– Hi, thanks for your time. What are you currently up to? How is everything doing right now with MASACHIST?

T. Hello everybody. Right now we are focusing on promoting the new album; we want to let the fans know that we’re still going strong. So far there have been a lot of interviews and that is great, because it tells us that people dig what we are doing. I hope we will soon play some gigs to keep the ball rolling.

– First off, for all those who may don’t know about you yet; could you please share some history of the band?

T. Well… We started the band in 2005, so it’s been a few years already. We recorded two albums; the first one was released in 2009 by Witching Hour Production. The second one, “Scorned” came out recently on Selfmadegod Records. The line up has been the same for years, meaning me (Thrufel), Daray, Heinrich, Pig and Aro. We do not function like a typical band, because we rarely play live and record albums. But in spite of this we are already well known in some circles.


– You have just released your new album, «Scorned». What are your expectations on it and how is its feedback being so far?

T. So far the feedback has been really positive and there is a lot of interest for a rather low profile band like ours. We keep getting good reviews from different parts of the World and we’re happy that people like the album. I’m really looking forward to playing live, hopefully on some festivals. I won’t deny that I would like my band to reach more people.


– This new record reflects a higher degree of maturity both in performance as in songwriting terms so, how do you think has your evolution been since your debut album came out?

T. The debut album was just an eruption of Death Metal. Pretty short, but very dense, so it was lengthy enough for this kind of music. The last one is more thought out, and honestly it’s just better. We were learning by trial and error and looking for the perfect balance. The first album was OK, but “Scorned” is better in my opinion, it’s more mature. I think that’s pretty natural. The next one will probably be even more mature.


– And what could you say are the main differences between this «Scorned» and your previous «Death March Fury»?

T. I think I already covered that in my previous answer. The first one was short, like machine gun fire. There is more playing with sounds on “Scorned”, so to speak. You could even say that it’s very musical, with a lot of different ways of making this butchery speak to the listener.


– We can notice this songwriting improvement with lenghty tunes. Were you consciously looking for something wider?

T. You know, death metal is pretty much a defined genre. We don’t want to cross the boundaries too much. But we can still improve the music without loosing its substance. You probably noticed that we don’t play fast all the time. Death metal can also be played in mid tempos, or even extremely slow. We have it all and that’s our way of doing it. We don’t want to be stuck with the “fast band” tag, we also play slower songs with dark atmosphere.


– And do you think has this affected in any way your writing process or the songs atmosphere/sound? As I guess this way you have more room to show all the different details your music contains.

T. Diversity is the main rule. We don’t want to repeat ourselves, there’s no need to go in circles. We are gradually developing our style, which is heavy songs mixed with faster blasting attacks and insane riffing.


– And talking about such; how was the songwriting process like?

T. At first I did a few loose rehearsals with Daray. I had some riffs and we just jammed to see what we can do with it. I recorded this with a video camera, so I had some material to work on later. A very important, or should I say a key moment for putting the riffs together was when I asked Mlody, a drummer from a local band Pleroms Gate, to accompany me with some drum bits when Daray was not available. It really helped me a lot, because I’m light years away from doing some MIDI computer shit. Death metal needs to be done in real life, with roaring guitars and pounding drums. Then you know if it’s good or not. Death metal is a feeling. And by the way, Mlody turned out to be a very versatile drummer, and we understood each other very well, without any problems. It was a learning experience for both of us. We are still working together by the way. But getting back to your question, the final phase was rehearsing as a full band shortly before entering the studio, and then recording, where each member contributed to the final shape of the songs.


– The last two songs has really caught my attention as they are really experimental. How did you come up with such tunes and such a different sound?

T. Liberation part 2 is an industrial tune made by our second guitarist, who usually does all the strange sounds and samples. Aro is really good at it and I thought that this “coda” to the death metal version of Liberation will be a cool addition to the album. These are dark sounds. As for Inner Void, I had an idea for a song about passing, getting closer to death. Of course I do not write the lyrics, but I wanted to have a song that walks side by side with death. It’s a strong piece with a sad ending.


