MANIAC FORCES – The Urgent Need of Nothing


MANIAC FORCES - The Urgent Need of Nothing coverIf I read the name «Maniac Forces» the first thing that comes to mind are TANKARD, but these Dutch have little to do with them. They play Thrash Metal, that’s true, but what they deliver on their first full-length album, «The Urgent Need of Nothing» (cover and title very descriptive to the lyrics, that sometimes address social issues) is a Crossover Thrash, similar to DRI among others, with noticeable Hardcore influences.


The disc opens with «Doom 3D,» an instrumental piece that gives us clues as to where the album is heading to. A powerful instrumental song that offers no truce, with relentless guitar riffs. They continue unleashing sonic violence in just over a minute with the direct and thunderous «Dirty Acid Swimmingpool». It is one of those lashes with a Hardcore essence chorus that brings us back to the 80s. Corrosive fun. Instead «Spoiled» has a bit more melody, especially in the last section, with very heavy metal guitars. But do not be deceived, MANIAC FORCES are relentless, they do not give a break and nothing can stop their sonic violence. They don’t beat around the bush, simple structures and short tracks to condense all its aggression and to not diminish the impact. We shouldn’t overlook one of the most American themes, «This City is Ours» with a great lead guitar, or the extremely catchy «Antichrist» (with a title like that you can not go wrong).


«The Urgent Need of Nothing» is nothing new, but it’s fresh and honest. A pleasant work, perfect for listening while having a few beers, because it is energetic and the fun is guaranteed, to make you headbang from start to finish. Without pretensions or egos, just Metal violence with Punk aftertaste.


Sixkiller Records (2015)
Puntuación: 7/10


Tania Giménez

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