– Thank you so much for answering to our questions. How is the band currenly doing?

We are doing great!  Currently on the road in the states with Skull Fist.  The weather is terrible, but people are coming out and still enjoying the shows.

– You have finally released your debut full-length album, entitled «Curse of the Damned». Tell u a little bit about this album, its cover and what do the lyrics of NIGHT DEMON deal with.

This record was recorded in three days.  Mostly live.  Some of the guitar solos and the vocals were overdubbed to get the best performances, but mostly we wanted to keep the raw energy of the live show on the album.  Eleven brand new songs dealing with occult themes and just your standard heavy metal anthems.  The artwork was created by James Dufresne and Donny Phillips.  We wanted to go for a simple cover concept that dealt with the lyrical content, but also wanted it to stand out from other albums.  We were going for the look of an 80’s horror movie poster.  We are very happy with the results.


– Listening to the album it’s obivous you are influenced by the NWOBHM. Is this period and this style your biggest influence when it comes to write?

Absolutely!  It was our intention when we started the band to recapture the sound and fell of the great NWOBHM bands of the past.  It is our favorite genre of heavy metal.  It has the speed and heaviness along with tons of riffs and catchy chorus’.


– It’s also an album, in certain occasions and songs, marked by poerful riffs, good guitar harmonies and with nice melodies. Are you happy with the outcome? Is this the album you were hoping to record?

We are very pleased with the outcome.  It’s a very raw and true effort from us.  We felt that we needed to be good enough to record the album as a live band and sound good, or we weren’t going to do it at all.  It so easy with technology these days to make the perfect sounding record, that we wanted to take it back to basics to a time where bands were good and didn’t rely on technology to do the work for them.


– And about the recording, how did this album develop? Are you all involved in the songwriting or is there a main songwriter?

Usually Brent will come in with a riff or two and I will add some stuff and arrange the song.  Sometimes I will come in with a complete song.  I mostly write all of the lyrics, but Brent did help lyrically on some song ideas


– This is, as I said, your first full-length album, but in 2012 you recorded a self titled EP. Why such a long gap between the EP and this album?

We were doing a lot of touring on the EP, as well as a personal change on drums.  We wanted to take our time fine tuning the songwriting, as well as secure a proper record company to release the album.  Also, the EP got so much recognition worldwide, that we treated it as a proper release and wanted to do a full touring cycle

around it.


– As I have the chance of interviewing you, I would like you to explain how did the band get together and how were the early days until you recorded the mentioned EP.

I was a roadie for Brents band The Fucking Wrath.  We were on the road and discussing our mutual love for NWOBHM.  We had decided to start a band for fun with drummer Pat Bailey and write and record the best NWOBHM style EP we could.  We had no intention at first of becoming a full time band until two years later when the EP was finally released and received much acclaim.  The spirit of the music is what has kept us alive.  Now we feel it is our duty to see this to the end.  We now have a purpose in our life.


– You have always been a three piece, do you feel more comfortable like this, like classic bands such as MOTÖRHEAD, RAVEN or THE RODS?

Yes for sure.  We are a very loud and nasty band.  Adding another guitar would just make it a mess.  We do a lot with the little we have.  It’s a nice challenge to have, and I feel we have created our own sound through this.


– I had the chance of seeing you in Madrid and at Keep it True. Tell us how id feel to you these experiences.

It was really one of the best experiences of my life.  To be playing so early in the day, but seeing so many people from so many different cultures watching and enjoying our show was a really a game changer for us.  I hope we can return one day and prove ourselves once again on that stage.  I think it’s the best festival in the world and has the most credible name in metal.


– And throughout all your history, how have tours and gigs been? Have you got a good welcome? Are you satisfied?

They have been mostly smaller intimate shows, but they have been great!  The response is always good because we put on the best possible performance we can.  We sweat our asses off and really give everything we have to our audience.  If not for them, we would have nothing.


– Now on a view to the future I would like to know if there are plans for a new album or if you are going straight to the road.

We are going to tour mostly straight for the next two years.  It’s hard to start thinking of a new album at this point, but I already know we have some time in Europe this winter scheduled to rehearse in studios and start writing for the next album.


– And as curiosity I usually like to ask newer and older bands what have been the most influential albums, or the ones that have had a bigger influence on them. You can tell me 5 if you want.

Angel Witch-self titled

Tygers of Pan Tang-Spellbound

Jaguar-Power Games

Metallica-Master of Puppets

Demon-The Unexpected Guest


– As 2014 is just about to end, if you don’t mind I would also like you to tell us your 3 favourite albums of the year, as well as your least favorite.

Riot-Unleash The Fire

Exmortus-Slave To The Sword



Paco Gómez


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