NIGHT IN GALES – Fiver Scars (Eng.)


NIGHT IN GALES is a German act who until these days have been a decade without releasing any new full-length album, so for their fans this new effort is good news after all these year without hearing any new CD.

«Five Scars» means the comeback of a band who had a great impact with their debut album in 1997 (or even with their 1995 demo), though none of the records that released later managed to get the overwhelming acceptance that first opus got, maybe it had something to do with that the different approaches of the later records.

With this new album, «Towards the Twilight», creating a final output which surely tops their previous CD from 2001, they promise to cause much of a sensation. And without any doubt, this hiatus until their comeback in 2009 seems to have been good for the band.

If with their last «Necrodynamic» the German band showed their most progressive side, this time around they follow that same line and even they go a step further on that, but all this without denying the most classical influences as well as the most modern ones. And is it that this new CD is a mix between all the elements that have built the very own band´s sound, such as the recognible Björn´s voice, the dynamic compositions and up tempos and, overall, that mix between brutality and melody specially important in Goteborg´s melodic Death Metal. To this recipe, they have added that dose of technique and certain progressive flavour from their latest period, beside new influences from more modern music styles; styles that have been a boom while NIGHT IN GALES still were through that hiatus, as some details that could be considered almost Metalcore.


Honestly NIGHT IN GALES have been through an obvious evolution (after all this time, I guess is something natural); creating much better compositions which manage to be complex as well as pleasant and of the like of almost everybody as though the obvious more progressive approach, they are not a band too technique just for this kind of music lovers, but they will like to any melodic death lover without being a clone-thing as most of the bands that have emerged during the latest years. Without any doubt «Five Scars» is their most mature album, their most progressive and melodic (without losing the necessary dose of brutality) effort so far, and all that has been complimented perfectly by an excellent production handled by Metal icon Dan Swanö (in fact I wonder if the band’s name has something to do with the great NIGHTINGALE), whom has managed to bring the album and ever better sound, souding even more powerful, and has also managed enlightening the great song structures as well as the details that hide behind them. In fact, own Swanö states this album is one of the best melodic Death ones released this year and, as you all know, Swanö is not really a newcomer.


Their most solid release, which combines the best all the different details that have created the own NIGHT IN GALES´ sound, the most mature, with the best songwritings… Simply, the best album by this German act.

They could not have had a better comeback and I must say, years for them have not passed in vain.

Lifeforce Records (2011)

Rating: 9/10

Tania Giménez

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