1- Hello, thanks for answering to our questions. What are you guys currently up to?

Hi!! I am Alex, play on guitar. Now we are have new 6 songs on the next album, which plan recording in December 2014. And we have new man on vocal and bass!

2- First off, could you make some history of the band?

Band started in Perm city, Russia in summer of 2000. Primary names were: Inside Decay and Fermented Corpse. The style was defined as death metal. For the all time we realize 3 demos,3 splits,3 albums and play many shows!!


3- How could you describe your sound?

This is really – Ural massive brutality!!


4- What are the band’s main musical influences?

many bands…special Usa death metal bands times 1990-2000.


5- How is the feedback for your new album being?

Peoples write brutal cool stuff!! Beautiful art, fatty riffs, sound is hell & etc!! Many peoples surprised what we’ve got solos in songs.


6- And are your personally satisfied with the final outcome?

Yes, happy all 100%!!


7- How could you describe this opus in just 3 words?

Ural massive brutality


8- How has the production process for your new release been?

We are record new album in studio Angelrape Records by Naaz. Naaz record solo in song Private Judgment Day. Artwork make Daemorph.


9- And how do you use to work on the songwriting?

I don’t know…we are play and if we feel the adrenaline, so riffs what we need!!


10 – Finally, what are you near-future plans?

Future plans…Record new album in studio, now we have 6 songs on new album. Release our official dvd with 2 clips and all concerts from history band. In September 2014 we planned 2 week tour in Russia.


11- That’s all from our side, thanks again for taking your time to answer our questions. If you now want to add some final words; feel free to do it.

Thanks for the questions!! Support the brutal!! Buy & listen our new album on cd!! www.comatosemusic.com

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