– If I’m not mistaken the final production duties were done by guitar player Aro. Does this make things easier?

T. Yes, definitely. Each member has his own tasks. Aro has his own recording facility, Monroe Sound Studio. He is a good producer, and his place is very professional and at the same time it offers different sound than most other studios. We didn’t want no digital sound, which I hate, we wanted to go for the old school. I think we succeeded. It wasn’t a problem for me that Aro was to be the producer, because he didn’t really know the material before we started recording. In our band the songs are made by me and a drummer, and I record all the guitar parts in the studio. It’s actually a common thing that just one of the guitarists does this, most bands work this way. That’s why the recording went smoothly. The only problem was with the original mix, because we were not completely satisfied with it. But it wasn’t a huge obstacle, we did another one and it was worth the wait.


– All this about «Scorned» being said; how could you describe it in just 3 words?



– We could say you are a so-called «all-star band», as all of you are playing or have played in different well-known acts so, what are you say are the pros and cons of this? As it uses to be a double-edged sword.

T. Well, the only one in our band that can be considered a star is Daray. He has achieved the most. But I don’t look at it that way. When I stared the band I tried playing with some local, unknown musicians and it just didn’t work. When Daray offered his help things really started happening and that’s what I consider a real beginning of this band. After that we found the other members, the band name, etc.The world of musicians is really small, so I had to choose those who had some experience. I can accept the fact that all of us have some other responsibilities. We’re not setting out to conquer the World. We are where we want to be and we all work together when the time is right.


– Your sound reminds me bot to Polish bands as VADER as to American bands as early MORBID ANGEL so, what are your main musical influences?

T. The bands you mentioned are very important for me, especially Morbid Angel. This is the style that I like the most, its like being in contact with some form of intelligence that is beyond this planet. I don’t want to make typical death metal, because it’s boring. I want something that’s out of control.


– In fact Poland seems to be a really good home for Metal despite being a quite conservative country with religious beliefs so, is it something easy to deal with?

T. Well, it depends on how you look at it. You shouldn’t really care about those things, but when you are “different” you are usually still treated like you are from another planet. Not so much in the bigger cities, but definitely in the smaller ones. You can have problems all the time. I had to deal with things like that at work, there was no mercy or brotherly love there… I was traveling through Europe recently and on my return to Poland I was shocked when I realized that there are chapels and crosses almost everywhere. This is something that I didn’t see anywhere else. It’s like the middle ages. But what really drives me crazy is that so much of this is financed by the state. Starting from the church not paying any taxes, and ending with religion being taught in schools and ordinary people having to pay for it. The place for those lessons is in the chapels, as it used to be. I had no problem going there when I was a kid, so why does it have to be taught in schools now? When it was introduced to primary schools in 1990 it was supposed to be taught for free, but then they changed their mind and wanted to be paid like normal teachers. Why not have some more physical eduction instead? We’re really lousy at sports, and it all starts when you are little. But I don’t blame religion for all this, I blame the government.


– And finally, what are your near-future plans?

T. We are slowly starting to rehearse with a full line up and preparing for some gigs. Maybe there will be a whole tour… We’ll see.


– That’s all, thank you once more for answering our questions. If you want to add some final words; feel free to do it.

T. Many thanks for your interest in our band. I hope we can play in your country one day. I’m really looking forward to it! Cheers!


MASACHIST line-up:

Thrufel – lead & rhythm guitars

Daray – drums

PIG – throat

Aro – rhythm guitars

Heinrich – bass



Promo – demo 2007 [self released]

Death March Fury – CD/LP 2009 [Witching Hour Productions]

Scorned – CD 2012 [Selfmadegod Records]


Two tracks from the album are available on band official YouTube channel under the following links:

The Process of Elimination: http://youtu.be/EP8dOReufyU

Opposing Normality: http://youtu.be/ui_py2If8sA












e-mail: godz.ov.war@wp.pl


Sergio Fernández



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