UNLEASHED – Dawn Of The Nine


UNLEASHED - Dawn Of The Nine coverThe Swedish Death Metal band UNLEASHED has been of great importance to its genre since the early 90’s and this April (2015) they have released their 12th full length album; DAWN OF THE NINE.

From the first track until the final one, this album beholds an overwhelming dark as well as brutal atmosphere. The dark and brutal characteristics of this album are put down as a result of a combination of sound/production, timbre, the vocals and great musical arrangement. It must be said that this atmosphere matches very well with their northern mythology theme.

bandera Spanish version

The unity of this album shows itself also in the mixture of the genres Black and Death Metal. Throughout the album UNLEASHED manages to combine the best aspects of the previously mentioned characteristics. Although every track has its prominent genre, the other genres are mixed in fluently. Besides this, all the tracks contain extremely pounding drums, strengthening bass riffs, rough vocal work and both excellent melodic as shredding guitar play.

On top of the outstanding combination of genres, amongst others, the title track “Dawn of the Nine” contains strong Doom Metal influences and with those Doom Metal influences they widen their spectrum on this album. This gives something extra to this album, something exquisite and distinctive (both meant in an extremely positive way).

All the facets that are described fit perfectly together; the high quality of the production, the continuous dark and brutal atmosphere and the high level of musical expertise. This piece of top-notch Death Metal album distinguishes itself from albums that can be recognized as similar.
Nuclear Blast (2015)


Puntuación: 8/10


Gerd-Jan Mennen

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