– Thank you so much for answering our interview. How is the band currently doing with the release of «Blood of Legends»?

Thank you also for giving me the chance to say few things to one of the best audiences in Europe. The band is doing fine, waiting for the album to get in the hands of our fans and hear their reactions.

– This is your third album and, before digging into it, I would like you to tell us what this opus represent into the band’s career and what changed have there been.

Actually, this is our 4th album and I think that after 6 years our sound has changed in a darker, melodic, epic and powerful way.


– Why have been so many years between «Death and Beyon» and this new effort?

We needed to change line up 2 times before we decide that this was the right one to go on and recording an album. Also,I have to mention that me and the other original member( Nick Papadopoulos) faced some serious personal problems that delay us on the making of this album.


– Already talking about this new release; tell us a bit of its story (title, cover artwork, and what does BATTLEROAR sing about on this CD)?

Blood of Legends`s cover artwork has been made by John «Rubus» Rubulias, as the previous one.The themes in this album have to do with mythology and history of ancient Greece and Skandinavia, themes that travel through time and speak of high values and morale codes.


– Listening to the record, without any doubt, epicness is still an important part of the band, but this time I find an extra dose of symphony, thanks to the violin in a lot of passages. How did the idea of the violin arise in this album?

Well, Alex Papadiamantis is in the band since 2005 and has already recorded 3 albums. So, we composed the songs together and we fitted the violin in easily while composing.


– You also have had Gerrit Mutz (SACRED STEEL) handling vocals. Tell us how has it been and how has he fitted in.

Gerrit is a good friend of mine for many years. We two had in mind for years a project that never happened really. When we needed a singer to go on,I visited him at his home in Germany and we agreed to make a live show together first and see how it goes. Everyting went fine and so, we deceded to go on permanently. So, here we are!


– On my opinion, and after giving the album some spins, I think he has given even a more underground touch to the band. What are your thoughts? Are you satisfied with the final outcome?

-Yes, definitely, we are satisfied with the whole result. Of course, there is always place for improvement but we are more than ok with what we could do and did at the moment. There are no specific thoughts about a direction. We let it roll and bring out of us our true feelings.


– And already with the album in the streets; is there going to be any vinyl special edition?

Yes, it’s gonna be a limited release of 500 copies and it will be released together with the cd.


– Concerning shows; how is the live situation? Are there any interesting offers?

Hopefully, yes. There are already a few things coming but we ´ll talk about them when they will be confirmed.


– To all those people who may don’t know about you, I would please like to dig a little bit into your history. How did BATTLEROAR born and how were the first steps like?

We started back in 2000 as a bunch of friends who liked to play music together just for fun. We weren’t thinking of something bigger than this in the beginning. After the encouraging support from friends for our music who were getting more and more,we moved on. Of course, things were difficult for us in the beginning as almost for everyone.With hard work and bold actions, we managed to come to the surface.


– Your debut album came out in 2003, which for me was a true epic metallic bombshell during a period where, countries as yours, Epic Metal always works. Is Greece the country with the more epic bands per squared metre?

Thank you for your kind words.


– I remember you played at our first Metalcova Festival in Barcelona. What are your memories from that festival and how was the experience like?

An amazing night! A great audience! A warm welcome! One of our best nights on stage! We really want to come back there and spend time with our friends over there.


– I also saw you at Keep it True, probably the most important festival on an undeground level. Do you feel comfortable in that kind of festivals?

Why not? Such events consist our playgrounds and the places we like to be.


– And coming back to the present and on a view to the future; what’s the next step for the band? Have you already thought about recording a live album or do you have any planned ideas for upcoming releases?

For the moment,we want to promote the album and go on stage all over Europe.All other things are an option, but they will have to wait.


– That’s all from our side, our best wishes and hope to see soon on stage.

Thank you once more and we hope to see you soon too.

Paco Gómez


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