EXXPLORER – Vengeance Rides an Angry Horse (Eng.)

Yankee band EXXPLORER are finally back on track after 15 years of silence, which has made their fans feel anxious. «Vengeance Rides an Angry Horse» breaks this «hiatus» and its does it at its best: 12 high quality compositions that make us go back  to the 80’s.

«Vengance Rides an Angry Horse» is a straight-foward Heavy Metal attack at the old school way, with modern elements of this new era we are living in. With old-fashioned Heavy Metal at the US style in the vein of HELSTAR or JAG PANZER, EXXPLORER hits our ears with big passages penned with superb upper class old school riffs. Tunes are tight and solid, adorned with the simply great Lenny Rizzo’s performance and a production that shows the band knows what their tracks need in every signle minute.

Maybe EXXPLORER are still remaining in the underground, as they are not one of the most well-known bands into the scene, and maybe is due to their few releases and to all these years of studio inactivity, but now that they are back; ¿is there any better moment to get into this band in all its essence and enjoying some real Heavy Metal songs?


Pure Steel Records (2011)

Rating: 9/10

Sergio Fernández



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