to be a bad thing. I mean, most people don’t want a improvisational flute solo in the middle of a death metal song, haha.


– While your previous album had a strong Crust/D-beat flavour (something I think just comes along when playing traditional Death Metal), this new opus has more of a Punkish vibe and, overall, a strong dose of Rock n’ Roll. Did you approach this album differently or did it just come out naturally?

It just came out naturally. I think we wanted to up the energy level and make the album even more head-bang friendly and «catchy» somehow. But we didn’t think too much about it, most of it just happened.


– Attitude can somehow be considered rockier too, so honest, raw and straight-forward, but also sound-wise. Is the product you’ve got how you envisioned this album like?

Absolutely! We’re very happy with the album, both material-wise and production-wise.


– Talking about the sound, as always, «Cursed Redeemer» sounds really organic and raw. How did you produce and record the album? It has an analog/live vibe, it feels like one of those albums recorded in just a few days, as you have managed to capture a lot of intensity and honesty.

We recorded it in seven days at the legendary Studio Fredman here in Gothenburg. Me and our drummer Björn had just returned from a tour in the US with our other band Agrimonia, so we were still kinda jetlagged. But on the first day we were tracking drums already and most of the recordings went quite smooth. We went for gut feeling, recording most of the guitar overdubs and solos in one night with the aid of a lot of energy drinks.


– Groove is present all the way, as well as catchy melodies, which has been there since the beginning. Is this something you put a special focus on?

The songwriting is always the main focus for me. In Miasmal, I like slight variation and dynamics, balancing between fist-pumping power and a more epic feel. I’m a sucker for melodies but I definitely don’t intend to go overboard with it in Miasmal.


– As I said earlier, you are now signed to a major label, none less than Century Media. After working with Dark Descent, how does it feel being among Century Media’s roster? They are lately signing a lot of bands into your style, does it feel like a good home for you thus far?

They have been great so far and it feels all good. Many great releases has been coming out on Century Media over the years, and they still keep coming. So we’re in good company!


– All this about «Cursed Redeemer» being said; how could you describe it in just 3 words?

Adrenaline rising, yeah!


– And finally, what are your near-future plans? A couple of weeks ago you did your first show for the new album with VAMPIRE and MORBUS CHRON, but do you know have any other live or touring plans? Summer festivals maybe?

We are planning to tour for sure, we want to go both through Europe and North America but it’s still only plans and nothing official yet. Stay tuned!


– That’s all, thank you once more for answering our questions. If you want to add some final words; feel free to do it.

Thanks to you! Check out «Cursed Redeemer» and hope to see you soon in Spain, cheers!


Tania Giménez


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