– Hello, lots of thanks for answering our interview. How is everything going into the TÖXIK DEATH’s camp right now?

UH! It’s going great thanks! We’re stoked about just having released our debut album!

– TÖXIK DEATH is a relatively young band, you were formed back in 2003 but you are now releasing your debut album after an EP, a demo and 4-way split. I guess you may have changed as individuals and developed on a personal level but, how do you think this has affected your music? How has your musical evolution been since your early works?

Well, Our playing skills are better now hehe.


– What were your goals back when you formed the band?

To play metal like the metal we Worship.


– You are playing a really old school style, highly influenced by the 80′s Thrash Metal scene. How did you get into this music and what are some of the essential bands for you?

I (A.W) Listened to Metallica and Iron Maiden, and a friends dad said we had to check out Slayer. After that bands like Destruction,Kreator,Razor,Sepultura and Sadus became essential.


– With the «Happy Fukking Holocaust» you managed to draw some interest, but the later demo really made you gain a name into the underground, being even sold out. Did that demo help you getting some fans or do you think it made easier to get a record deal for your debut album?



– Moreover Fenriz mentioned you as «band of the week». How good was that in promotion terms?

We sure do appreciate being mentioned in “band of the week”. We really have no idea what it did for us in terms of promotion to be honest. But, I imagine it helps spreading our music, since Fenriz is a well respected guy in the music scene.


– As I said earlier, you are about to unleash your first full-length album, «Speed Metal Hell». How are you feeling about it? Are you satisfied with the final outcome?

I think I can speak for the rest of the guys when we say that we’re satisfied with the outcome, or final product if you will. When listening to a record of your own band, you’ll never be 100% satisfied. There’s always some minor stuff that you want to change, but all in all – we’re pretty satisfied.


– The album’s title depicts what I think TÖXIK DEATH is all about, and you have also managed to portray it with the cover artwork, quite simple, straight-forward and old school looking so to speak. Was important to make on «Speed Metal Hell» everything fit together?

I think that we always try to write material that first of all orients around RIFFS that reflects what we’re influenced by. If we have a bunch of material that fits well together with allready finished songs it’s a nice bonus. I dont believe there was put any serious thought into making everything fit, we just knew we had a bunch of killer tunes.


– How do you think does «Speed Metal Hell» differ to your earlier releases? You have always been loyal to your musical style, but there have been some line-up changes for instance.

I think the band has evolved alot since the early days. Changes in the lineup, getting older and more brutal, getting better at playing the instruments – it’s a natural development. The band was really never satisfied with the material that was put out on the earlier releases. We feel that realeasing Speed Metal Hell

is a step in the right direction, so to say.


– This record is a riffage attack, pure traditional Thrash Metal (at both the Europan and South American style), but I also found subtle elements of Heavy Metal, Black Metal or Crossover so, what have been the most influential bands for the sound of TÖXIK DEATH?

Aaaargh, that list would be miles long so I won’t even try to list any of the bands we’re influenced by. We’re not really bound to any specific genre when we write material, if it’s a cool riff with the right vibe, we’ll use it.


– In general «Speed Metal Hell» is relentless, but songs like «Satanic Sacrifice» also show an interesting melody. Is it important for you to throw certain catchy melodies in the middle of all the mayhem? Things like this show you have an own personality, something not so many bands can boast of. When you formed the band, did you think about having certain elements of your own?

I think we have our own sound because the band only consists of heavy metal maniacs with the right taste in music, and we share the same mindset and attitude. Combine attitude and musical taste when it comes to making music, that’s one brutal fuckin’ recipe.


– Production fits really good your essence and sound, being organic and primitive. Would you mind to tell us how was this process like?

Alcohol,Metal and total Mayhem.


– All this about «Speed Metal Hell» being said; how could you describe it in just 3 words?

I guess the album title speaks for itself, Speed Metal Hell!


– You are hailing from Norway, which lately seems to be a great haven for traditional Thrash Metal bands like yourself, CONDOR or DEATHHAMMER among others. With several good bands over there, is it easy for a band like you to gain more attention? And are there any other bands playing your style worth suggesting?

There’s been a lot of extremely cool bands emerging from Norway the past years, Condor and Deathhammer being two of them. Attentionwise, I dont really know – it’s not something we think about. If people checks out our music because they discover us along with other bands, that’s cool. There’s really too many to mention, but If I’d have to – I’d like to mention Inculter, which is a young band that’s extremely promising and worth checking out! People should keep an eye on that band, for sure.


– Now, as 2014 has just started, would you mind to tell us what are your favourite albums released in 2103 as well as the least favourite one?

Personally – one of my favorite albums of 2013 was Cultes Des Ghoules newest record “Henbane”, which was totally crushing. Other favorites are Obliteration, Witchgrave, Tribulation and Condor. Killer stuff, man.


– And finally, what are the near-future plans for the band? How does 2014 look like for TÖXIK DEATH?

At the moment we’re busy rehearsing for our upcoming gig at the Inferno Festival in Oslo. Besides that we’re focused on writing some new material for a future release(s) without revealing too much. So, we got alot on our table for the time being.


Tania Giménez


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